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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for 2022 – Shop Don’t Stress

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Christmas is such a magical time that I’m not one to fuss about it starting a little earlier each year. We hope you’ll agree with our picks in our guide to the best Christmas gifts 2022!

Our hope is that it will help you find the perfect gift for that someone special – your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, mom, in-laws, kiddos, etc.

Plus you can shop right from home – which is the only way to do it! #noBra

Below You’ll Find Christmas Gift Guides for:

  • Her
  • Him
  • Your Nerds
  • Planners
  • And teens!

The gift ideas are divided into demographics, but you can totally mix and match. Our hope is that this gift guide will get you be inspired to find the perfect gift for that special someone on your list.

We’ve also been mindful of different budgets. You’ll find a range of prices of each of our favorite Christmas gift ideas.

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Best Christmas Gifts 2020

Best Christmas Gifts 2017 Ideas for Her

*This post contains affiliate links – see disclosure.

Christmas Gifts 2022 for Her

Perfect Christmas gift ideas for your best friend, girlfriend or bridesmaids!

Gift Ideas For Your Mom

Gift Ideas For The Friend (You Don’t Know Well Yet)

Gift Ideas The Obligatory Hair Dresser, Nail Tech, Etc

Gift Ideas For Your Hippy Friend

Best Christmas Gifts 2017 Ideas for Him

Christmas Gifts 2022 for Him

Christmas Gifts for Couples

I always feel like my husband gets the raw end of the deal on “couples’ gifts”. He’s even made me start to open them now.

So why not make it about something they do together? (keep it clean, people!)

Nerdy Christmas Gifts 2017

Unique & Nerdy Christmas Gifts

  1. Festivus Seinfeld Game
  2. Harry Potter Wizard’s Chess
  3. Adult-size PIZZA Sleeping Bag
  4. Adult Unicorn Slippers
  5. Star Wars Waffle Maker
  6. Death Star Popcorn Maker
  7. Stranger Things Hawkins Tshirt
  8. Stranger Things Eleven Tshirt
  9. Harry Potter Ankle Socks
  10. Gryffindor Socks

Christmas Gifts for Pets (or a Pet Lover)

Christmas Gift Ideas 2017 planners

Gift Ideas for the Planner

Christmas Gift Ideas 2017 kids and teens

Christmas Gifts for Teens

Christmas Gifts for Kids

If you’re looking for a small and unique Christmas gift for someone – check out Francesca’s gifts. They always have a great variety of cute, creative and quirky ideas!

What are Your Favorite Christmas Gift Ideas for 2022?

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  1. My husband totally got me a RUMBA last year for Christmas- I always saw that damn robot vacuum commercial and I wanted it so bad – however uhhhhhhh it’s not THAT great and it kept eating my wires. And then we got a dyson for our wedding so we actually wound up selling it this year! LOL!

    1. Oh wow! Bummer!! I saw that Shark has a new one, and I’m like I WANT it! It stinks it ate the wires! We have hardwood so I’d love to have something that cleaned up the little pieces and dust.

  2. Hi! Love this post, definitely going to buy some of these. If you don’t mind sharing, what did you use to edit the pictures together? :)