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Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push Notes

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Chalene Johnson offered the 30 Day Push each month this year for FREE! I love the idea and the program really did help me sit down 10 minutes a day, organize my thoughts, set goals, and develop ways to achieve those goals.

Chalene Johnson 30 Day Push

I had so much success with the 30 Day Push program that I did it TWICE! I have already completed my “PUSH Goal” and the year isn’t over yet! If you have always wanted to be healthier, skinnier, a fitness guru, a business woman, or just learn to manage your time better or gain confidence in yourself–these notes are for YOU!

Read one day at a time or do a few at once. It is your choice, and you can customize her 30 Day Push to your goals and needs!

Here are my 30 Day Push Notes

Day 1
Just get ready & think about what you want! Get PUMPED UP!
Day 2 How to Decide Priorities
List your Top 3 Priorities (my examples are below)
1) Health
2) Family
3) Financial Security

Day 3 Select your Top 10 Goals
Goal Setting (1) – List 10 Goals you want to achieve in the next 12 months
1) Be in the next TurboFire video
2) Log my food 5 out of 7 days a week (and stay in calories)
3) Pass the Praxis (a test to allow me to start teaching)
4) Make a blog
5) Save $5,000 in a year
6) Check on/Visit family once a week
7) Be involved in church
8) Take a day off; breathe; do something fun each month
9) Learn how to invest my money; ST for trip, LT retirement
10) Make 5 new friends

Day 4 Find your Push Goal
ID your push goal (see above in bold)

Day 5 Important Person Promise
Share your goal with these people
Important Person Promise –
Opinions I value:
Make the promise public: post it on Facebook, twitter, etc. Anyone who will listen

If you need an accountability partner, Soreyfitness can help you out with a private Facebook group or a partner with similar goals and/or workout! Click here to email us the request!

Day 6 CCDM To Do List
Carefully Crafted and Diligently Maintained To-do List
1) Make your To-do list at the same time every day.
2) Make your To-do list in the same place every day.
3) Keep your list with you at all times.
4) Add two or three small steps that will move you forward on your list every day.
5) Review and revisit the list.

(I like AwesomeNote on my iPhone for keeping my T0-Do List)

Day 7 Today’s World’s Collide
1. Brainstorm. Today I want you to do a brain-download. Transfer all the data from the deepest files of your brain onto paper. Think of everything and anything you need to get done in the next six months to a year.
2. Now circle any item that must to be addressed this week.
3. Star the items that MUST be done TODAY!
4. Everything else falls into the category of “Soon” or “This Quarter” (your choice).
5. Now write your PUSH goal at the top of your page.
6. Each day you’ll check your list several times. Once you get through the things that MUST be done today, you can (time permitting) move on to the “This Week” list.
7. Lastly, remember to include two steps each day that move you in the direction of your PUSH goal.
Birthdays, Christmas, doctors, beauty apt, vacation, technology, tasks to do for self development, workouts/health, books, bank accounts, etc
Today To-do MUST be things only done today! Then week stuff can transfer over.
“Today, This Week, This Quarter” or Soon

Day 8 You’re Not a Quitter!

Day 9 Making a Habit Stick
Create a trigger: 13, Breakfast (these are mine, what will yours be?)
Create a reward: Planning is an award!
Find a Role Model: Chalene (she is mine, who will yours be?)

Day 10 Stay on Task
Keep checking your to-do list throughout the day

Day 11 Skill Mastery
List Your Push Goal & then continue reading…

Google It!
Learning all you can about your area of expertise will give you confidence and that confidence will rub off on everyone you know.
What will it take to achieve your goal? What kind of things do you need to know in order to be an expert in that area?
The first step is figuring out what you need to know.
The second is to decide how you’re going to acquire that information or skill set.
Don’t overlook other people in that field. Asking others for help is a way to develop relationships as well as to learn from the experience they have already had.

Day 12: Be Your Own Coach
Write down five negative things you say to yourself. Cross it out. Say the opposite and write it down bigger. Use post-it’s, screen savers, etc. You coach yourself. (Need additional help? Let us know!)

Day 13: Who are your friends?
Who has your power? Pick winners that want you to succeed. Get rid of passive aggressive people. It starts with you.
Have you developed bad habits? Are you encouraging to your partner, spouse or children? Do you help them to be their best and share with them your aspirations and ask to share theirs?

Day 14: How do you spend your time?
Book: “Eat that Frog” – worst part of the day – do it first
What has the biggest impact? Start there
Track your time

Day 15: Curing the Disease to Please
“Yes” in moderation. “Thank you for thinking of me. Let me check my schedule and get back to you” – you can’t say yes to everything to get approval or a pat on the back
Say yes when…it feels right, it doesn’t interfere with your priorities, you actually want to it and you aren’t expecting a thank you

Day 16 Knowledge gives you the EDGE (relate to push goal)
Think about the things you need to master to be the person you want to be. Consider your family, your household, your finances, health; every aspect of life plays a part in your ability to function optimally. What do you need to work on?
Begin a search today, for blogs, articles, audio programs and books that might be helpful. Research, research, research! Download, subscribe to AT LEAST one.
We should be always learning, always striving and always seeking truth.

