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One Cheat Meal Doesn’t Break a Diet

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People ask me about having a “cheat meal” each week. They are working out really hard and want to see results.

They end up beating their selves up over a small or unexpected “cheat meal” though, and their mood is messed up for the day (or part of it). Well, I’m here to say, as a blogger and consistent healthy dieter, that…..

How to have a cheat meal on your diet without preventing your weight loss. Simple tips to staying on track.

….one cheat meal doesn’t break a diet.

Am I crazy? Am I really saying, go for that margarita & nachos, pasta and cheesecake, cheese burger, or [insert cheat meal here]?! YES! I am! By indulging once a week you will feel less deprived, enjoy food but overcome emotional eating, and stop stressing out over those unexpected meals. If you want to know more check out Joy Bauer’s 90/10 Solution. (See my post on the 90/10)

I was trying to lose weight my freshman year of college. I was constantly calculating my calories and rarely allowed a treat. Then, the weekend would hit. I would go home, sit down with movies, a big pizza and Reeses’ Pieces (are you seeing a peanut butter trend yet?).

The next night would be getting together with friends, eating fried foods and drinking caffeinated, sugary drinks. Sunday, I would have leftovers and feel obligated to finish them. Who doesn’t feel half-eaten Reeses’ Pieces and pizza calling to them? Then Monday, I’d repeat my healthy food cycle until Friday.

I didn’t lose! WHY not?! I wasn’t eating more than 1200 calories Monday-Friday, but I was eating enough calories for the week Friday-Sunday. EEK!

By allowing myself one meal a week instead of an all-or-nothing approach, I began losing 1-2lbs a week and reached my goal weight.

One cheat meal doesn’t break a diet, bad habits and lack of a plan break a diet.

Still not sure on a whole meal? Try a special cheat mini meal like a bag of M&Ms or a bag of chips once a week (or once a day if you have the calories).


Did you see it this weekend? Did you have a “cheat meal”?

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