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Sleepy After a Workout? 4 Tips to Help You Feel Great

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Have you ever felt sleepy after a workout? We dig into why and how to help you feel great after exercising!

4 Tips to Help You Not Feel Sleepy After a Workout

Why am I so tired after working out?

If you feel sleepy after exercise, you aren’t alone.

Why though?

I mean we all know that exercising is supposed to give you energy, right?!  So why do you want to snuggle up for a little nap sometimes after a workout?

Can working out make you tired? 

Can working out make you tired? 

There are a few reasons why you might want to grab your favorite blanky and curl up to snooze.

Providing you’ve checked with your doctor to rule out anything medical, it could be as simple as…you’ve worked hard.

You just have exhausted your body through an intense workout, and it’s ready for a rest.

We use quite a bit of energy during an intense workout, so if you’re not prepped pre-workout, you are going to take all the fuel your body has to do the workout, and there’s just nothing left over for energy after your workout.

How do you stop fatigue after exercise?

You’ll want to give yourself time to rest and recover after exercise. We recommend starting your workout with a 5-10 minute warm up and ending with a 5-10 minute cool down. Also, you want to give your muscles a break if you are strength training, and with cardio you should start gradually and increase the intensity of your workouts so that you don’t overdo it.

4 Tips to Help You Not Feel Sleepy After a Workout

1. Getting a good’s night sleep is crucial

Sleep is not just important for your workout, but also for your overall wellbeing.

Getting a good night’s sleep will not only allow you to push harder in your workout, but you’ll have the energy to sustain you after the workout so you can feel those great feel-good endorphins that those “crazy exercise people” tend to talk about.

Sleeping allows your body to recharge and time for muscles to rebuild.  If you’re like, “that’s great, Kim, but I am having trouble sleeping!” check out some tips in our Ultimate Guide to Sleeping Better.

Good sleep is super important for our health, so believe it or not, sometimes, you might want to sleep vs killing yourself to get up and workout.  Check out whether you should sleep or workout here.

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2. Hydration is key

Staying hydrated helps your brain to function.

There are times when you think you’re hungry or tired and all your body is really trying to tell you is that you’re thirsty!! You need half of your body weight in ounces of water per day…without any exercise involved in that equation.

The majority of us sweat during a workout.  You’ve got to be hydrated to stay energize for the workout during and after.

Try drinking 16 oz of water prior to your workout…give yourself some time to let this settle before the workout…you don’t want to be sloshing around during the workout.

You’ll also want some water or Hydrate during the workout to sustain your hydration level while you are sweating like a pig (did you know pigs don’t really sweat?).

A good rule of thumb…

A good rule of thumb is 8 oz for every 20 mins of workout.  We like the Performance Line Hydrate because it helps you avoid that sloshing during the workout, plus, it replenishes your electrolytes which will keep you feeling good and energetic during the workout.

You’ll want to replenish your water stores post workout, so we recommend another 16 oz once you’re done.  More if you’ve really kicked some butt during the workout.

If you’ve actually worked out so hard that you’ve sweated off pounds, you need to drink 3 cups for every pound you lost during that workout.

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3. EAT for heavens sake!!

There are those who are desperate to lose weight who are not eating enough to fuel their workout or even have energy for their daily life. We’ve also heard from clients & friends the “well, I read” statements like…”well, I read you burn more if you workout hungry or on an empty stomach.”

Come on guys…food is fuel for us.

If you aren’t eating enough, or you not eating enough good foods before your workout, you’ll have no energy for anything let alone a workout.  You’ll not just want a nap after your workout, but you’ll want a nap before and during.

To fuel your body and workout, try to eat some protein and carbs beforehand.  You’ll want to try to give yourself about 30 mins prior to working out just so your food has some time to settle.  However, some people can eat and go straight to their workout.  Just be smart and listen to your body.  No point in tossing your toast mid workout.

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After your workout, you have deleted those energy stores…your fuel aka food…so you need to re-fuel almost immediately.

We like to drink our Performance Line Recover, but you can also have a little meal of protein and carbs again.

Here’s a great article on some suggestions on what to eat before and after, and why it’s so important to do so…not just for making sure you don’t want to cuddle up and nap after a workout, but to rebuild your body and muscles after the workout.

