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Turbo Fire Review, Results & Calendar [What You Need to Know]

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Do you hate cardio? I’m so not a runner or a cardio junkie. I didn’t find a cardio workout I liked until Turbo Fire. Even years later it’s one of my favorite workouts! The mix of fun music, kickboxing, and dancing are addicting. Plus, the HIIT intervals have you blasting up to 9x the fat! (Updated 2020)

Turbo Fire Poster with Chalene Johnson

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What is TurboFire?

TurboFire is an advanced kickboxing and dance workout program. The workouts combine traditional cardio with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to help you burn more calories and fat. The HIIT circuits are 1-2 minutes long in the middle of a tough routine.

While a lot of the moves are high-impact and include jump training, there is a modifier that does every move low-impact. There are also low-impact workouts mixed into the program.

It’s a 90-day program, and the workouts range from 15 to 55 minutes. While it’s a heavy cardio program, it also includes core, flexibility, and sculpting workouts as well.

Here’s a peek at the workouts.

Is Turbo Fire good for weight loss?

Yes, Turbo Fire is great for weight loss because of the amount of calories each workout burns. It also includes a nutrition plan to help you see results faster.

The workout also can help you tone up and burn 9x more fat compared to traditional cardio because of the HIIT training included with the “Fire Drills”.

Benefits of Turbo Fire

  • Weight Loss
  • Leaner, Toned Body
  • Burn up to 9x more fat than traditional cardio
  • Ignites your metabolism to burn more calories

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TurboJam TurboFire Hybrid Workout

Who is Turbo Fire For?

Turbo Fire is an advanced workout program. If you’re just getting into working out, I highly suggest starting with Turbo Jam. It’s still so much fun and has awesome music. Most importantly, you’re still going to burn a ton of calories and lose weight.

  • Advanced exercisers
  • Someone looking for a fun but intense workout
  • Frequent travelers or someone looking for an equipment-free workout
  • People who love the group atmosphere of a gym class but need the convenience of working out at home
  • Someone who loves happy, cheery people (think Elle Woods’ workout)

How many calories do you burn doing Turbo Fire?

I burned around 600 calories with the hour-long Turbo Fire classes, and around 400 with the 45-minute classes! The HIIT classes are shorter, and I burned about 200-300 with them.

How long are Turbo Fire workouts?

Turbo Fire workouts range from 15 to 55 minutes, and the majority of the workouts are around 45-55 minutes.

Is there a modifier in the Turbo Fire workouts?

Yes! There is a modifier in every Turbo Fire workout that keeps the moves the low-impact! This is extremely helpful because there is a lot of jumping in these workouts.

turbofire quote

Why I Love Turbo Fire

It’s fun! I had tried Insanity before, and it was just too boring and hard. I completed about 2 weeks of it, and I didn’t see any progress. When I started TurboFire I immediately could feel my core and legs being worked. I also started seeing the difference within just 2 weeks. I couldn’t believe it.

I also love the music and variety of the workouts. Some days you’ll do a longer routine, but other days its just a quick 20-30 minute HIIT workout.

I also always love Chalene. She’s so motivating. I love her strength workout ChaLEAN Extreme and PiYo too. I mix all 3 programs together for even more variety. My favorite hybrid is this one mixing ChaLEAN Extreme & TurboFire.

I loved the HIIT workouts. HIIT is what athletes do to get in tip-top shape and improve their speed. They are also short workouts too, so I have no excuse not to do it even if I am pressed for time. The shortest one is 15 minutes and the longest 30. The other cardio workouts are 30-60 minutes long.

The only thing I didn’t like about the program is sometimes Chalene is hard to follow. There is a “new to class” option to learn each 8-count, but it’s longer than the regular workout. She also lacks giving cueing sometimes. Since I’ve done TurboFire for years, I’ve mastered the moves, but it took time and practice.

My Turbo Fire Results

Turbo Fire is actually why my mom and I became Beachbody coaches. We saved up to order it after trying ChaLEAN Extreme, and while we loved strength training – Turbo blew us away.

My Turbo Fire Before and After

My “Before” picture was still a result of eating pretty clean and working out with weights and traditional cardio. I was happy with my weight, but I wanted to look more toned for all of the hard work I put in.

The workouts burned anywhere from 400-600 calories!

I couldn’t believe it, and the music really kept me motivated. Some of my favorite songs included are “Hotel Motel,” “Rolling Down the River” and “Pretty Fly for a White Guy”.

