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Yummy Healthy Turkey Meatball Recipe – What I Eat to Lose Fat

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I started the 21 Day Fix with 11 others in the test group on Monday!

While I’m sworn to secrecy on the meals and workouts on the plan, I wanted to share a yummy turkey meatball healthy recipe I tried it last week along with some of my favorite meals!

I’m linking up with Megan for What I Ate Wednesday as well — if you are a recipe hog like me, check out her blog for everyone that links up!
IMG_4144I have started a new morning routine lately, and I’m loving it. I wake up, focus on my goals for 3 minutes and pray another 5.  Why 8 minutes? It’s my iPhone snooze time.

Then, I get out of bed and go make breakfast….half asleep. I have loved having eggs and oats lately. It goes against my Whole 30, but I haven’t had any digestion or skin problems with having oats in the morning. *knock on wood*

After breakfast, I read my Bible study or catch up on emails while my breakfast settles. Then it’s workout time!

imageYesterday was day 2 of the 21 Day Fix, and my poor braid died halfway through. My hair is getting so thick and long though that it’s hard to keep in a ponytail too.

image-2Lunch was a veggie salad…pretty good!

Turkey Meatballs Healthy Recipe

You’d never know these Turkey Meatballs are healthy! They are so easy to make and yummy. Pair with a side of frozen veggies or mashed cauliflower.

Yummy Turkey Meatballs

1.5 lb turkey
1 cup oats
3 T of canned dice tomatoes (I bought the chili seasoned for a spicy effect)
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 table spoon italian spice
1/2 table spoon chopped garlic
1 egg
To Prepare:
Mix all of the ingredients together and turn the oven to 425 degrees. Form the mixture into balls and place on a cookie sheet. It should make 18-20 turkey meatballs. Place on the cookie sheet and cook for 20 minutes.
I had two of these bad boys (hehe I know…2, get your mind out of the gutter!). I used a little hot sauce too. Yum!
Focusing on what I will eat throughout the week is the only way I can eat enough to lose fat. If I don’t, I don’t eat enough and graze throughout the day.  I also find having protein with each meal really helps me stay full and have a steady amount of energy. Plus, all of these foods (even the hot sauce) help me to lose fat! :) Score!!

What’s your morning routine?

Have you ever had a Turkey Meatball?

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  1. I’d like to have these for lunch one day this week with a side of roasted squash. How many containers is this recipe and how many meatballs am I allowed to have? Thanks for any help with this. I’m trying to keep my weekly menu interesting so I stick with this. I’m doing 21DFX by the way.

    1. Hey Shante! 2 Meatballs are 1/2 green 1 red and 1/2 a yellow. The roasted squash would be a Green :) How is the 21 Day Fix going so far? Are you working with a coach for extra accountability?

  2. How big do you make the meatballs? I am not much of a cook so I have no idea how much I should use to make a standard sized meatball. So having some kind of exact measurement would be great. Like is each meatball a TBSP (just for example) worth of mixture to make.

    1. I do about a heaping spoonful and then roll into a ball. You should have 18-20 meatballs from the batter…so about 1.5 TBSP or 1/20 of the total mixture in the bowl. :)