Secrets to a Healthy, Happy Summer Picnic


Thank you to Kalee and Kim for letting me take over Sorey Fitness today!! I’m so excited to be sharing a fun topic with your readers! Oh, maybe I should back up and introduce myself ;-) I’m Colleen, a 26 year old lifestyle blogger living in Philadelphia. I blog at about creative ways to […]

What to Eat Before and After a Workout – Fueling for Fitness

What to Eat Before and After a Workout - Fueling for Fitness

Hi there, I’m Janelle and I blog at  Run With No Regrets. Thanks so much to Kalee for the opportunity to guest post here at Sorey Fitness! Today I’m talking about the importance of eating proper nutrition in order to optimize your workouts.   Please note that I am not a registered dietitian or medical professional, […]

Should GMO Foods Worry You? by The Bikini Experiment

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Hello Sorey Fitness Readers! My name is Lauren Delaney and I write over at The Bikini Experiment, a blog that follows my everyday life in Austin with my boyfriend, my career as a freelance writer, personal trainer and health coach, along with my love for all things health, beauty and fitness. About Me As a […]

Make Ahead Lunch Ideas for Any Schedule by Kristen

When it comes to busy schedules, the struggle to avoid fast food is so unfortunately real. We’re all busy, and many of us are trying to avoid eating processed, high calorie foods as much as possible. But one busy morning with no time to pack a lunch can send us right to the drive-thru and […]

21 Day Fix Cookbook – Fixate Cookbook Coming Soon!

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Autumn’s 21 Day Fix Cookbook – Fixate is coming out in July! You can get a preview here!   Autumn’s new Fixate Cookbook will be specific to the 21 Day Fix containers, and it will also include the nutritional information as well to make it super easy to use no matter what workout program you’re […]