Within a month, I lost 5lbs and 6 inches — which shocked me because I wasn’t aiming to lose weight!

After my Turbo Fire Results only my 21 Day Fix results can compare. 

Out of 100s of workouts, TurboFire and the 21 Day Fix are my favorites. If you need shorter workouts or want more strength, definitely check out the 21 Day Fix.

Turbo Fire reviews

Danielle’s Turbo Fire Results

Danielle and I met in March 2013, and she has had an amazing transformation story.

My mom and I are so proud of her results and were so tickled when she offered to do an honest TurboFire review.

When she started, she weighed 149 lbs and wore a size 12.

Now, she’s at her goal weight of 127 lbs. She lost 11 inches of fat on my thighs, hips, and waist and wears a size 4!

Below is her testimonial of the program and our private accountability group for clients!

Why Danielle Started TurboFire

I started looking at Beachbody about March of 2012 – I had been working at my new desk job for a good 8 months, and none of my work pants were comfortable anymore.  I didn’t want to purchase new clothes, so I decided to make a change. 

I had no idea where to start.

Internet searches led me to the message boards on Team Beachbody, which led me to Kim and Kalee.  They immediately added me to their Team Engaged fitness support group on facebook, became my coaches, and encouraged me to keep moving and to watch my diet. 

From the Team Engaged group, I learned about MyFitnessPal, which helped me stay on track with calories and positive food choices.  I found balance between indulgence and natural foods, increased my water intake, and learned that there was many foods that I really loved to eat that were much better for me.

Choosing TurboFire and Shakeology to Get Max Results

The group was also great about answering any question I may have about diet, exercise, and health.  My new coaches encouraged me to start Shakeology.  I can’t stress enough the benefits Shakeology had on me:  it was HUGE on curbing cravings, filling me up, cutting calories, increasing energy, making me just feel better inside, and boosting immunity (I haven’t been sick yet this year!) 

Kalee and Kimberly also encouraged me to step up my fitness program – I went from basic yoga, pilates, and Tai Cheng to high-intensity cardio like Turbofire! 

I didn’t really believe I could do it, but they lifted me up – they believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. 

Day by day they encouraged me in my progress, and helped me with an incentive to push play – by challenge groups, and simple accountability. 

Knowing I had people who cared whether I succeeded in my workout for the day made me want to keep going even if I wasn’t feeling it.

Honest Review of TurboFire

Danielle’s TurboFire Results

When I started working out after my vacation, I weighed 149 lbs and wore a size 12.  Today, I’m at my goal weight: 127 lbs. 

I lost a total of over 11 inches of fat on my thighs, hips, and waist, and am now wearing a size 4! 

I feel GREAT! 

However, the greatest benefit was finding another source of release from my daily stresses.  By eating better and paying attention to the Team Engaged group, I realized what my food triggers were, and found ways to re-direct the urge to gorge myself on unhealthy stuff.  If I had a craving, I was able to stop and ask myself what I really was feeling – stress, fatigue, or thirst, and redirect my behavior to manage that better! 

I also found better ways to manage personal relationships, boosted self-esteem, and set a much more positive example for my young children to follow in life.

For once in my life as a Mom, I carved out time to workout that was completely selfish – for an hour I spent time on my mind and body, shaping both, putting off other people’s requests for my time.  It felt so good knowing that this hour was mine – and to see the results, to feel how much better my body worked now, it was ALL worth it.  If I had stress, I would just put more effort into my workout! 

Healthy living is a lifetime change – and surrounding yourself with people who care – who can really help you realize your dreams – who can lift you up, support you, and offer advice for your concerns – that’s the key to success!

If you’re struggling with emotional eating, you may also like the 2B Mindset nutrition plan to go along with these workouts.

Keep Calm and Turbo On

Turbo Fire Workouts

The Turbo Fire workouts fall into 3 categories – Fire (regular kickboxing type classes), HIIT workouts, and Strength and Stretch.

The workouts range from 15-60 minutes, and there is a “New to Class” option that teaches you the moves for the Fire workouts.

The “New to Class” option does make the workouts a bit longer, but it does help master the moves since you’ll be learning 8-counts throughout the class.

The HIIT classes she’ll preview the moves before you do them so you don’t need a “New to Class” option for those!

TurboFire Selfie

Fire Starter Class

This is a foundational class you’ll just do once (if at all). Chalene shows you how to do each move so that you’re not feeling overwhelmed when you go into the faster-paced workouts.


