HIIT Workout & The Benefits of HIIT Training

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A HIIT workout stands for high intensity interval training, and it’s the most effective way to burn fat. I discovered it while reading on cathe.com and then trying it with TurboFire almost a year ago.

A HIIT workout can be defined as:

A specialized form of interval training that involves short intervals of maximum intensity exercise separated by longer intervals of low to moderate intensity exercise. — Sparkpeople.com

HIIT Training

Since the workout has you putting in maximum effort, you push yourself into the anaerobic rate. Most of the time, whether you are running, working out in a class setting, or doing a cardio workout, you are only in the aerobic rate. Anaerobic is one above it–think a 9-10 exertion rate where you can barely breathe.

The benefits of doing a HIIT workout:

  • You can burn as many calories in a 20 minute workout as you could in a 40 minute cardio workout!
  • These workouts have been shown to aid in muscle retention compared to normal cardio sessions.
  • Your body continues to burn calories 9x longer than your workout!
  • Your regular cardio sessions get easier. If you are pushing yourself to your maximum exertion during the workouts, your endurance and speed will increase.
  • It can help your break a fitness plateau as well!

Oh She Glows and Sparkpeople have great posts on HIIT workouts with examples as well.

Wanting to try a HIIT workout?

I love TurboFire’s Greatest HIITs workout! It’s quick, effective, and so much fun.

If you’re looking to lose a 5-15 lbs, I also love TurboFire as a program because it mixes in HIIT workouts for maximum results. It’s how I reached my goal weight!

Do you ever do HIIT workouts?

How has your week been?

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