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Healthy Halloween Treats and Snacks For Kids

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The Halloween candy is coming, but there are so many great healthy Halloween treats out there.

I absolutely love these healthy Halloween treats because most are healthy, but still a lot of fun for you and the kiddos! They can even help make a lot them, or you can surprise them after school! 

Healthy Halloween Treats For Any Age

All of October doesn’t have to be filled with candy! It can have healthy treats mixed in so that when you do get some of those Fun-Size candy bars you can indulge responsibly just for a couple of days. These ideas will help you host an epic Halloween movie night!

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I’m not creative, but I am a Pinterest Queen so search no more! I have found you these spooky treasures!

Best Healthy Halloween Snacks and Treats On the Web

Just click the title or picture to get the step-by-guide to creating your own healthy Halloween treats! Each is linked to the original, spooky snack!

Frozen “Boo”-nana Pops

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ghosts

Mini Pumpkins

Healthy Candy Corn

Creepy Crawlees

Monster Sandwiches

All of these ideas are perfect for hosting a Halloween Movie Night too!
Healthy Halloween Lunches

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Apple Teeth

Spooky Egg 

Witch Broomsticks

Grab more Halloween movie night snack ideas here!

Are you ready for Halloween?

These fun Halloween party games are sure to make for an epic night!

What are your favorite Halloween memories?

My mom and I were almost always a black cat and a witch or two black cats for Halloween. We’d go to our (great) grandmothers and trick-or-treat with a big pillowcase! It was always so much fun and a tradition I hope to continue with my future kiddos. 

Need help staying motivated during the holidays?

Check out our Healthy Holidays Series for tips to hit your goals, burn more calories and avoid holiday weight gain (without going overboard!)

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