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52 Effective Vision Board Ideas for Adults in 2024

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These effective vision board ideas for adults are a great way to get you started on mapping out your 2024. Not only will they help you stick to your goals through the year, it will help you map out your plans and visualize your goals more clearly!

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What is a Vision Board?

If you’ve never created a vision board before, you may be wondering what it is. Basically, a vision board is a creative compilation of images, words, and affirmations that work to inspire you and motivate you. The things you place on your vision board should represent your goals for the year and things you aspire to achieve in your life.

A vision board is often considered an extension of the law of attraction, which revolves around visualizing the things you want your life to bring into fruition. The key to using a vision board successfully is to attach emotion to the photos and phrases you use. That means you’ll need to think critically about each item you put on your vision board, how it makes you feel now, and how it would make you feel if it actually happened in your life.

How do I create a vision board?

We recommend taking time to think about what you want, set the mood for creativity, and then put your thoughts onto paper. We went into the 5 steps to create a vision board in a previous post that you may like.

What Should I Put on a Vision Board?

Now that you have an idea of what a vision board is, it’s time to start putting yours together! But what are you supposed to put on a vision board anyway?

There are a variety of options for creating your own vision board, but the most important aspect is that it needs to be important to you and related to the things you want to achieve in your life.

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Your vision board could include visualizations of:

  • Career goals
  • Relationship goals with friends and family
  • Hobbies and skills you want to gain or improve upon
  • Health and wellness goals
  • Travel ideas
  • Volunteering or community activism
  • Money and finance goals
  • Romantic relationships
  • Self care and development ideas
  • Your values and ideas
  • Inspiration for your home
  • Overall goals for your life and family

Since your vision board is a compilation of your personal goals and visions, the elements you include in your board is totally up to you! You can use one or many of these ideas – or even come up with your own topics to add. 

there is heart in simplicity quote

Vision Board Ideas for Adults

Once you have decided which topics you’ll include on your board for the year, it’s time to start putting your board together. If you’re struggling with how to create a board based on the ideas you have chosen, don’t worry! These vision board ideas for adults will help you create an amazing vision board to manifest the life of your dreams this year.

Words and Quotes

Words can be a powerful motivator, which means adding words to your vision board is one of the best ways to create a board for your year. Think about words that coincide with your topics, as well as powerful words that will help motivate you to keep reaching toward your goals. Then, add those words to your board to help you stay on track as you progress through your year.

In addition to adding single words to your board, using inspirational quotes and mantras is another way to include text on your vision board. Choose quotes that will inspire you to move forward or words that can help you achieve your goals. Then, add them to your board to enhance the message and remind you of the path you need to take this year.

There are a variety of different ways to add words to your vision board.

Try these ideas to find text for your own board:

  • Cutting words from magazines and newspapers
  • Writing the words on your board
  • Printing words off the internet
  • A quote from your favorite book
  • Writing out song lyrics
  • Quotes from your favorite actor, athlete, or singer
  • Famous quotes from historical figures
  • Words and phrases that inspire you
  • Names of destinations you want to visit
  • Bible verses
  • Your goals and intentions for the year
  • Values that are important to you
  • Motivational affirmation words
  • Inspirational mantras
  • Topics covered on your board
  • Your own quotes and sayings
  • Names of people that inspire you
  • Your dream job title
  • The year or dates of the board

pictures of a city and of a dog

Pictures and Artwork

One of the best ways to help visualize your goals is with the use of photos and artwork. Adding graphic elements to your vision board can make the board more visually appealing and help you see the things you can achieve as you work toward your goals. You can take photos or create drawings, paintings, or doodles on your vision board to help make your visions a reality.

These artistic vision board ideas are a great way to decorate your board:

  • Personal photos from past experiences
  • New photos of things and places that inspire you
  • Photos of destinations you want to visit
  • Pictures of relationship goals
  • Drawings or photos of activities you would like to do
  • Drawing pictures of your goals or plans for the year
  • Creating word art to decorate your board
  • Doodles and decorative elements
  • Photos or drawings that make you happy
  • Color coded photos to bring cohesion to your board
  • Images that depict successful people
  • Photos showing events you want to happen, like a wedding
  • Pictures that demonstrate family goals
  • Ideas for home décor
  • Fashion inspiration
  • Pictures of personal possessions you want to buy
  • Photos of famous people you aspire to be like
  • Drawings or photos of nature
  • Inspirational photos from magazines
  • Memes and inspirational quotes from social media
  • Famous artwork that inspires you
  • Free printables from online sources
  • Inspirational posters
  • Stickers

lots of ticket stubs


Using souvenirs is another great way to personalize your vision board. Souvenirs often have an emotional aspect attached to them, allowing them to bring some sentimentality to your vision board in the new year.

These souvenirs are great options for adding to your vision board:

  • Name tags or programs from inspirational events
  • Ticket stubs for concerts, movies, or events that inspired you
  • Items from nature, like leaves and flowers
  • Keychains
  • Magnets
  • Notes of appreciation 
  • Money or coins
  • Thank you cards
  • Small trinkets

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