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FitBit Versa vs Apple Watch: Which One Is the Best?

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I debated between the FitBit Versa vs Apple Watch 3 for months. I decided on the FitBit Versa, but I also received the Apple Watch 3 for Christmas. So now, I’ve used both and am sharing which one I like best!

Which is better: FitBit Versa vs Apple Watch?

It honestly depends on what you want your smartwatch to do.

I really wanted a smartwatch for my workouts and to track my activity. With that said, the FitBit Versa was perfect!

Then, I saw my mom sending text messages, paying for things, and grabbing an Uber with her Apple Watch 3.

I was intrigued, lol!

Keep in mind, you do need cellular for some of the features.

It’s about $10 a month if you have a iPhone plan already.  FitBit Versa vs Apple Watch Review3

While you can set up text messaging on the Versa through wi-fi, it won’t let you reply. Their app store is super limited too.

With that said, the FitBit Versa is a little more user-friendly and cheaper than the Apple Watch.

If you want an all-in-one smartwatch, the Apple Watch 3 is amazing.

Compare Prices of the FitBit Versa, Apple Watch 3 or 4

At a Glance: FitBit Versa vs Apple Watch 3 Review

  FitBit Versa Apple Watch 3
Touchscreen X X
Wireless interface Bluetooth, NFC Bluetooth, NFC
Changeable Band X X
Battery life 4-plus days 18-hours
Price Approx: $200 $300
Make Calls No Yes
Send Text Messages No Yes
Ease to Change Band   X
Best Apps   X
Compatible with Android X  
Listen to Music X X
Ease to Sync Music   X
Fitness Community X X

Compare Prices of the FitBit Versa, Apple Watch 3 or 4

Fitness & Calorie Burn

My first heart rate monitor was a Garmin Polar FT4 that included

a chest strap. Both the FitBit Versa and Apple Watch 3 show my heart rate and calorie burn lower than the Polar FT4.

Since both reported a lower heart rate and calorie burn, I’m assuming the Polar FT4 was reporting high.

Apple Watch Activity App

I feel like the Apple Watch is more accurate.

There were times I would be huffing and puffing during a workout, and the FitBit Versa would say my heart rate was 120 or something.

Now when I feel like I’m out of breath, the Apple Watch shows me in that aerobic or anaerobic level around 150-170 beats per minute.

Apple Watch 3 Activity App Details

The Apple Watch Syncs With More Apps

The Apple Watch will sync to your Activity App and has a Workout app on it. These apps are similar to FitBit’s app.

The FitBit app is prettier, lighter and easier to read than Apple’s, but the Apple Watch syncs to more apps.

Some of our favorite Apple Watch Fitness Apps are:

  • Beachbody on Demand
  • Zones
  • MapMyFitness

fitbit versa vs apple watch review side by side

To help us decide on which smartwatch to buy, let’s dig into the design of each, as well as, the price tag.

Overall Design

The Apple Watch 3’s size is my favorite. It’s a bit smaller and easier to deal with if you have on a jacket or sweatshirt.

Apple Watch 3 Face

I’m also able to set the Apple Watch 3’s face of the watch to a different background. Mine is synced to my photos. You can also have it just show your stats that you see in your activity tracker (similar to the FitBit Versa’s).

FitBit Face

The FitBit Versa’s face (the screen you see with the clock), is easier to read and use though. It shows you your heart rate, steps and calorie burn all right below the clock.

Siri and Digital Assistant

With the Apple Watch 3, you can use Siri, and you can even reply to a text message by just bringing the watch to your mouth and talking!

I also really like that the Apple Watch 3 connects my wallet and calendar too!

The FitBit doesn’t have a microphone, speaker, digital assistant or a ton of apps to use.


You’ll need headphones with bluetooth capability to stream music on both the FitBit Versa & Apple Watch 3. We love these Anker earbuds!

The Apple Watch 3 syncs your iTunes to it, as well as, music apps.

With the FitBit Versa, you can put 300 songs on it or use Pandora or Deezer.

Here’s a quick video on how to get music on the FitBit.

FitBit Versa vs Apple Watch: Price

The FitBit Versa is the cheaper option – view the latest price.

Depending on the size, the Apple Watch 3 is a bit more – view the 38mm price or 42mm price.

Typically, women will want the 38mm.

So if you’re wanting a smartwatch purely for fitness, the FitBit Versa is great and cheaper!

If you want a smartwatch with extra features, the Apple Watch 3 isn’t much more.

The Apple Watch 4 is a little bit more, but it offers additional heart rate information. So it may be worth looking at as well.

FitBit Versa vs Apple Watch: Which one is right for you?

Grab Your FitBit Versa, Apple Watch 3 or 4


  1. I love my Apple Watch Series 3. Trying to achieve full “rings” keeps me motivated. You can compete with friends which keeps me on track too as I know they are looking at my results. Very comfortable and under $200 now. It’s one of the best buys I’ve made to reach my fitness goals!

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