Healthy Snacks that You and Your Kids Will Love in Under 10 Minutes

Finding and packing up healthy snacks on the go can be really hard especially for someone new to eating right. Plus if you have kids, it’s even harder to find healthy snacks kids will eat!

I commuted to college; I literally took a car, train, and bus to get to school. It was so tempting to run into the cafeteria for something quick, but it was robbing my wallet and usually not as healthy as what I could bring to class. I understand how tough it can be to plan ahead and find healthy snacks that last throughout the day and don’t break the budget. With a little planning and a list you can find healthy snacks for your kids and you to live a healthier life without spending a ton of time or money on food.

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Top Healthy Snacks On the Go


1. Almonds & a Banana — Aim for about 24 raw almonds and a banana.

2. Fruit & Yogurt Parfait — You can even get one of these snacks at McDonalds now! Skip the granola though–it is high in calories and does not pack a lot of nutrients to keep you full and healthy.

3. Apple with peanut butter -- Neither will spoil in your car and Jif even sells Jif-on-the-Go now!

4. Trail Mix — Make your own or pick it up while you’re out! Just make sure to check the SERVING SIZE on the bag. 1 serving is your snack–not the bag!

5. Shakeology – Carry you a packet in the car or your purse and never miss a meal. All you need is a shaker cup & a bottle of water to make a whole meal on the go.

6. Organic Chocolate Pudding — Some of these do not even have to be refrigerated! Making it a perfect, calcium-packed snack!

7.  Single Serving Tomato Juice Cans with a few walnuts — veggie and omega 3’s are both fat burners and the combination will help you stay full longer.

8. Hummus with Veggies – Look for a hummus that has less than 5 ingredients or make your own from chick peas; it’s great with carrots or celery.

9. Dry Cereal — preferably a whole grain cereal with a serving being no more than 150 calories and containing 3g of fiber.

10. Pretzel M&Ms — yup, I’m recommending M&Ms…why? Because when stress hits, we crave something chocolate or something salty. This treat is both & doesn’t pack as much fat or calories as other candies.

So there’s 10 healthy snacks to pack for yourself or in your kids’ lunch boxes.

Want different healthy snacks?

In general, a healthy snack should include a protein and some type of carb and be smaller than a meal. I know for me snacks that didn’t need to be refrigerated was a must. If you are in the same situation, look at the ingredients when you are shopping.  You want to aim for no more than 5 ingredients in a product, and you should be able to read and understand what is in everything in the product.

If you need more help on figuring out exactly what to eat during the day click here to view a healthy sample meal plan with meals & snacks.

What are your favorite healthy snacks?




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    Being armed with things like this are SUCH a huge aspect of staying on track. Although I would most likely just suck the peanut butter out of the packet! Haha. My fave right now is PB and banana. My work cafeteria has both for when I am in need of a good snack.

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