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Raw Generation Review: 7 Day Skinny Cleanse Results

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I recently completed Raw Generation’s Skinny Cleanse. If you’ve ever considered a 7 day juice cleanse, I’m sharing the benefits of cleansing, how each juice tastes, and tips to complete the week and see results.

Raw Generation 7 Day Juice Cleanse juices in the refrigerator

Why I Decided to Do a Juice Cleanse

I decided to do a juice cleanse because I had a few pounds I wanted off, and I was constantly bloated. 

Along with these physical things, I also knew I wasn’t sleeping as well as I could. I just felt a little rundown after the holidays. I was ready to jumpstart feeling my best again!

So I decided this was the perfect opportunity to test out my willpower for a week and report back if a juice cleanse was worth it!

The 7 day juice cleanse I did was the Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse. You can actually get 10% off with the promo code SOREY right now, too!

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I’m in the darker blue tank.

Why do a 7 Day juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse can help to provide gentle detoxification, increase energy levels, restore gut health, and decrease bloating, as well as, aid in weight loss according to Raw Generation.

The idea that many people lose 5 pounds in 3 days or 8 pounds in 5 days also had me intrigued, excited, and honestly – a little nervous.

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Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

In my research, I also found several potential health benefits of a juice cleanse including weight loss, gentle detoxification, a natural boost in energy, reduction in cravings, a boost to your immune system, clearer skin, decreased inflammation and bloating, and overall improvement for the digestive system and gut health.
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pup besides a Raw Generation Sweet Roots Juice

What is the Raw Generation 7 Day Skinny Cleanse?

The Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse is a 7 day cold pressed juice cleanse. Each day you get 6 fruit and vegetable juices to enjoy. You can also have water, herbal tea, and raw fruits and veggies during the week. 

This isn’t just a diet though. The cleanse helps you tune into your body’s cues and habits, and I started feeling the positive effects of it by day 4!

While I did the week long cleanse, they also offer a 3- and 5-day juice cleanse option, as well as, wellness shots and green juice options.

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Citrus Carrot Raw Genration Juice

What’s included with the 7 Day Juice Cleanse?

You receive enough juices for the week in your Skinny Cleanse. They arrive frozen, and you unthaw 6 juices at a time. 

Each day you’ll get to enjoy:

  • 2 Sweet Greens Juices: Apple, kale juice, spinach, collard juice, lemon
  • 1 Tarte Greens Juice: Apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, lemon
  • 1 Citrus Carrot Juice: Carrot, orange, apple, ginger, lemon
  • 1 Sweet Roots Juice: Apple, carrot, beet, lemon
  • 1 Cool Greens Juice: Apple, pineapple, cucumber, aloe vera juice, lime

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Do raw generation juices taste good?

All 5 Raw Generation juices tasted good. I didn’t have a hard time drinking any of them, but the Sweet Greens was my favorite. I was glad I got to enjoy two of them a day!!

The Citrus Carrot Juice was my least favorite.  
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collage of Raw Generation juices in the refrigerator and two women jumping for joy outside - text overlay in the middle says I did a 7 day juice cleanse...find out if it was worth it! Review + Results

My Raw Generation 7 Day Skinny Cleanse Juice Review

I decided to do my 7 day juice cleanse on a Sunday. I have to say Saturday night I was nervous and excited to get started!

I read the tips on Raw Generation to not have a last hoorah, and well, I honestly had a fairly clean diet beforehand other than pizza here or there. I was just eating too much even though I was eating healthy foods.

My last meal before beginning was sushi.

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This cleanse was exactly what I needed to get me back to my normal routine and less snacking.  

I had been suffering from some bloating and was really excited to give my GI track a break from digesting solid foods.  Sounds silly I know, but I just felt like my system really could use a little break, but in a healthy way.

I knew for me that this meant not too much dietary fiber & not too much sugar. Both would’ve been bad for my system, and these juices were perfect choice!

Note: While the juices do have a higher sugar content than some of my meals on a healthy diet; they contain no added sugars! 

Along with my 6 juices each day, I also started my day with a piece of 70 calorie Dave’s Killer bread, 1/4 avocado, and some days a de-seeded slice of tomato.  This was because I have a tendency to get nauseous in the morning if my blood sugar gets off.

I’ll break down how each day went below, but overall, I went through the normal things you usually hear about with a cleanse. 

I was hungry each day to some degree but nothing CRAZY. I never got so hungry where I wanted to bite someone’s head off or anything.

I had a slight headache off and on the first few days with day 4 being the worst overall.  You hear about people getting cold, tired, flu-like symptoms, having to go potty often, and well, I truly didn’t have these to a major extent. 

Like I mentioned earlier, Day 4 was my turning point. It was the worse symptom-wise with exhaustion, brain fog, a tad nauseated that morning. 

Maybe my cleanse symptoms weren’t as bad as someone else’s because I had been eating fairly well for the most part before. 

By the end of the cleanse, I lost 6.6 pounds and 3.25″ inches total.