This is the shortest HIIT workout from the program. You’ll do a few moves as hard as you can for about a minute, and then she’ll let you recover before repeating the moves again.


This is very similar to HIIT 15, and it’s actually only 2 or 3 minutes longer. You’ll do 7 rounds with breaks in between to let your heart rate come down.

HIIT 25 & HIIT 30

Both of these workouts are set up the same as the other HIIT workouts, but you’ll do more rounds with these two workouts!

Fire 30

This is probably my favorite class! It’s quick and challenging, and you’ll do one Fire Drill which is HIIT training.

Fire 45

This workout is very similar to the Fire 30 class, but it’s a little bit longer and includes more Fire Drills.

Fire 45 EZ

Honestly, I don’t know why EZ gets attached to any of the Fire workouts! This is such a challenge, and the kicks in this routine in particular are tough! It’s also a ton of fun though, and the time really does fly by!

Fire 55 EZ

Again, there is nothing EZ about this workout, but it’s a fun routine. We love the standing ab exercises at the end of this workout in particular!

Core 20

This workout is typically paired with the Stretch 40 workout, and it’s a great way to strengthen your lower back and abs!

Sculpt 30

This workout is honestly not one of my favorites. You’ll use a band to isolate your muscles and get a full-body-workout. With that said, I really prefer ChaLEAN Extreme.

Tone 30

Tone 30 is also really similar to Sculpt 30. You’ll just do higher repetitions at a slightly faster rate. I still prefer ChaLEAN Extreme instead of this workout.

Stretch 10

This is the perfect add-on to any of your workouts! She does a great job of stretching out your whole body!

Stretch 40

If you need more of a stretch, Stretch 40 is a great option, and it also helps your core strength!

Abs 10 Class

This is also a great 10 minute add on to your workouts! Chalene uses a ton of crunches to tone and sculpt your abs!

TurboFire Schedule and Printable Workout Calendar - 20 Week Plan

Turbo Fire Calendar

The original TurboFire schedule is 20 weeks long, but there is also other hybrid workouts available to use with the TurboFire program.

TurboFire Schedule and Printable Workout Calendar - 20 Week Plan

TurboFire Schedule and Printable Workout Calendar

TurboFire Schedule and Printable Workout Calendar - 20 Week Plan Week 1:

  • Monday – Fire 30 / Stretch 10
  • Tuesday – HIIT 15 / Stretch 10
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Fire 30 / Stretch 10
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ
  • Saturday – Fire 30 / Stretch 10
  • Sunday – Core 20 / Stretch 40

Week 2:

  • Monday – Fire 45 / Stretch 10
  • Tuesday – HIIT 20 / Stretch 10
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – HIIT 15 / Sculpt 30
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ
  • Saturday – Core 20 / Stretch 40
  • Sunday – Fire 45 / Stretch 10

Week 3:

  • Monday – Fire 45 EZ / Stretch 10
  • Tuesday – Fire 45 EZ / Stretch 10
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – HIIT 15 / Tone 30
  • Friday – Fire 45 EZ / Stretch 10
  • Saturday – Core 20 / Stretch 40
  • Sunday – Fire 55 EZ

Week 4:

  • Monday – Fire 45 EZ / Stretch 10
  • Tuesday – HIIT 20 / Stretch 10
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – HIIT 20 / Sculpt 30
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ
  • Saturday – Core 20 / Stretch 40
  • Sunday – Fire 45 / Stretch 10

Week 5:

  • Monday – Fire 45 EZ
  • Tuesday – Fire 30 / Sculpt 30
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Fire 30 / Tone 30
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ
  • Saturday – Fire 45
  • Sunday – Core 20 / Stretch 40

Week 6:

  • Monday – Fire 55 EZ
  • Tuesday – Fire 30 / Sculpt 30
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Fire 30 / Tone 30
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ
  • Saturday – Fire 45
  • Sunday – Core 20 / Stretch 40

Week 7:

  • Monday – Fire 55 EZ
  • Tuesday – Fire 30 / Sculpt 30
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Fire 30 / Tone 30
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ
  • Saturday – Fire 45
  • Sunday – Core 20 / Stretch 40

Week 8:

  • Monday – Fire 45 EZ / Stretch 10
  • Tuesday – Fire 45 EZ / Stretch 10
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Core 20 / Stretch 40
  • Friday – Fire 30 / Stretch 10
  • Saturday – Fire 45 EZ / Stretch 10
  • Sunday – Core 20 / Stretch 10

Week 9:

