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Make the Gifting Fun This Year with Happy Cards® (Giveaway Too!)

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Happy Card For Christmas

I can’t believe how busy the holidays have been for us already! I wouldn’t change it for anything though; Mom and I both love all of the get togethers, amazing food, and being with family and friends!

The only thing I don’t love is having to figure out what to get everyone. It takes so much time and energy, and sometimes I still stress over if I picked the right thing. That’s why I love gifting Happy Cards®! 

Happy Card with a Snowman

It makes my life easy around the holidays — giving me more time with my family, and they love having the freedom to pick out exactly what they want as well! 

Happy Card with Fuzzy Slippers

 Another reason I love Happy Cards® is because you can use them at multiple places. Being able to give someone the “gift of choice” around the holidays always makes me happy and assures me they’ll love their gift!

You can use Happy Cards® at several restaurants, retailers, and entertainment spots including Macy’s, Ulta, GameStop, Lowe’s, Chili’s, Red Lobster, and P.F. Chang’s!

So there’s something for everyone!

Us with Happy Cards

Plus, the Happy Cards® can be used at multiple places and there are no activation fees to buy or use the card – which is awesome!!!

I found out about Happy Cards® when I received one myself.

Unlike a pair of socks or another thing to sit around my house, this gift felt like a luxury! 

After a little thinking, I decided to use it for a fun date night out!

Jake and I started by grabbing dinner at Chili’s and then we both got a little treat afterwards. 

First up, we went to GameStop. 

I’ll let you in on a little weird secret – Jake collects action figures (not the weird part), and I love going on the search to find them (weird, right?).

Happy Cards Gift

We were successful in our search, and then it was my time for a little pampering at Ulta!

I’ve not had that much fun in a while — and it totally made the decision that Happy Cards® are going to be my go-to present for Secret Santas and couples this year.

Before now, I really thought Happy Cards® were perfect for my niece and nephew because I had no clue what to pick out for them, but now I see it’s perfect for so many people.

Can you imagine what your grandmother would feel like getting a Happy Cards® for Christmas and you offering to go with her to whatever restaurant she wanted? She’d love the food and the company.

So if you get a present from me, you might know what it is!!

I just can’t help but stock up on Happy Cards®.

They’re a great way to spend time together and not have to stress over buying the perfect thing for everyone.

You can find out where Happy Cards® are available here, and you could even win one of your own Happy Cards® if you enter our contest!!

Happy Cards® Giveaway

I’m so excited to be able to offer the experience of receiving a Happy Card to one reader!

To Enter:

  1. Mandatory: Leave a comment on how you’d spend your Happy Card.
  2. Bonus Entry! Follow Happy Cards® on Instagram and Facebook (must do both & let us know by commenting below).

I can’t wait to read how you’d spend your Happy Card!! Don’t forget – you can find them in grocery stores nationwide as well when you’re holiday shopping!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Happy Cards®.


  1. I love the idea of having multiple options on one gift card! These make great stocking stuffers and secret santa gifts. Following Happy Cards on both Instagram and FB.

  2. Happy Cards are definitely so perfect! I’d love to spend one on myself, getting some needed skincare items at Ulta. :D I’ve been putting others first this year so being able to pamper myself a little would be awesome.

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