I also use one of those smart scales which measures your body fat and water weight. I’m not saying its baseline is 100% accurate, but I do believe it can track changes in your body.

My visceral fat went from a 3 to a 2, and my subcutaneous body fat dropped from 19% to 18%. 

Plus, my muscle mass and water weight has stayed the same!

I’m also feeling more like my old self – less bloating, more focused, and sleeping better!

Also, I’m writing this a few days after the cleanse, and so far I’ve kept those pounds & inches off even after adding back solid food.

Text thread from Day 1 of the Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse
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My 7 Day Juice Cleanse Daily Log

Day 1

The first day went well, but I stayed busy.  I had a slice of Dave’s thin sliced bread with avocado and de-seeded slice of tomato with some dill, as well as, my juices. I had to pee more often because of so much water and so much juice.  I enjoyed a flexibility workout on BODi.

Text thread from Day 2 Log for my 7 Day Juice Cleanse

Day 2

I was a bit hungrier today than yesterday, but it wasn’t too crazy. I enjoyed the same toast as yesterday. I also had 1/4 avocado for supper.

I am feeling pretty good, but I know 5 more days to go. I did a restorative yoga, but it was mostly breath work.

Text from Day 3 Log for my 7 Day Juice Cleanse

Day 3

I am cold, tired, and hungry. Plus, I have had a mild headache and have gone to the bathroom a bit more often today.

I had my same toast with avocado this morning and 1/4 of avocado at supper. The mobility workouts on BODi have been perfect for this week. I love Vytas’ workouts especially.

Text from Day 4 Log for my 7 Day Juice Cleanse

Day 4

Well, I guess with it being day 4 it’s understandable, but today has been the roughest.

I have been exhausted all day, a tad nauseous this morning, emotional, and brain fog. I am hoping being this tired that I sleep really well though.

I stuck with my toast with just avocado, but I didn’t do a tomato this time for breakfast. I also didn’t workout. 

text thread from Day 5 Log for my 7 Day Juice Cleanse

Day 5

Today was so much better than yesterday.

Day 4 must have been my reset day or something – whew dog! I’m also down 5.5 pounds!!!

Since I felt better, I did another flexibility workout. 

text thread of Day 6 Log for my 7 Day Juice Cleanse

Day 6

 I thought after yesterday I was on the downhill and would finish this strong with no issues of thinking 2 more days, but well, these last two days, might be a booger.

Today was good, but I’m ready to actually eat something besides a 1/4 of an avocado.  I felt good enough to do a mobility workout.  I’m grateful that BODi has several to pick from since I’ve been doing them most of the week!

text thread Day 7 Log for my 7 Day Juice Cleanse

Day 7


Today was kinda weird with an unexpected minor family injury I had to go take care of. 

I didn’t get two of the six juices in today due to being gone, but overall, this cleanse has been a success!!

I’ll weigh & measure tomorrow, but I feel better with more energy.

I’m proud that I gave my digestive track a break AND the major breakthrough for me…I saw I wasn’t going to die from a little bit of hunger pains.

In seriousness though, I realized I had been maybe eating out of habit or boredom vs really needing fuel for my body.

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Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse before and after

After my 7 day juice cleanse, I was so excited to see my results! I knew I was feeling better, less bloated, losing some weight, more aware of my need for food vs my want for food. Plus, I have been sleeping better and my bowels were better (sorry if TMI). Both of these things alone have given me so much more energy. It’s crazy after just a week I can feel like my old self again with energy & mojo.  

text thread on day 8 with my raw generation 7 day juice cleanse results

Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse Results

So what are my results!? 


I lost 6.6 pounds and have kept it off even after adding solid food back into my diet.

For those that think the weight may just be water weight, I used a smart scale which measures your weight, body fat, muscle rate, and water weight.

My visceral fat went from a 3 to a 2, and my subcutaneous fat from 19% to 18%.  Plus, my muscle mass and water weight has stayed the same!

I lost 3.25″ inches total.  Those measurements come from: upper arm, waist, biggest part around belly, hips, and upper thighs.


So aside from the scale and the tape measure, what did I gain (or lose) mentally or emotionally? 

I regained my ability to know when I was actually needing food versus just wanting food.  There’s a huge difference. 

 I know we are told to listen to our bodies, but sometimes our bodies, at least in my opinion, get fooled by some of the less than great foods we may have eaten.  For instance, if I ever splurge and have famous Nashville hot chicken, I know my body will be craving it like crazy again after.

That’s a REAL feeling, but I don’t have to cave to that hunger. 

That’s what I re-learned on this cleanse.  It was really refreshing to remember that.

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I don’t mean to sound like I’m a control freak over food.  I love food.  It should be enjoyed.  However, we need to be the decision makers.  We want something sweet?  OK…make that sweet thing worth it. That means not settling for a Twinkie unless it’s a Twinkie that you really want.

I feel like me again!!  I am no longer ashamed to be giving into cravings, but being the boss instead and knowing I can decide on what foods I want to fuel my body with and what treats I want to treat myself to on occasion that are truly worth it.  

