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Why Being a Couple Can Stunt Weight Loss

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Several things including water, digestion, and hormones can effect weight loss. Relationships can effect the scale for several, controllable reasons though. It could be a new romantice relationship, getting married, or even a new group of friends. You could see your weight go up or down depending on other people’s habits.

Luckily, you can prevent how a new relationship can effect your weight loss, and these relationships also remind us….we are more than a number.



5 Reasons Why A New Relationship Can Stunt Weight Loss


Sharing a meal goes back to dating in the stone age. It was a way to share wealth and intimacy while getting to know someone. Now, we still go out to eat at least once a week. After making ourselves sick on seperate entrees of fried food for a year, Jake and I learned to order off the healthy section of the menus, split entrees, or even order off the kids menu.

Restaurants’ portions are often 2-3 times bigger than the recommended sizes. It is also pricey if you eat out as much as we do in our relationship. Splitting a meal or ordering off the kids’ menu keeps our weight and wallet in a happy zone.

Drinks and cocktails can also add up quickly. So if your new group of work friends like to grab drinks at happy hour, you may see the scale jump without even chewing an extra bite of food. (Find out what the top 4 low-calorie cocktails are)



Sleep has been shown to effect our weight. If you are staying out late and skipping your 8 hours, then you could see a change in your weight loss, along with your mood, skin, and problem solving.

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What’s in the Pantry

Jake and I don’t live together, but I imagine this would be a good problem for couples living together or newlyweds. Jake’s pantry looks like a typically bachelor — Vitamin Water (instead of Bud Light Lime…he’s getting healthier) and A1. My pantry is messy, but it is filled with baking supplies, can goods, healthy snacks, and even a few regular size bags of M&Ms.

The pantry could have a postive or negative effect on your weight loss. For Jake, it has actually helped him. Instead of running to Wendy’s after work because of the convenience, he eats whatever I cooked for dinner. If I was not a healthy influence though, he could be grabbing SunChips, M&Ms, and beers from my pantry since he has no food at the house.

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Changes in Activity Level

I’m very thankful Jake likes to workout too. His determination with Insanity and running motivates me to do more. I always enjoy weight lifting, but cardio is my death. He is the opposite, so I like to think my guns motivate him to pump some iron too.

Changes in Time Management

Again, I think this would apply more to a married couple or a couple living together; however, I know my schedule has had to change since meeting Jake. The time you sleep, workout, relax, and spend time with others can all effect the scale.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, I drive to Jakes so I know my longer workouts should be Monday, Wednesday, Friday. It’s not a big deal, but it is something I could use as an excuse if I did not plan ahead and know that it could effect the scale.

Did you ever have a relationship effect your weight loss?


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