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Avantera Elevate Review: Can it Really Help with Energy & Focus?

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If you’ve ever struggled to focus or felt tired just as your day started, we’re excited to share a nootropic supplement that has helped us! Avantera Elevate helped us be more focused, productive, and provided a consistent energy boost without the jitters or a crash.

Avantera Elevate bottle and 2 capsules

Below, is our review of Avantera Elevate after taking the supplement for a few weeks. We are affiliates for this supplement, but all of our opinions are our own. We tried the supplement before ever sharing our thoughts on it. 

The benefit of us being an affiliate is you can get 40% off using our Elevate promo code SOREYFITNESS when you order from Avantera.

What is Avantera Elevate?

Avantera’s Elevate is a nootropic energy supplement. The 2 capsules contain 7 clinically studied ingredients that have been linked to help with improved gut health, energy, memory, mood, and focus.

We researched the brand and ingredients before agreeing to try it. We initially loved that it contains clinically test ingredients, is 3rd party tested, and is made in the USA. It’s also vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and has no added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

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kim sorey and kalee dillard

Our Avantera Elevate Review

We were asked to try Avantara Elevate a few weeks ago, and after trying it out – Mom and I really do love the supplement!

After taking it, we looked for improvement in our energy and focus, memory, gut health, and stress levels. 

It’s helped us stay on task throughout the day and eliminated some of times of day when we’re likely to get sidetracked or distracted. 

The other thing we noticed pretty immediately was our energy level. We’ve had a busy season with work, travel, and family — and we haven’t found ourselves as rundown as we usually get. The only change has been taking Elevate.

When we tend to get busy, we also get a bit scatterbrained — especially in our personal life. Elevate seems to be helping our brain fog and concentration in this area, as well as, our normal work tasks. Thank goodness!

We haven’t really noticed it helping with gut health yet, but if it is helping our stress levels and moods – we have to assume that’s good for our tummies, too!

Also, neither of us have ADD or ADHD, but when we researched whether or not we wanted to try this supplement, we saw several people say it helped with their ADD or ADHD as well. 

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How do you take it?

We take 2 capsules with a glass of water when we wake up in the morning on an empty stomach. We usually eat breakfast about 20-30 minutes after taking it.

Can you take Avantera elevate twice a day?

No, it should only be taken once a day in the morning. If you need a supplement at night, we suggest looking at Unwind instead.

avantera elevate infographic

How long does it take for Avantera elevate to work?

Some people, us included, felt a difference within just 20-30 minutes of first taking Elevate. With that said, some of the ingredients like Lion’s Mane, Bacopa and CDP Choline work best after being consumed regularly for 30+ days.

Does Avantera elevate have caffeine?

Yes, it has 45 mg per serving. This is about half of what is in an 8 oz cup of coffee.

Should you take elevate and unwind?

Avantera offers a bundle of Elevate and Unwind, and the two supplements appear work well together. (We haven’t tried Unwind yet).

Unwind helps with sleep, stress levels, immune health, and cognitive function. So it makes sense that this would also add in your energy, focus, memory, mood, and gut health like Elevate does!

Is there Avantera coupon code?

Yes, you can use SOREYFITNESS at Avantera for 40% off!

Is it bad to take nootropics everyday?

We can’t comment on every nootropics because we’re relatively new to them and have just researched the ones for our specific areas to improve. With that said, Elevate is designed to be taken daily to get the maximum benefits.

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