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Live Like a Kid and Lose Weight – 6 Tips to Weight Loss

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The more and more I read health books and magazines, the more stressed out I feel. There are so many diet rules for weight loss!

Don’t eat meat because it’s too processed, eat organic, organic isn’t worth the price, you won’t get weight if you workout, don’t eat carbs, this sugar is okay, no sugar is okay, macronutrients….and on and on! There are so many rules and ways to “Max Your Metabolism in 5 Days” out there that anyone could go nuts.

Why so Much Confusion on Weight Loss?

I think we have overthought the diet rules and equation. So many people look for a quick fix because they want to lose a lot of weight, or they want to get rich off people losing a lot of weight quickly.

So What Diet Works best? Or better yet…
What Diet Will Make Me Healthy and Look Fabulous?

While I’m sure there are super tricks for athletes, most of us can use what we already know to lose weight. There are six things we are taught as a child that can help us lose weight as an adult. None of which are complicated. They are all based on a healthy routine. Somewhere between grade school and being an adult, we forgot what our parents taught us (or I did). ;)

6 Tips to Make You Healthy, Lose Weight, and Look Fabulous

Portion Control for Weight Loss

1. Portions
Kids’ portions at a restaurant are the size of what an adult meal should be. When you go out to eat, think about having them box half of your entrée or split with someone to keep your calories in check. Here is also a guide to portions.

lose weight by sleeping

2.  Setting a bedtime
We knew we had to be in bed by 8 every night as a kid. That meant chores, a bath, and homework had to be done. There was no excuse. As we age, we have more responsibilities, but we also have the ability to make healthy choices and manage our time better than we did as a kid.

weight loss happens playing

3.  Having playtime/recess
If you are like me, you may be guilty of not working out for a couple of weeks, and then deciding to go all out with Insanity or a similar program. While I love Insanity, it’s an advanced workout. Just because you kill yourself for 60 days with it does not mean you are going to be on People’s Sexiest List. It’s about making time every day to move around, be active, and have fun! I know it’s been said so many times, but parking farther away or taking the stairs is a great place to start. Then find a workout that actually fits your personality, works with your schedule, and will help you reach your goals without wanting to hurt the trainer (Sorry Shaun T. I still can’t wait for T25!).

4. Learning
Learning may not affect the scale, but it will help you feel fabulous. Do you remember learning about something in school and being excited about it?? You rushed home to tell someone or talked about it on the bus. It gave you energy! It made you smarter and made you think outside of the normal setting….audio tapes, a new book,  or even a set of friends that like to try new things can help you find your inner mojo.

eat treats;lose weight

5. Dessert
Have it! No it’s not on the macro diet, but crap, nothing is! Treat your dessert how your momma taught you. You can have a piece after dinner and on special occasions. It’s not the one piece of cake that causes you to get fat, it’s the frequency or the amount that causes problems.

Ziplining on a Friday

6. Play Dates & Rewards
Have something to look forward to each week. It could be a dinner out with friends, a reward for working out, or even a bubble bath.

What do you think about all of the new diet rules? Do you think they help with weight loss?

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