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Best Bread Choice on The Eat Clean Diet

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Bread is almost a taboo in the diet world. I totally respect and understand when people decide to give up grains for a health reason, but I don’t think all bread is bad for every body.

The problem is we live in a world where the big-box companies market disease-causing, high calorie, “dead” foods to the masses. While grains comes from the ground and seem like a healthy food, grains have become mass produced beyond what naturally grew in areas. It is also cheap and easy to process into just about anything. So it becomes harder and harder to distinguish what  is a whole grain and what isn’t (FYI: Kellog’s Whole Grains….not a whole grain).

Best Bread Choice on The Eat Clean Diet

It is now the CONSUMERS (me & you!) to look out for our health and choose to eat clean foods that our body desperately needs. With that said, just because a bread is brown, says 100% whole grain, multi-grain, natural, or wheat does not mean it is actually 100% whole wheat or healthy.

It is actually legal to advertise a product as “whole grain” if it is 50% whole grain. The other percent maybe anything! Yikes! No wonder people give up on bread totally even if they don’t have a food allergy to it.

How can you spot the best bread choice?

Make sure to read labels on your bread and other wheat products. You want to avoid processed breads and anything with “enriched flour”. My favorite brand is Ezekiel and can be found in the frozen bread (or breakfast) section of most grocery stores. Click here to see how I include bread into my eat clean diet.

To show all of the different bread products and their quality, I did a video on identifying the best bread choice on the Eat Clean Diet. You don’t have to be eating clean though to find this video beneficial. No one needs processed junk floating around in their system!

If you are like me and don’t have an organic-based grocery store nearby, Amazon typically has everything. I also have found Ezekiel Breads and Tortillas in the frozen food aisles at Kroger and Publix in the South. :)

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