Diet Food Makes You Fat – What Foods to Eat Instead

Former Diet Food Addict

So many of us have felt the consequences of overindulging on the weekend. By Monday, we are swearing to be back our our healthy diet foods. When I first started learning about health and fitness in high school, I thought diet food was great! It was lower-calorie which meant I got to eat more food!! SCORE! […]

Thug Kitchen Review – Is it seriously a good cookbook?

thug kitchen cookbook

After seeing the hilariously inappropriate video promoting Thug Kitchen, my mom and I had to buy it. Neither one of us curse so this “Eat Like You Give a …..” was totally out of our realm. You can see the explicit video here and see what what I mean….it’s seriously explicit though.   Honestly I […]

Flatten Your Tummy with Food – Kim’s Scientific Blog Post

Flatten Your Tummy

Hey! Kim here!! What!? What craziness is this?! I know you only expect to see me when I write a review…or heaven forbid…a post like my last one on poop. So what am I up to now? I was reading an article in either Shape or Oxygen, for the life of me I can’t remember […]

One Rep Max for Max Results in Strength Training

One Rep Max (1RM) for Max Results in Strength Training

Do you ever struggle to know what weight to grab when you’re strength training? One Rep Max solves it! Finding your One Rep Max (1RM) helps you find the best weight possible to use in your strength training for maximum results. The One Rep Max principle is also used in Power Lifting. Powerlifting, often confused […]

4 Supplements You May Need Even With a Healthy Diet

4healthythings ona diet

I should start off by saying, I’m not a nutritionist or dietician. I am just sharing what I have learned from being the nerd with her nose buried in a fitness or nutrition book. I love Tom Venuto, Joy Bauer, and Tosca Reno to name just a few. From these books written by professionals in the fitness and nutrition […]