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What happens to your body on a 7 day cleanse?

I thought by “Day 8,” I would want to eat everything in site, but I actually woke up feeling okay, not famished, but motivated.

Since this 7-day juice cleanse wasn’t just a quick fix for me, I jumped right back into my clean eating habits.

I ate my normal breakfast before the cleanse which is my avocado toast, and I did add some berries. 

My lunch was also my of hummus, whole grain crackers, 2 jalapeño stuffed olives, a small piece of mozzarella cheese, and 2 strawberries, and supper was, if I do say so myself, a delicious Mediterranean pasta I made.

While some cynics will say you only lose water weight on a cleanse, I have actually maintained my weight loss. The cleanse was also a great way to get me motivated to lose my last 2 to 3 pounds!

I’ll be getting back to my normal healthy diet and increasing my physical activity now.
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Will I do a 7 Day Juice Cleanse again?

Yes, I’ll definitely do a cleanse again, but I probably won’t do a 7 day juice cleanse unless I let myself get back into those old habits again.

I do love the idea of doing a 3 day cleanse every quarter or so to give my GI track a break. 

And if that feels good, I may even consider doing a 3 day cleanse once a month and a 5 day juice cleanse every quarter.

The 3 day juice cleanse is also a great option if this is your first time doing a cleanse.

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Raw Generation Coupon Code & Delivery Tips

You can grab 10% off anything on Raw Generation with the promo code SOREY. 

We recommend ordering when you can be home for your delivery because the juices arrive frozen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which juice cleanse is the best?

There are several juice cleanse companies out there, but it’s important to find one with high-quality, all-natural ingredients. Otherwise, you may just be drinking something filled with sugars with no benefits.

You also want to look for a company that flash-freezes their juices to ensure the maximum freshness.

Why Raw Generation

I chose Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse because all of their juices are flash frozen, and they don’t pasteurize or pressure-treat their juices. This means they have the full nutrition, enzymes, and flavors you want in a juice.

Plus, it was so convenient to have the juices shipped to my house! I didn’t have to buy a juice machine, figure out what combinations of fruits and vegetables went together, or find time to make the juice!

I also chose their company because they have been around for years, and they have proven results that they share on their website.

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Choosing How Many Days

Kalee and I had both done the Raw Generation 3 Day Protein Cleanse before, and we did well on it. We even worked out all 3 days.

I wanted to go a little longer this time around, and I chose the  Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse because I knew I wouldn’t be able to workout that week anyway. It’s a little lower in calories, and I knew with how I felt beforehand, I would probably benefit from a longer cleanse.

Choosing the Type of Cleanse

Even within Raw Generation, there are several types of cleanses to pick from. You can view them all here — and grab 10% off with code SOREY.

The most popular is the Skinny Cleanse, but they also have Protein Cleanse or Lower Sugar Detox Cleanse as well.

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Is Raw Generation safe?

You should always talk to your doctor before starting any new cleanse, diet, exercise, or supplement. With that said, most people can benefit from a juice cleanse. You should also look at it as an opportunity to add in delicious raw juices and smoothies versus depriving or restricting your calories.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is likely best to skip a cleanse, but as always – ask your doctor before starting.

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How many calories are in a raw generation skinny cleanse?

There are 860 calories per day in the Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse It has 19 grams of protein, 154 grams naturally occurring sugar, and 9 grams fiber per day.

If you workout or need more calories the Raw Generation 3 Day Protein Cleanse has 1500 calories, 38 grams of protein, and 24 grams of fiber per day.

After the cleanse, it’s a good idea to get back into your normal healthy meals.

If you need help with eating plans, check out our Mediterranean Diet eBook or our 9 Weeks of Family-Approved Meal Plans with different recipes!

In what order should I drink my raw generation juice cleanse?

You can drink your bottles of juice in any order. If you’d like an order, I liked them in this order: Tarte Greens, Sweet Greens, Citrus Carrot, Cool Greens, Sweet Roots, Sweet Greens.

How much weight can you lose on a 7 day juice cleanse?

Weight loss on a 7 day juice cleanse will vary from person to person, but Raw Generation has found people can see a loss of 1 to 2 lbs a day with the Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse

Can I refreeze raw generation juices?

Your juices arrive frozen, and you should only thaw the 6 juices you plan on drinking the next day. They recommend 24 hours in the fridge to thaw, but I found 36 to 48 hours to be best for me.

The frozen juices will last up to 6 months, but you shouldn’t refreeze any thawed juices.

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Is raw generation pasteurized?

No, Raw Generation cold-pressed juices are not pasteurized or pressure-treated. This ensures they maintain the highest quality nutrition and the best flavor. They are also cold-pressed which is the gold standard in juicing.

Who owns raw generation?

Raw Generation is owned by a father and daughter — Bill Geier and Jessica Rosen — in Long Branch, New Jersey.

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*Always consult with your doctor prior to doing a juice cleanse. I am by no means a health expert, this is all just my personal experience and what I have learned from doing my own research! This post is not making health claims, and it should not be consulted for any medical condition*


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