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Staying Active this Summer

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While we tend to work out at home year-round, Summer is our favorite time to get out and stay active and stay fit.  

Adidas Summer Fun

So when Adidas asked us to write about how we stay fit we agreed to share our favorite tips! We were not paid for the article nor are we spokespeople for the company.

Living in Tennessee, there are so many great ways to stay fit this summer.  We have amazing trails to hike, lakes to jet-ski, and campgrounds to explore. 

We also have fun outdoor events to attend like all kinds of art festivals, food tasting, wine festivals, and outdoor concerts. 

In addition to all the great things we can do in our hometown to stay active this summer, when we travel there is nothing like walking around and exploring a new city or strolling along the beach.

Our Must Have Summer Workout Apparel

Kalee & Kim Gym

We still like to hit our main workouts indoors regardless of summer or winter.  Our four staples are leggings, soccer slides, a comfortable sports bra, and we love a great jacket.  Even though it’s Summer and hot as Hades in TN, the stores and restaurants keep it freezing. 

This choice of workout clothing allows us to go straight from a workout at home to a fun outdoor activity, doing errands, or even brunch!

Having easy clothes likes this makes it super simple to stay active because we put them on first thing, and then it’s a great reminder to get our workout in before we get busy with the day.  

Adidas Brunch

For us when we travel we stay active by walking everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  So a great set of leggings and t-shirt is perfect for the summer day of walking. 

We’ve once done a 10 mile hike in one day just to get our In-n-Out AND to get our workout in.  

We have some great tips for helping you eat healthy while you travel, too.  We know with Summer and traveling that there are all kinds of goodies to try, so we have 8 tips to help you eat healthy.  

Eating Healthy in Hotel

Great Ways to Stay Active and Fit this Summer

Doesn’t it just seem easier to stay active during the Summer? 

When it gets pretty out, we love to:

  1.  take a walk through the woods around our neighborhood
  2.  plant some new flowers
  3.  wash the cars
  4.  go for a swim
  5.  attend a wine festival
  6.  do a yoga workout outside

With all of these activities why even bother putting on something else besides our super comfy & cute workout apparel.  The pic below is a rare event for us to be in anything aside from our leggings and t’s.  

us at the rose festival nashville

These are just a few of the things that we do. 

Are you trying to create a new Summer workout routine?

Here are a few more fun ideas to get you outdoors and staying fit…

  • Hike
  • Zipline
  • Visit a new city
  • Outdoor Yoga

What do you enjoy doing in the Summer?

Are you like us and wear activewear through the day?

Here are some of our favorite finds at Adidas!

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