  • Monday – HIIT 15 / Sculpt 30
  • Tuesday – Fire 45 / Stretch 10
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – HIIT 15 / Tone 30
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ
  • Saturday – HIIT 20 / Sculpt 30
  • Sunday – Fire 30 / Stretch 10

Week 10:

  • Monday – HIIT 20 / Tone 30
  • Tuesday – Fire 45 / Stretch 10
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – HIIT 25 / Sculpt 30
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ
  • Saturday – HIIT 20 / Tone 30
  • Sunday – Fire 30 / Stretch 10

Week 11 :

  • Monday – HIIT 25 / Sculpt 30
  • Tuesday – Fire 45 / Stretch 10
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – HIIT 25 / Tone 30
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ
  • Saturday – HIIT 25 / Sculpt 30
  • Sunday – Fire 30 / Stretch 10

Week 12:

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – Fire 45 EZ / Stretch 10
  • Wednesday – Fire 55 EZ
  • Thursday – Stretch 40
  • Friday -Fire 45 EZ / Stretch 10
  • Saturday – Stretch 40
  • Sunday – Rest

Week 13:

  • Monday – Fire 60 / Abs 10
  • Tuesday – Fire 45 EZ / Lower 20
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Fire 30 / Upper 20
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ /Abs 10
  • Saturday – Fire 60 / Stretch 10
  • Sunday – Core 20 / Stretch 40

Week 14:

  • Monday – Fire 60 / Stretch 10
  • Tuesday – Fire 45 EZ / Lower 20
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Fire 30 / Upper 20
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ / Abs 10
  • Saturday – Fire 60 / Stretch 10
  • Sunday – Core 20 / Stretch 40

Week 15:

  • Monday – Fire 60 / Stretch 10
  • Tuesday – Fire 45 EZ / Lower 20
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Fire 30 / Upper 20
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ / Abs 10
  • Saturday – Fire 60 / Stretch 10
  • Sunday – Core 20 / Stretch 40

Week 16:

  • Monday – Fire 45 EZ / Lower 20
  • Tuesday – Fire 45 EZ / Lower 20
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Core 20 / Stretch 40
  • Friday – Fire 30 / Stretch 10
  • Saturday – Fire 45 EZ / Lower 20
  • Sunday – Core 20 / Stretch 10

Week 17:

  • Monday – HIIT 15 / Upper 20
  • Tuesday – Fire 45 / Abs 10
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – HIIT 30 / Lower 20
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ / Abs 10
  • Saturday – HIIT 20 / Sculpt 30
  • Sunday – Abs 10

Week 18:

  • Monday – HIIT 25 / Upper 20
  • Tuesday – Fire 60 / Abs 10
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – HIIT 30 / Lower 20
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ / Abs 10
  • Saturday – HIIT 25 / Sculpt 30
  • Sunday – Fire 45 EZ / Abs 10

Week 19:

  • Monday – HIIT 30 / Upper 20
  • Tuesday – Fire 60 / Abs 10
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – HIIT 30 / Lower 20
  • Friday – Fire 55 EZ / Abs 10
  • Saturday – HIIT 30 / Sculpt 30
  • Sunday – Fire 30 / Abs 10

Week 20:

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – Fire 45 EZ / Stretch 10
  • Wednesday – Fire 55 EZ
  • Thursday – Abs 10 /Stretch 40
  • Friday – Fire 45 EZ / Stretch 10
  • Saturday – Abs 10 / Stretch 40
  • Sunday – Rest


The TurboFire Nutrition Guide

Turbo Fire predates the Ultimate Portion Fix and 2B Mindset, and we really prefer for those 2 plans over the nutrition guide provided with this program.

Both programs, while different from each other, are more intensive and offer more structure and reasoning behind them versus just “eat this”. 

We do really like the Turbo Fire 5-Day Inferno Plan though!


TurboFire Inferno Plan

What’s the Turbo Fire Inferno Plan?

It’s is a no-nonsense approach to boost your metabolism and get your body leaner, meaner, and full of energy in 5 days. 

The 5-day eating and workout plan helps you gain energy and endurance to get you ready to begin the calendar or break your fitness plateau.

TurboFire’s Inferno Plan is always my go-to plan if I have an event or photos coming up.

It’s realistic because you are eating 5 times a day, and none of the foods are weird. She focuses on high volume, low calorie, and low sodium foods to keep you full longer and keep from getting bloated.

TurboFire Inferno Plan Details

  • You eat about 1100-1200 calories a day
  • You do a variety of TurboFire workouts for no more than an hour a day.
  • Due to the restrictive diet and the intensity of the workouts, this plan is only for the short-term and should not be used past 5-days!

