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Successful Beachbody Coaches – 6 Secrets of Top Coaches

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The most successful Beachbody coaches are the ones that are passionate, serve many, and are consistent. I know the temptation is to look at top coaches and think they have it easy – people coming to them, an amazing team, and wonderful life. But I have yet to meet a top coach that hasn’t faced the same struggles that other coaches that quit.

Successful Beachbody Coaches - 6 Secrets of Top Coaches

What’s the difference? Top coaches never stopped. Their passion to help others and build a business was greater than any excuse.

Remember, every top coach was a new coach at some point. They may not have been anywhere near their goal weight. They may have been shy and broke *cough cough me*. They may have been told coaching was stupid or not had support from a spouse. They may have been had a busy life – who doesn’t, right? But they went for it anyways.

Working Out At Home

Successful Beachbody Coaches treat coaching as a business.

When someone applies to join our team, we always ask – is this going to be a hobby or a business for you? Either option is awesome, but a business takes more time, effort and courage than many know.

Keep in mind, the first year of a traditional business is all about building up creditability and cliental. It can hard to even breakeven in the first year. With Beachbody, there is very little overhead and with the training we offer, you can achieve way more much faster than in a traditional business.

Also, remember starting a BUSINESS can put you out of your comfort zone. Why you started to coach will have to carry you through some of those rough, long days. It’s worth it if you’re passionate about what you’re doing though, and it does pay off.

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Successful Beachbody Coaches are passionate.

When you sign up to coach – everything is optional. Learning the ropes, applying the training, connecting with people in a real, genuine way, your own fitness journey, and helping people with theirs is all up to you.  A successful coach is passionate about learning and working their business because they have a vision of what their business will look like in 1-5 years down the road.

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Successful Beachbody Coaches take initiative.

Our team has over a thousand coaches. Out of those, we know about 1 out of 12 will take initiative in their business. They know they joined our team for support and help if they need it, but more importantly – this is THEIR business. They run it.

The top coaches didn’t wait to look perfect. I can tell you for a fact, Facebook’s “On the Day” and the app “TimeHop,” make me cringe some days! Some of my first posts as a coach were just terrible….but I got better. Don’t worry about being perfect – it will hold you back. Just get started!

If you don’t know something – Google it. Practice! You will become the type of coach that others are admiring.

Successful Beachbody Coaches - 6 Secrets of Top Coaches

Successful Beachbody Coaches give without expecting anything in return.

When we signed up, I was so scared of being salesy. I was already shy and then add in something that required me to talk to people daily….I was a mess.

Then, my mom and I changed our mindset. We loved talking about fitness and nutrition before coaching – people knew we loved it. So when we added “coach” to our title, nothing else should have changed.

Top coaches focus on sharing their journey, meal plans, tips, ups and downs, workout reviews, and lifestyle without expecting anything in return. They aren’t helping someone get started in a challenge group or sign up to coach because it helps them. They are helping someone just like someone probably helped them. Each new client or coach has their OWN goals and dreams.

A good coach knows this, and if they have the opportunity to help someone achieve their goals – why wouldn’t they? They are their to help without expecting something for themselves. And typically people like to work with people like that – so they end up being successful as a by product.

Successful Beachbody Coaches have good content.

If you’re like me, you probably follow 5+ coaches on social media. Coaches can be inspiring, helpful, and share really great content on fitness and nutrition. When you take time to share good content – people will come to you more.

If you look at top coaches pages, you don’t see sales pitches or logos everywhere. You see posts that you can relate to and connect with.

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Successful Beachbody Coaches focus on what’s important.

When you first start coaching, it can be overwhelming. So much information!!! But it gets easier. You begin to learn the basics, apply them, and see you can do it without dying.

Then – you learn what to focus on. First and foremost – what will help people? From there, it’s usually content, connecting with people, and listening in order to help them. Top coaches get organized with their to-do’s and are consistent with them.

I know my ultimate focus is to help people achieve more than me. I want our clients and coaches to have every resources to hit every one of their goals.

Thinking of Coaching or Just Getting Started?

Here is what I wish I could have told myself 4 years ago:

  1. Just start already.
  2. Their is a learning curve with everything, this gets easier.
  3. Don’t just mark off the boxes…Remember WHY this is important to you.
  4. Just be you.
  5. Some may judge or laugh at you – but what person doesn’t face that at some point? This is worth it (and some will even come back and ask for your help 2 years in).
  6. Focus on Building a Business that can SERVE & EMPOWER more people.
  7. As a successful coach, you may have a large platform of people following you. Do personal development every day and pray to be a good leader to those people who trust you enough to let you into their life.

Are you considering coaching?

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My mom and I are both Elite Beachbody Coaches that have developed trainings and an amazing team to help you hit your goals. We’d love to talk with you, answer any questions & help you get started if you’re ready. Just fill out the form below to get in touch with us!

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. 

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