No time to eat before or after?

If you don’t have time to eat either before or after, Shakeology is the perfect combo of protein and carbs!! It’s the perfect pre or post workout meal.  Just saying…

4. Pace yourself

Setting your pace is vital to feeling your best!

I know you have done it.  I know I’ve done it.

Just go ahead and ‘fess up…you set a goal to kick some butt to get in shape and then you go into your workout like a crazy woman…just so darn determined that THIS TIME you’re going to do it…BUT only to kill yourself during the workout.

You have pushed yourself to a level 10 the entire workout.  Panting for breath and going beyond anything humanly realistic…especially for someone whose maybe not at that level 10 yet, huh?

So, yes, it is important to push to YOUR max, but LISTEN to your body.  You should be able to say words at your max effort…not sing or even carry on a conversation…but at least say a few words.

There is absolutely no point in killing yourself pushing your pace and body beyond YOUR max level.

You risk injury and you completely wear your body out…thus the need for a nappy poo at the end, and that gusto you had for “THIS TIME” to be it…well, you’ll end up hating working out at this killer pace and not be so tempted to get up and workout the next day.

So push but don’t be crazy.

Pace yourself so that you’re tired but energized by doing such an amazing job at the same time…knowing you did YOUR best.

Bonus Tip…Energize

Beachbody Energize Review

You’ve taken all my tips, and you’re still struggling…not just wanting the nap afterwards, but even getting started??

I start every single workout with our Beachbody Energize.

It really helps me push to the next level with my workouts by allowing me to push beyond my perceived exertion…keep in mind to work at your pace…but sometimes our bodies like to be lazy on us and tell us we don’t have the energy to push a little harder when we actually do.

Energize helps me push to that next step and keeps my energy up throughout and after the workout!!

Is it okay to nap after a workout?

Is it ok to take a nap after a workout though?  Well, sure, but ask why you’re feeling like you need a nap.

Did you push too hard?

Did you hydrate properly?

Have you been eating junk?

Tough week or a rough night’s sleep?

If you’ve not been staying hydrated, fueling your body, or you pushed too hard, know those are the reasons and why you desire a nap and make adjustments next time.

If you’ve just had a rough week, or you had a bad’s night sleep, then take your nap.

Why do I feel sleepy after exercise in the morning?

While morning workouts are encouraged, if you feel sleepy after exercising, it may be that you didn’t get enough sleep or pushed yourself too hard.

Remember, getting 7-9 hours of sleep is critical to your overall health, as well as, eating well. So make sure you’re prioritizing all 3 to feel your best.

Does working out make you sleepy?

Working out can make you sleepy if you’re not getting enough sleep, replenishing your body with water and healthy foods, or pushing yourself too hard during the workout. 

How do I replenish my energy after a workout?

You’ll want something probably light to eat or drink. We recommend Beachbody’s Recover, but you could also consider low-fat milk, smoothies or a snack with protein, healthy fats and complex carbs.

What should you not do after a workout?

While working out is great for your body, there are 5 things you should never do after a workout!

They are:

  1. Skip the cool down – The cool down allows your muscles to stretch and also prevents muscle soreness.
  2. Eat simple carbs – You may be tempted to treat yourself after exercise, but simple carbs will leave make your energy crash later in the day.
  3. Sit the rest of the day – Make sure to stay active throughout the day even after your workout. Take the stairs, park further away, or go for a walk after dinner to stay active.
  4. Leave your workout clothes on – Your workout clothes are probably covered in sweat and are a breeding ground for bacteria. If you can’t shower, at least change clothes.
  5. Forget to Hydrate Skimp on Sleep – Sleep is critical for your body to replenish itself and see those results you want!

How do you know if you’re working out too much?

If you feel like you’re unable to exercise at the same level you used to, need longer breaks, or constantly feel tired, you may be working out too much.

Not sleeping well or you feel like your heart rate is consistently higher than normal are also signs you’re overtraining. Another sign of over-exercising is getting sick more often or having aches and pains that just don’t go away. Some soreness will happen with working out, but it shouldn’t be painful or last an extended period of time.

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Do you ever feel sleepy after a workout?

Here’s a few extra tips and resources to get you going!

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