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Deplete Days During 80 Day Obsession’s Peak Week

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In the last week of 80 Day Obsession, you’ll have the option to do Deplete Days during Peak Week. This is completely optional, but if you want to see your muscles pop it can be a good option.

80 Day Obsession Deplete Days Peak Week

Deplete Days help you:

  • lose a little more weight fast
  • look ripped

Your Deplete Day Schedule

On Deplete Days during Peak Week you’ll reduce your carbs and increase your protein. This will help you look more shredded temporarily.

You’ll follow the Deplete Day container counts from the Nutrition Guide 2 days, then do a normal day of food, then back to 2 days on the Deplete containers.

You’ll still follow Timed Nutrition each day that week.

This way of eating is very similar to the 21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition plan.

What Happens After Deplete Days During Peak Week?

You’ll likely gain back the weight you lost. This is OKAY and normal.

You’re most likely just adding back water and glycogen stores that were removed by dropping your carbs so low. Keep in mind this shredded look is just temporary even for people like Autumn!

Can I do Deplete Days Long Term?

This type of eating shouldn’t be followed long-term. Your muscles need water and glycogen to be healthy – both of which are reduced with this short-term plan.

Following the deplete nutrition plan will NOT lead to faster results either.

Paige Benté, M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D., and nutrition manager at Beachbody says, “Deplete days are only an option in the last week of the program, if you want to really shred out…It’s not something we recommend doing any other time, and it’s not something we recommend sticking to long-term.”

How Will I Feel?

More than ever, you need to listen to your body. It’s normal by 3PM to feel a little crabby without carbs. With that said, if you feel weak, have a headache, or discomfort, it’s time to switch back to the regular meal plan.

This video talks about Deplete Days for about 3 minutes:

2 Other Notes

  • Your calories will be the same. You’re just swapping out carbs for proteins.
  • There is not a vegan option.

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  1. I can’t seem to find where on the nutrition guide it gives the containers etc for peak week. Can you help me out?

    1. Hey Kelly! Do you have Beachbody on Demand? If so, you’ll want to login from a desktop, and then click on 80 Day Obsession then program materials. Then you’ll see a nutrition guide for each plan (A-F). In that plan it outlines peak week as well. Hope that helps!! If you need anything else, please let us know! We’d love to help you!

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