Your metabolism will already be revving and you can go back to your normal, healthy habits and calorie target.

Here’s a sample day of the TurboFire Inferno Plan!

Monday: Fire 55 EZ Class, Stretch 10 Class


Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Snack #1:

Apple with 7 raw walnuts (actual plan calls for 1/2 banana, but I love my apples!)


Tuna Salad with cherry tomatoes, celery, scallions and 2 tbsp of Fat Free Ranch (I don’t eat Fat Free/Non-Fat foods, so opted for Yogurt Ranch dressing – only 1.5 tbsp.)

Snack #2:

Shakeology with 1/2 tbsp of Almond Butter


Chicken Breast with a Dijon Mustard/Honey/Parsley dressing (so delish)

Spinach w/ Parmesan (actual plan called for broccoli, but I wanted to use the fresh vegetables I had – oh, and added sliced red onion and garlic.

Healthy on Vacation

Do you need Shakeology?

We personally love Shakeology because it makes meal prep super simple!

We aren’t big on cooking or eating vegetables, so we love that this nutrient-dense shake is an easy breakfast or lunch idea!

With that said, you don’t have to use it. 

Another good snack option is BeachBARs.

You may also like our Shakeology review or Shakeology recipes to help you decide on it as well!

Pre-workout Energize

Do you need workout supplements?

We personally recommend Energize above all else for this program!

It’s going to help give you energy to push through your old limits, and it’s also been shown to help your overall results!

You may also like Hydrate because you’ll be sweating so much with these longer workouts! Hydrate is a great way to restore your electrolytes!

You can get a sampler of Energize, Hydrate, and Beachbody Performance Supplements for under $20!

Turbo Jam Workout

Turbo Fire vs Turbo Jam

Chalene Johnson created Turbo Kick back around 2000 for gyms. It was so popular, that Beachbody decided to do two at home workouts based around it: Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire. Turbo Kick is still only offered in gyms.

Out of the 3 programs, Turbo Jam is for beginners to intermediate exercisers. 

Then, TurboKick is the next step, and then Turbo Fire is the hardest classes!

With that said, you always modify TurboFire classes to go at your own speed, and every class has a modifier in it!

Learn More about Turbo Jam

Is Turbo Fire on DVD?

Turbo Fire used to be on DVD, but Beachbody is getting away from DVDs now. 

They are opting for their streaming service, Beachbody on Demand.

TurboFire Schedule Beachbody on Demand

With that said, you can stream all of the Turbo Fire workouts plus some LIVE workouts never seen before!

You’ll also get access to the deluxe workouts which are Fire 60, Core 20, HIIT 30, and Tone 30.

Beachbody on Demand Review

Is Turbo Fire on Beachbody on Demand?

Yes! Turbo Fire is available with Beachbody On Demand.

The best part about streaming is that you’ll also get access to 100s of other workouts, and it’s so simple to use!

You can check out our Beachbody on Demand review to learn more, but you should know that it’s super easy to stream to your TV with a streaming device. You can also download up to 5 workouts at a time as well!

You’ll also get access to EVERY Beachbody workout like:

You can get the ability to stream every workout for a year plus a monthly supply of Shakeology as a challenge pack too! It also includes that money back guarantee, as well!

Get The Beachbody on Demand Challenge Pack

Already have the Turbo Fire Workout program?

Here are a few additional resources!

Beachbody Trainer Chalene Johnson

Beachbody Coaching 

We signed up to be Beachbody Coaches way back in 2011! We absolutely love what we do, and it’s led us to meet so many amazing people!

Coaching has also helped us with our fitness and financial goals as well!

If you love Beachbody workouts and helping others with their fitness results, you should email us about coaching at thegirls@soreyfitness.com or check out our Beachbody Coaching Guide.

Did our Turbo Fire reviews help you?

If this post helped you, make sure it says Kalee at check out or look up 1001548. :)

We’re both full-time coaches here to help you! 

Shift Shop Coach

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

You should consult your doctor before making any changes to your workout or diet. The statements above are just my own experience and opinion.

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  1. I’m considering doing Turbofire as well. :) Wow, you look amazing in the first month alone! It would be exciting to see the results after you finish the workout.

  2. If you complete a full 20 week schedule of Turbofire, what do you do then? I have another 15 lbs to go in my transformation? I have seen people post “2 rounds”, so does that go right back to week one? I do not wish to lose my level of fitness.