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Happy Weight vs Ideal Weight

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My freshmen year of college I was slightly obsessed with my diet and workouts. I had Post-it’s everywhere where everything I ate was recorded. I still know one Whopper Malted Candy has 9 calories in it, and I think one Reeses’ Pieces has 4 calories.  I couldn’t find my happy weight.

I wanted to look like this.

Since then, I have allowed myself some freedom. I still workout, eat clean and record my calories using MyFitnessPal, but I am not as strict or ashamed in my choices. I have accepted my weight ranging 3 pounds based on how hard I am working out or eating a cupcake. I consider this 3-pound range to be my “Happy Weight”. I’m not as small or as buff as I could be, but overall I am happy with my body and how I live at my happy weight. I am also considered healthy at both weights. Does that make sense?

Happy Weight or Skinny Fat ?
Happy Weight or Skinny Fat ?

Well, now I am wondering if my mood, energy, hormones, and body would be better if I was at my ideal weight eating really clean and making it a top priority.  I plan on cleaning up my diet and lifting heavy weights for 30 days using Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet and a combination of the RKS’ KettleBell workout with ChaLEAN Extreme.

I decided to test out the idea after reading about being “skinny fat” in Oxygen Magazine.

Women can be “skinny fat,” appearing to be healthy based on weight and height alone, but possessing pockets of fat in targeted areas that puts them at higher risk for certain health conditions. 

This means that even if your BMI is considered normal, you may still be at risk for health problems than an active woman on a healthy diet.  I definitely fit into this category because whether I am eating whole grains and lean proteins or cupcakes and hamburgers I weigh the same. I can also pinch more than 1/2″ of fat on my entire body which is an indicator. I know sexy right?! So my goal this month is to banish the skinny fat and see how I do with a cleaned up diet.

Have you went to eating completely clean?

Are you skinny fat? Have you heard of it before?


  1. I have definitely heard of skinny fat, as much as I try to tell myself it doesn’t exist. :-) I reeeaally need to clean up my eating, and my main vices are sweets and dairy.

    I have recently started some weights exercise, but I’m so afraid they’ll actually bulk me up.

    1. hehe You sound just like me!! I love chocolate and ice cream! What type of weights are you using? As long as you can do about 10-12 reps with them you shouldn’t get bulky. Even lifting as heavy as you can 6-8 reps every now and then won’t bulk you up because women don’t have as much testosterone as men. :)

  2. Great post. I love Oxygen and Eat Clean books. My husband got me a subscription for Christmas because I was buying them at the store all the time anyway. Why not save money? I’m doing Turbo Fire and trying to eat more clean (although I caved in tonight and made chili mac). Sadly, I have more than just 3 pounds to lose.

    1. I did the same thing with Oxygen once and decided to subscribe! It is so worth it, and I hated paying $5.99 a copy! Yikes! How do you like TurboFire? I’m in a February challenge with 4 others doing it or ChaLEAN Extreme now! Do you have a coach? They may do stuff like that too or giveaways. If you don’t you should join my team :) We always have some kind of motivation going on (groups, prizes, giveaways). I’m off to enjoy some more water…dying for my diet coke!!!! :P

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