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Joel Freeman 8×8 Workout – SuperSets 30 Minute Workout

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Have you checked out the newest Joel Freeman 8×8 workout yet? He’s mixing in super sets to increase heart rate and burn more calories while toning your whole body. (Read more on his new mixed martial arts workouts with Jericho too here)

Joel Freeman 8x8 Workout - SuperSets 30 Minute Workout

Unlike his new mixed martial arts workout program, Core De Force, coming out in November 2016 with Jericho McMatthews his 2 Beachbody on Demand Exclusive workouts focus on strength training with weights and resistance.

You can try both workouts along with some of Beachbody’s top programs like P90X and Insanity for free for 30 days with a club membership. After 30 days, you can cancel the trial for free or it’s $2.99 a week after.

You may recognize Joel from Beachbody’s past partnership with Les Mills Pump.

He was one of the trainers featured in the workout DVDs, but now him and Jericho (another Les Mills Pump trainer) are back exclusively with Beachbody!!

Both of them are two of our all time favorite trainers. They push you to lift heavier while using proper form….which leads to some amazing results! There new mixed martial arts workout, Core De Force, looks amazing!

joel and jericho

They are both also so real and genuine, but back to Joel’s Beachbody on Demand workouts. He has 8 x 8 and a new Grab Bag Power workout using either a sandbag or dumbell.

It’s call 8×8 because you’re doing 8 reps for each power set.

The first super set focuses on your lower body with squats and lunges. The next 2 sets work your back, shoulders, and biceps. Each move requires you to use your core and helps you work your abs in a standing position.

What Equipment Do You Need for the 8×8 Workout?

You can use dumbbells or a barbell, and you want to go with heavy weights.

How long is the Joel Freeman 8×8 workout?

It’s a total body workout and less than 25 minutes.

How much is 8×8?

You can actually try it for free for 30 days! Right now Joel’s workout is on Beachbody on Demand which is Beachbody’s streaming service. you can try their club membership for free for 30 days.

Get Your Trial & Access to Joel Freeman’s 8×8 Workout Here

This gives you access to all of the workouts on Beachbody On Demand including Joel Freeman’s 8×8 workout! How cool right?Also – we have a monthly challenge group with support, prizes, and more going on NOW. Email us at thegirls@soreyfitness.com to join us! It’s totally free and no spam.

Along with 8 x 8, Joel’s Grab Bag Power workout is on Beachbody on Demand as well.

The 35 minute power resistance workout works the whole body using a sandbag or dumbbell.  Explosive training will help you increase power, endurance, and strength.

Is it low impact? Are their modifications?

Yes and Yes! We also know Core De Force will also have modifications and focus on low impact moves with high intensity.

Core De Force Joel and Jericho Workouts

Can we expect more workouts?

DEFINITELY!! Joel and Jericho are officially signed with Beachbody and have their mixed martial arts full workout program, Core De Force, coming out in November! Get the details on that program here

Have you tried the Joel Freeman 8×8 Workout yet?

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