Stop People Pleasing – 3 Tips to Let Go Of Others’ Expectations Of You

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Have you ever felt like you’re your own worst enemy? Or maybe everyone always calls on you to do everything? What about being a people pleaser until you’re run ragged? We’ve been there! Over the past 5 years, we’ve learned 3 vital behaviors that have helped us stop people pleasing.

We are not people pleasers anymore. Get our top 3 vital behaviors that allowed us to give up people pleasing.

As two former potential doormats, we shared what we’ve learned about self-expectations. Plus, how you can finally say no more, feel free & not hurt (too many) feelings. Below you’ll find our best tips. This post also includes affiliate links.

3 Tips to Overcome People Pleasing

1. You set the expectation of how you want to be treated.

  • God designed you for a purpose – Don’t miss it staying busy!
  • Chances are people don’t even know how you TRULY feel
  • You can always say, “Thanks for thinking of me, let me check my calendar and get back to you” versus always defaulting to yes or sure.

2. You have to love yourself first.

  • It might look different than how you grew up – you don’t have to be last.
  • Acknowledge your limiting thoughts (stupid, not enough, ugly, etc) and set a new thought pattern
  • Hang out with good people (and limit time with the less than stellar)

3. Have a set personal development plan

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