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Avaline Wine Review: We Try Cameron Diaz Organic Wines

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After two of our most health conscious friends raved about Cameron Diaz’s clean wines, we had to try them! If you’re looking for a white or red wine that won’t give you a headache or leave you red face, keep reading for our full Avaline wine review.

Variety of Avaline wines with a dish of pasta and 2 glasses of wine poured

Currently Avaline has red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines, and all of them are made with 100% organic grapes!

The company was founded by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power. Avaline’s mission is to create clean wines that taste great, offer greater transparency, and make it easy to find at a great price! Below, we’ll look at whether they succeeded or not!

Avaline founders

USA Wine Regulations – Did you know?

Before we dig in, did you know the FDA does not regulate wine? The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau manages all of the alcohol production, importation, wholesale distribution, labeling, and advertising in the United States, and the whole department is roughly just 500 people.

That’s a lot of details for 500 people!

Also, USA has some of the most lenient wine regulations in all of the world — allowing them to add in unnecessary sugars, additives, undisclosed colors, and sulfites.

Several of the popular wine brands use Megapurple and other concentrates to manipulate their wines.

That’s why finding a brand that focuses on letting you know what’s in your glass of wine is important!

A Little Bit About Avaline:

  • All of their wines are made with 100% organic grapes
  • Winemakers prioritize sustainable farming
  • All of the grapes contain no synthetic pesticides or insecticides
  • Made with 100% organic grapes 
  • The wines are fermented “dry” (this means there is no residual sugar left)
  • There is zero sugar in their still wines
  • Sparkling wines have under 1 gram of sugar per glass
  • No unnecessary additives, harsh chemicals, or added colors like Megapruple

You can get it in some grocery or liquor stores, but the best deals are on their website. You can get $25 off your first order here.

kim and kalee with wine

What is special about Avaline wine?

Unlike other organic wines, Avaline puts every ingredient on their bottles, as well as, calorie, carbohydrate, fat, protein, and sugar facts.

You can also see where the 100% organic grapes come from on their website.

Knowing the farms adds a layer of pride and accountability to us — it shows us that these winemakers are truly partners, and  you could essentially track down the place where that grape in your wine was grown.

The brand’s commitment to using clean ingredients and placing a higher standard on the wine making process is what makes it so special!

avaline wine review label

Where is Avaline wine made?

Avaline wines are made in mostly in Spain and Italy; however, they do have wines from Provence, France, and Washington state as well. 

Regions where Avaline wines are produced and imported from include: Washington State, Penedès (Spain), Valencia (Spain), Provence (France), Puglia (Italy), Villa Di Geggiano (Tuscany region of Italy), Cantina Puianello (Northeast Tuscany in Italy).

Do Avaline wines taste good?

Avaline wines offer something for everyone. Their white wine is crisp and has a fresh finish, and they also have some really great medium to full bodied red wines!

Our favorite wines are the Avaline White Blend, Red Blend, and Sangiovese.

bottle of rose wine and a small glass of it

A Review of Avaline wines


  • White Blend – We love a dry white wine, and this is perfect! It has citrus notes and ends with a crisp finish.
  • Sauvignon Blanc – This is one we’ve not tried yet, but it should be light and have notes of ripe citrus. If you’ve tried it, leave us a comment about how you liked it please!
  • They also have a limited edition Italian Bianco and Pinot Grigio.


  • Avaline Red Blend – This is our favorite to pair with a red pasta dish! It’s a medium body wine that doesn’t leave your mouth dry. It combines grenache, syrah, carignan, and cinsault grapes.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – This is a bit heavier than the red blend and has notes of cherry and red currant. We love it with a steak!
  • Pinot Noir – If you’re looking for a red wine most people will love, this pinot is a great choice! It pairs well with so many foods, and it’s light and won’t leave your mouth dry.
  • Sangiovese – This is a limited edition medium-bodied red. If you like the Red Blend, you’ll likely like this one.
  • They also have a limited edition Lambrusco. It’s a light, sparkling red.


  • Avaline Rosé Wine – This rosé is the perfect wine for a warm day! It has a peachy cantaloupe color, and it has a light delicious flavor of melon.
  • Sparkling – This is a dry bubbly. It’s probably not our favorite, but it’s not bad either.

Shop The Different Wines

bottle of Avaline sangiovese wine and a glass poured

Is Avaline red wine good?

We’ve really enjoyed Avaline’s Red and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Sangiovese is probably our favorite, but it is a limited edition.

We’ve drank all three on multiple occasions, and none of the red wines have gotten us red-faced while drinking! We’ve also not had a headache after either! WOO HOO!

If you’re a red wine fan, we highly suggest the Red Blend over the Pinot Noir because their Pinot is light-bodied even compared to other Pinot Noirs.

We’ve not had the Lambrusco yet.  With that said, any Lambrusco has to be with the right weather and food for us.

Shop Avaline’s Red Wines

Is Avaline wine really clean?

While some may argue that small-production winemakers have a cleaner wine, they are far and few between. They also will cost more.

If you’re looking for a clean wine that offers 100% organic grapes, 0 sugar per serving, and is easy to find without breaking the bank — Avaline is really clean and tastes great!

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How do you pronounce Avaline?

Pronunciation of Avaline is /ah-vah-leene/. You can hear it here.

Does Avaline wine have less sugar?

Yes! Avaline wine has zero grams of sugar in their still wines. The sparkling wines have considerably less sugar as well. They have less than 1 gram per serving.

Does Avaline wine have sulfites?

Any wine will have naturally occurring sulfites due to the fermentation process. The legal limit in the US is 350ppm, and Avaline keeps their sulfites under 100ppm. The 100ppm is below what is required for organic wines as well.

How much alcohol is in Avaline wine?

Avaline wine ranges from 12 to 13.5% alcohol. 

Avaline Nutritional Information Table
Avaline Nutritional Information Table

Is Avaline wine a natural wine?


Is Avaline wine low carb?

Yes, Avaline wine is low carb. The White is the lowest in carbs at 2.4 grams. Most of their wines are around 3 grams, and one of the highest is the Cabernet. It has 5 grams per glass.

kim and kalee on the porch drinking a glass of wine

How many calories in a glass of Avaline wine?

The Avaline wine nutrition facts are listed on each bottle and on their website. Typically, a 5 ounce glass of Avaline wine is around 100 calories.

Is Avaline wine dry farmed?

Yes, and this helps to protect the earth and reduce the amount of sugar in the wines. Dry farming reduces water usage and carbon emissions.

avaline wine price

In stores Avaline is around $19 to $24 a bottle. While we’ve found it in several grocery and liquor stores, you’ll find the lowest price on their website.

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How to Get Avaline Wines Cheaper

If you fall in love with a variety of wines, you can get deals through the Avaline website!

Every order over $150 qualifies for free shipping, and if you do a subscription shipment, you also get 15% off.

Two Exclusive Deals

You can grab $25 off your first order automatically using our Avaline partner link here.

For a limited time, you can also get 15% off ANY order (no subscription needed) using our partner link and entering the code APRIL15.

Why is Avaline wine different?

Avaline wines are one of the first and only brands to offer such an incredible amount of information about each wine. You can find out where the 100% organically farmed grapes were sourced and nutritional information from the label, and they don’t use any unwanted additives.

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