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Feel Like I’ve Been MIA and Beyond Lucky (+ A HIIT Workout!)

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I have one more week of school left, and I am so excited to be blogging and coaching full-time (until Fall when I will have to decide if I can live off whatever income I have). I have really enjoyed teaching though; I just keep finding myself drawn to fitness. Here is a HIIT workout I designed for a teacher friend of mine.

He is the football coach, and it’s been awesome sharing workout ideas with him. He knows a lot about strength but needed some help with speed and agility.  He is now able to run 14 minutes, walk 1 after doing a couple of HIIT workouts I’ve put together for him. He is awesome!

Outside of fitness, I feel like I have a million things to write and am having withdrawals from my favorite blogs. With all of this said, I must say I am feeling beyond blessed this morning.

Last Friday my grandfather fell outside of Best Buy, and on Monday he was having jaw pain (which is an indicator of a heart attack). After a lot of tests, he is okay. He may just need a pace maker, and they will decide after he wears a monitor for 2 weeks. He is 65, and besides worrying a lot about him this week my mind has been on how important it is to eat right and workout.  This picture is us at my high school graduation party; growing up I was at my grandparents’ house just as much as I was at mine. I still make it a point to see them at least twice a month.

Yesterday we got out of school early because of a large super cell storm system heading towards Nashville. The picture above was taken by a friend that was fairly close to my house at the time I would never go outside with that massive, scary cloud!  We did not have any damage, and the people around us just had hail. We were really lucky/blessed by avoiding whatever was trying to happen in that cloud! Just look how pretty this morning was–Izzie was in heaven!


How was your week? Do you ever do a HIIT Workout?


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