Day 17: Reverse Engineering
Goal/Idea –
Step 1) Brainstorm everything you would need to do/find out/need to make it possible
Step 2) Interview someone that has already done what you want to do
Step 3) Exhaust your brainstorm, start basic

Day 18: Confidence through Action
Action is an investment in Confidence
I need to give myself credit for my actions.
Not everyone is going to like or agree with you.
You will feel more confident when you can rely on your character. When you know that you behave the same way even when no one is looking, you won’t worry that you’re going to fall back on bad habits.
Do your best to look the part. Check your posture, facial expression and body language. Not only will looking confident make others believe you are but you will believe it yourself!
Present yourself to others, as you want to be and as you know you truly are.

Day 19: Make sure your PUSH Goal is a skill or a goal
PUSH Goal: Business explode Skill: Get organized
10 goals a week for 12 months
Skills go into To-Do
We want to become more fit. We want to be more organized. We want to be more patient, kind and loving. We want to be attentive to our kids. We want to have intimacy in our relationships. We want to be well… better!

Day 20: An Uncomfortable Assignment
There are always situations that we do our best to avoid. Is there a conversation you really need to have? Is it relationship that you’re putting off dealing with? Do you have a bad habit you need to change? Come on… It’s truth time. What is holding you back?

Day 21: Review 30-Day Challenge
Review-Absorb-Rewrite your notes
Set your priorities in order
Goals are measurable (read a $ amount of sales, # of days vacation, buy a car without financing)
Identify your PUSH goal
2-3 to-dos a day to help meet To-Do List
Daily To-Do List

Day 22: Share your Success
Help others and don’t be afraid to ask for help later.

Day 23 Environment for Success
Find a place where you can do your to-do list if you haven’t already. Somewhere quiet. Do not be tempted to start something on your list before you finish your list.
Create an environment that gives you MOJO
Know the environment you need to clean up and then find an expert: If you need help with organizing your stuff, consider Lorie Marrero at clutterdiet.com.
What/Where do you plan on organizing? Where are you doing your to-do list?

Day 24 Time Management
It’s your most valuable thing. Make the most important thing in your day FIRST.
Record where you are spending/wasting time. What kind you cut out?

Day 25: Celebrate your Success
Give yourself a reward for a milestone (can be little, should be physical)
Don’t make it go against your goals (goal: lose weight; reward: cupcake = bad)
The more you praise and celebrate your accomplishments, there is more celebrations in your life.
“My dream house was just a “dream” until I decided to focus”
You must believe it is possible. Then make it happen.
What are you proud of so far? What will be your reward in the next 30 days?

Day 26: Questions
New list every week of goals…because some will change.
Push goal is to have a domino effect. After you get your PUSH goal, select the new big one and approach as PUSH. Then add more to-dos.
How do you make a vague goal specifics by….How will you know when this has happened? Date nights for a better relationship, filing system for organization
To attract positive people, you must be a positive person. Don’t get negative people so much power. Give time and energy to positive people.
Make sure your Priorities align with who you are right now and what stage of life you are in….
“Priorities are the things in your life that you will not compromise. They are your driving force. Priorities are the basis for your goals. Priorities are the way we choose to live our lives.
So? What are values? Values are the things that are so much a part of who we are that we don’t even have to think about them. I don’t have fitness as a priority because, of course I am going to exercise and eat well. That’s who I am. I don’t need to work on that. It’s something I do because it’s integral to me. Our spirituality may be so much a part of our everyday experience that we don’t even need to state that it’s a priority. Values are like breathing. They just come naturally. You’ve integrated your values into your life so fully that you don’t even need to state them as priorities.
Priorities will change. As you go through life changes, your priorities will shift. We live in stages. I am at a stage of life where I have kids at home. Spending time with them and being engaged in their lives is a priority to me. When they are grown, I am still going to love them. I am still going to want to be close to them. But, my priorities may shift. They aren’t going to want me actively engaged with them in their college dormitories. (Pity!) Before I had children, my priorities were different. As I plan for retirement, they will shift again. As life brings changes, my priorities will adapt.” –chalene johnson

Day 28: List Management
EDIT—items on TODAY should only go on TODAY or have a strong consequence.
Label by importance and priority
“Wants” go on the bottom
Manage Through the Day: Add to Master List, then each morning/evening when you make your today, this week, or month you can move it around
Keeps you right even if you are doing 80%
Homework: Rework your list. What can you edit. What can you take off? Change?
Ask yourself if these are the most valuable things you can be doing today.
Each day you’ll want to evaluate what needs to be moved from your weekly list to your daily list.
And every week (at least once a week) check your quarterly and soon lists and move tasks up.
Plus, you’re going to be thinking of new tasks. Add them to the appropriate place and then check them off your list.
Don’t make your list torture to get through!

Day 29: How are you going to do this?
Don’t stop by criticism
Start with a question instead of a dead-end sentence. How will I make this happen? Exhaust a list of ideas (ON PAPER)
Create Action List
Take off the “Wants” on your list – don’t add busy work (organize the sock drawer—no!) DO the stuff that is painful, uncomfortable, challenging
Create a brainstorm for any goal which you need to figure out how this can be done.
Average people run errands, play around on Facebook, go for coffee, they do THINGS… You take ACTION. Organizing your sock drawer can wait…. you have bigger fish to fry.

Day 30: You completed the 30 Day Push!
Challenges are powerful.
How will you keep yourself accountable? How will you reinforce what you’ve learned?

Have you done Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push yet?

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