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FitBit Testimony: My New Weight Loss Tool to Stay On Track

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The FitBit Zip always looked so cute! While my mom bought the Polar Heart Rate Monitor, I wanted to try something I could wear all day. It was the same price, $59.99, as the heart rate monitor.

*Update: Since trying the FitBit Zip, I have also tried the FitBit Versa and Apple Watch. I ultimately decided the Apple Watch fit my lifestyle the best. Grab my full comparison of the FitBit Versa vs Apple Watch here.

FitBit Testimony: My New Weight Loss Tool to Stay On Track

What Does the FitBit Zip do?

  • It tracks your steps walked.
  • It tells you your calories burned (estimated on your weight and activity).
  • FitBit Forum is available to users. You can make friends, compete against people, and talk.
  • The FitBit app allows you to track your food, water, and other workouts.
  • It offers badges to keep you motivated to get your steps in.

How Easy Is the FitBit Zip to Set Up?

Pretty easy! Here are some of the screen shots I took. Once it’s set up on your computer, it syncs wirelessly. Pretty darn cool.

Setting Up FitBit Zip Mac

FitBit Set Up

What was surprising?

I teach and am on my feet all day. After school, I do sit most of the time because I am working on the blog or my 30-day challenges. I figured I still was walking at least 10,000 steps. I have been above 5000 every day, but I have yet to reach 10,000 even going out of my way to walk!

FitBit Dashboard Screenshot

The badges sounded stupid to me, but I think they are helping me walk now. It may be competing with other people too though. I like a challenge.

FitBit Food Tracker

The Pros of the FitBit Zip

  • It’s easy to carry around all day. I put it in my pocket, but you can also wear it on your bra. During my workout, I tried it, and it stayed on well.
  • Its calorie count is accurate to low. I think it is pretty accurate, but I also researched it compared to other brands,
  • It’s cute.
  • It tracks your movement all day. So you could use the FitBit during the day and then a heart rate monitor if you wanted to get an even MORE accurate read of how many calories you are burning (but I don’t care that much hehe).
  • The app and website allow you to track your workouts, food, and water.
  • It syncs wirelessly when you are close to your computer with it.


The Cons of the FitBit Zip

  • Tracks a little low on calories burned
  • The online groups are hard to see. You can’t search for a keyword (that I’ve found). You just have to go through the 6000+ and find one.
  • The workouts listed to apply to your calorie burned are limited and not exact.
  • Make sure it doesn’t fall in the toilet in your pocket–a friend did this and it broke.

Do you have a FitBit? What do you think about it?

(You can order a FitBit through my site and get free shipping over $50.) I was not paid to try or post this blog post though.

One Comment

  1. I have the FitBit One, which does all of the above and tracks the quality of your sleep. I found it to be really helpful for about a month to be conscious of how many steps I take and calories burned. However, after about a month, I seemed to lose interest in it on a 24/7 basis. I do wear it when I go running now just to see how far I go. Overall, I would recommend it if you need a little motivation to up your walking/running.

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