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7 Surprising Tricks to Feeling More Energy

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More energy is always something I could use. Even if I’m being productive, I want to have energy at the end of the day for my family. With so many obligations, responsibilities, and overall noise flowing through my brain most days, keeping a positive, focused mindset can be tough.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible though. Even if you’ve fallen into habits where you feel physically sluggish or mentally ready to just shut it all down, you can reprogram your body and mind to get back to a happier, energetic state!

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Energy Basics

I used to be the energy drink girl, but since incorporating the habits below I’ve stopped cold turkey. Energy drinks even make me feel pretty jumpy now.

I do, however, think a good vitamin b complex (affiliate) and a little caffeine helps if the following basics are hard to get in at first.

The non-sexy, but fundamental pieces for good energy are:

  1. Enough Sleep – 7+ hours a night
  2. Some Activity – 30 minutes a day or even 2-hour sweat sessions a week can make a difference!

When are you cranky or tired?

For me – certain atmospheres, tasks, and even people can leave me feeling drained. So I try to be mindful of how I’m feeling throughout the day. Ask yourself today:

  • How do I feel getting out of bed?
  • Am I wanting to nap at my desk mid-afternoon?
  • Are my sleeping patterns on the weekends way different than the week days?
  • Am I dragging at home when I want to have fun with my family?
  • Is washing my face and brushing my teeth at the end of the day just too much?
  • Do I notice I’m tired consistently after a certain task? More energized after another?

By identifying where you are struggling, you can figure out what got you to that point. Maybe it was a sugary or small lunch that led to the afternoon crash. If you’re going to bed at midnight, brushing your teeth may feel like running a marathon, and so on.

7 Ways to Have More Energy

Have a Bedtime Routine

Giving yourself a bedtime allows you to get more consistent sleep. Just like writing down goals, setting a specific time to be in bed will make you more mindful of sticking to hopping into the sheets earlier.

A bedtime routine also helps the brain turn off from active thoughts. Having a set order for little things like brushing your teeth, washing your face and applying your skin regimen helps you focus in on easy actions and relax from the day.

You may also enjoy our self-love routines.

See Some Sun (or at Least Light!)

Science has shown that people are more productive in a brighter environment. In contrast, light deprivation is a top reason that people feel tried.

Getting in just a little extra sunlight each day can help put you in a better state of mind and energy.

Listen to a Fun Playlist

It’s been shown people will run faster if the beat of their music is fast. You don’t have to jump on a treadmill to feel the effects. Create or find a fun playlist of upbeat music to listen to while you get ready or drive into work. Apps like Pandora even have stations like “Wake up” or “Morning hits”.

I also love a good personal development book. Here are some of my favorites.

Clean Up

Cleaning allows the brain again to focus on something task-oriented like the bedtime routine. This helps us refocus and quiet the brain which can help with energy.

Plus, there is a certain energy boost from having a clean environment to work in. There is nothing like walking into a clean house – whatever the science behind it is.

You may also like our 35 Cleaning Hacks. I also listed extra clothing on Poshmark to make mad money after cleaning.

Get Active

Walk around the block to get in your exercise and sunlight. Do a quick 10-minute yoga routine. Find a workout you absolutely love and commit to it.

I love being able to stream my workouts at home. There are 700+ workouts to choose from so I never get bored, and it’s convenient!!

Write it Down

When I feel tired and overwhelmed, I will write down everything I possibly need to do or get. By getting it on paper, it goes out of my head. I no longer have to try to hold on to and remember 100 things.

Plus seeing it on paper helps me focus in and see that each task won’t take that long. I love this planner for my daily to-do’s and goal setting.

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Know When to Say No

There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying no sometimes. You aren’t required to do anything or everything. If someone asks you to take on something, don’t immediately say yes. “Thank you for thinking of me! Let me check my calendar and get back with you,” is a great way to break the habit, and it buys you time to decide if you want to take on something new.

It’s equally okay to start limiting those relationships that drag you down. Surround yourself with people that lift you up versus you always being the light and energetic one.

If you’re one to say yes, make sure to check out the 1 Mack Daddy Secret to Living Better.

What are your tips to having more energy?

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