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Simple Ways to Improve Your Health in Under 5 Minutes

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I think we can all say: It’s hard to find time to improve your health.

It would great if we all could work out and follow a healthy diet 7 days a week. We’ve been there – you get a new workout, you meal prep your food, and you’re ready to conquer the world. Then, life happens.

Your husband brings in cupcakes. Work runs late. You just can’t eat chicken, again. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing though.

Here’s the thing:

We’ve found simple ways to improve your health in under 5 minutes a day!

While my mom and I both struggle with the all-or-nothing approach sometimes, it really is better to do what you can when you can.

While you’ll read posts that say focus on being grateful, laugh, or hug someone to feel better – we chose to focus on the top 5 things to improve your health in just 5 minutes.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Health in Under 5 Minutes

This post contains affiliate links.

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health in Under 5 Minutes

1. Pray or Meditate

Both prayer and meditation have shown to help you relax and improve your mood. Some studies have even shown that it can help brain health long term.

We love doing a daily Bible study and taking time to pray. The Bible study takes a bit longer than 5 minutes though.

We love Mark Batterson’s 40 Day Prayer Circle Challenge. It has a 1-2 page story and a prayer prompt so it isn’t time-consuming. If you’re looking for an in-depth Bible study, Beth Moore is amazing. We’re currently reading Jesus: The One and Only.

You can also just focus on your breath and intention for the day. The meditation app we suggest is the: Insight Timber – Meditation App. It has a great selection to choose from.

2. Get Moving

Get out from your desk to whittle your waist, prevent muscle soreness and improve your mood.

Make a note or reminder on your phone to get up for 5 minutes every 30-60 minutes. Even if it’s a quick walk to take a memo to someone, your body needs breaks from sitting all day long.

Taking the stairs or parking further away helps you stay active too! If you need some support, check out using something like a Fitbit to boost your motivation!

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3. Go Outside

In our post about getting more energy, we talked about how sunlight can boost our energy and happiness. Getting outside just for 5 minutes a day can help get your Vitamin D and leave you feeling refreshed.

4. Clean Up

Having a clean space around you can reduce stress and anxiety. You may even find you can think better when you have an organized workspace and relax easier in a clean home.

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5. Set Phone Hours

Unplugging when you get home or 60 minutes before bed can reduce stress, cortisol levels and allow you to sleep better.

Also knowing your work hours, whether you work for yourself or for someone else, can help. Knowing when you are working and when you are off work will help you be present in both roles better.

3 Other Tricks to Better Health

  • Stick to Non-Anti-Bacterial Soap
  • Floss those pearly whites
  • Put a reminder in your phone to schedule your annual doctor appointments

While these 5 things will help your health, we understand if you’re wanting to find a workout and meal plan that works with your busy schedule. We’d love to help you find what works for you.

We offer a 21 Day Challenge to help kickstart your healthy habits, and then you are a member of our accountability group for life.

What are your health goals now?

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