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26 Things to Do at 26 – The Fun Classy Things in Life

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We are over the 21st birthday and ready for the fun, classy things in life! How many of these 26 fun & classy things to do at 26 will you complete? We’ve come up with low-budget, free, and last-minute options you and your friends will love!

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I just turned 26. I have to admit – I went through 25 thinking I was 24 for most of the year. It just didn’t click, but I sure did a lot at 25!

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How do you celebrate your 26th birthday?

What you do on your birthday depends on your personality and budget! The main thing is to focus on doing something that makes you happy! You might feel obligated to do something based on what your friends or significant other want to do, but it’s your special day!

There are also plenty of fun things you can do on a budget as well!

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How do you celebrate a low budget birthday?

There are tons of low budget or free options to do on your birthday! Consider getting together with friends and going to the beach, park, or a free museum! Another option is to host a pot-luck with family and friends to keep the cost of dinner down!

26 things to do at 26

What should I do for my birthday last minute?

If you’re celebrating last minute think about what you love to do and do that! Whether it’s cooking a nice meal or going out to eat, you can make the day special by focusing in on what you makes you happy! Below are 26 ideas to help you get started!

3 girls in a convertible bug for a 26th birthday roadtrip

26 Things to Do at 26

1. Go on a random road trip with your best friend – windows down and music up!

2. Throw a massive slumber party with a signature drink, chocolate and truth or dare!

kim and kalee sleeping vs working out

3. Eat pancakes at 2am in the morning – breakfast never tasted sweeter!

4. Complete a day full of Random Acts of Kindness

5. Save up and go shopping for something fabulous you’d never splurge on!

6. Figure out your signature drink. You probably shouldn’t drink Jägerbomb forever.

red wine in a glass at sunset

7. Read something inspiring every day.

8. Dream BIG. You’re 26 – you have the tools you need – now just make your dreams happen.

9. Take a stroll down memory lane by digging out your old yearbooks. 

friends cheers

10. Reconnect with friends hosting your first dinner party. Serve cocktails, a tasty appetizer, and a classic dinner with chocolate after, or even host your own Cheers & Beers to 26 years party!

11. Write yourself a letter to open for your 30th birthday.

12. Go to a playground and tell those monkey bars whose boss or do a fun workout outside!

Kim and kalee doing tricep dips

13. Thank someone that has helped you become the classy, driven woman you are.

14. Buy yourself a hammer, nails, and anything else you need to be miss independent….even if it means having an iPhone to Google a good plumber in the area.

15. Take care of your health – daily, monthly, and annually. Ask about your family history, do monthly breast exams, and go for your annual check-up.

16. Create a budget if you don’t already have one. That way you know when you can splurge and when you need to save.

3 friends eating hamburgers outside

17. Plan a fabulous trip – even if it’s just a town over for the best burger ever.

18. Tell someone you love them.

19. Find your dream job. Right now you have the time to take some risks. Find your dream job – maybe it’s working part-time somewhere or volunteering. Don’t be afraid to look for multiple solutions to make it happen.

20. Find a mentor. Whose life looks absolutely amazing? Connect with them over coffee or a great workout!

21. Drop the negativity! Who has time for it? Cut off the frenemies and find people that see you for the amazing person you are.

Roxy, my dog, and me

22. Rescue a fur baby. At 26, I know some people have kids and some don’t. For me – at 26, a fur baby is all I need and can handle.

23. Skinny Dip.

24. Conquer a fear. I am woman, hear me roar!

25. Unplug from all technology one day….minus the heat, running water, and blow dryer. You gotta have the amenities, but it’s time to shut down the phone, iPad, and computer. Just relax.

26. Be kind to yourself. You are a once in all of history event. No one will be ever YOU!

Still looking for an activity for your birthday? Here are a few more ideas!

How can I make her birthday special?

You can make her birthday special by letting her know you care. You can do this with words of affirmation, doing something nice for her like breakfast in bed, spending time together, or finding her a thoughtful gift that will remind her of you.

Did you accomplish any of the 26 Things to Do at 26? What’s on your list?

I also put together a list of lessons learned by 30 you might like!

Love these ideas? Save them to Pinterest for later!

 26 Things to Do When You're 26

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  1. Hey my birthday is the 23rd of April I got a babysitter but don’t know what to do… I’m never away from my kids and my mom wants to watch them for me while I do something… What to do

  2. Do you have any friends who are turning 26, yet has a baby face meaning they look young and can pass for a teenager? I am turning 26 on 24th of this month and its on a Wednesday. The only idea I have my birthday is a group dinner with my closest cousins and a few friends.