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By 25, You Should Know : My 25th Birthday

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Friday was my 25th birthday. Jake took me to The Loveless Cafe on Thursday to celebrate, and Friday was a relaxed day at home with a yummy dinner at StonyRiver with my parents and him.

To celebrate my 25th birthday I put together a list of things I've learned. Here are 25 Things We Should Know by 25!

By 25, you should know a few things. I think I realized about 90% of them at 24, but I feel so much better turning 25 than I thought I would because I now know and believe these 25 things.

By 25, You Should Know…

  1. Sometimes the best Friday night is spent in pajamas watching stuff on the DVR.
  2. Some Most things can be solved with a call to mom, and everything really does looks better in the morning.
  3. That real homes very rarely look like those on Pinterest, but it doesn’t stop you from hoping.
  4. Your gut usually knows where you need (and don’t need) to be.
  5. if the guy doesn’t pick you up, pay for dinner on the first date, or anything else that is super important to you — he’s not The Guy.
  6. That “deal breakers” are usually “deal breakers” for a reason.
  7. To never take a picture or video of anything compromising your integrity or pride. (I never had to learn this lesson the hard way though. Thank goodness.)
  8. It’s nice to have a little money in your bank account because something you own is always inevitability on its last leg.
  9. Nicolas Sparks’ movies always end badly.
  10. Mom was actually right about somethings.
  11. That music was actually better when you were in high school.
  12. You  were right — Justin Timberlake was more than just a dude in a boy band.
  13. That it’s okay to drift apart from people that don’t treat you with as much love and respect as they should.
  14. That people will only treat you as well as you expect them to.
  15. It’s easier to be understood when you try to understand first.
  16. It’s really best not to call, Facebook, Snapchat, or text a guy after 2 a.m.
  17. That it’s true: if you have nothing to say, don’t say anything at all.
  18. Kindness and manners never go out of style.
  19. Your life won’t change until your habits and goals do.
  20. It’s better to be you, even if you’re a mess, than fake being anyone else.
  21. That decorating can be a lot of fun….if you were making more money.
  22. It’s perfectly okay to dodge the overly-nosey relative asking about your relationship status, marriage, or future children.
  23. Buying the next size up is better than having back fat or a muffin top.
  24. That sometimes it’s better to just wear the flats and save your feet the painful week of recovering from the cute heels. We all don’t have to be Carrie Bradshaw 24/7.
  25. By 25, you should know just how far you’ve come since 16, 18, and 21.

I am sure there are a few things I have missed, and I would love to know what you would add.

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  1. I love number 9!! I refuse to read or watch any more. I know someone’s gonna die!

    By 30 you should know it’s ok that you’re not married with kids yet. Your friends who are sometimes want to trade places with you.

  2. I don’t know that I thought about any of this when I was 25 but I’m happy to say I know them all now :) Live and learn!

  3. I love this, you put a smile on my face today:)
    I am approaching a birthday soon, so to add to your by 30 you should know, that life is meant to be shared and fun, don’t take anything to seriously, nothing is worth any stress that takes away happiness.

  4. This is all so true. I have also had to learn (by 28) that sometimes the best friends are the ones that don’t live in the same city as you and that your friend group shrinks to those that really matter and that’s ok. :)

  5. What a great list of things! I wholeheartedly agree with so so many of these. Especially the mom ones :) They’re all true! I was going through saying “yep, yes, uh huh” and nodding my head to the majority of these. Thanks for sharing- I loved this post :)

  6. Great tips! I’ve got a few more years before getting to 25, but I sill add that you should know it’s okay to put yourself first, missing that party won’t end your life, and tomorrow will be better than today. Love the advice on 19, 16, and especially 7!

    1. Those are all great Tara!!! :) I definitely agree about putting yourself first. It helps you do much for anyone else!

  7. I’m 26 and I definitely agree with this stuff! Especially all the stuff about decorating your house. Pinterest makes me crazy sometimes – who the heck can have an entire room in their house that is a library/reading nook? As much as I love that, it’s totally never going to happen :) And true story about Justin Timberlake! Happy Birthday!

  8. Hi Kalee,
    Happy 25th Birthday! I am probably one of the few people on Facebook who actually checks to see who’s birthday is today and wish them “Happy Birthday.”

    #8. It’s nice to have a little money in your bank account because something you own is always inevitability on its last leg. This one is oh so true. You never know when something expensive is going to break on you.

    Your list sounds very smart and mature and I am glad to see that you have wisdom beyond your years.
    Take Care.

  9. Turned 25 last month,might as well try this out:
    1. Yep, i was a firm believer of that in my teens too though, have never been much of a big partier
    2. Very true, my mom and a good sleep has calmed me down many times over my stupid little recurring concerns
    3. Not really looking from homes at the moment and as long as theres a good internet connection and enough room for my stuff it don’t really need much more in a home, maybe a garden too.
    4. True, has stopped me many times from doing some dumb things.
    5. As a guy i have to disagree with the paying for dinner thing, unless money is tight for you, dividing the bill is only fair, i’ll drive though, really I think the first date should be about mutually trying to please each other, otherwise why are we even trying to date?
    6. Yeah, i suppose, i like to give a little bit of leeway though.
    7. Very true, have some from my teens I’m not all that proud of.
    8. Course saving is always smart and you don’t need everything straight away.
    9. Course they do, but i avoid them more cause they are awful for me
    10. She’s one smart woman
    11. Especially these days
    12. He’s done well for himself
    13. Have already done that with some people
    14. Not sure on that one
    15. That sounds right i guess
    16. Just stay off your phone when you’re drunk and it’s late – period, the night is over for you, it’s not going to work out well
    17. Hard to just say nothing at all, this applies more to having nothing nice to say or having nothing worth says, just got to think quickly before you talk
    18. True, makes you feel good too
    19. Very true, easier said than done though in some case but why make goals if you’re don’t try to follow through with them
    20. True, can’t please everyone, might as well be happy with who you are
    21. Not into decorating, just keeping things clean
    22. I love dodging them, most I’ve only seen one or twice in my life anyway, why should i tell them what I’m doing? they are strangers to me and my immediate family already know enough about what’s going on with me anyway
    23 and 24. alright, these ones really apply more to women than me
    25. 16 = yes, 18 = yes, 21 = I’ve changed a little

    Done, hope being 26 is treating you well author