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Quick Meal Ideas – Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Tips

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I thought when I quit teaching I’d have all of this time to try new recipes and meal ideas.


While I absolutely love my new, dream job, I am still putting cooking as a low priority. I mean with challenges, the year-round accountability group, and blogging I just don’t feel like Rachel Ray like I thought I would.

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So here are some of my go-to meal ideas no matter what my job and priorities are!

Breakfast Meal Ideas

Breakfast Meal Ideas

Got 60 Seconds to Prepare: Quest Bar

Got 5 Minutes… Shakeology. I like the Vanilla flavor right now.

Got 20 Minutes… Scrambled eggs with Ghee with Bacon & tomato as your sides

Lunch Meal Ideas

Lunch Meal Ideas

Got 60 Seconds to Prepare: Packed almonds, walnuts, or pistachios with apple and peanut butter

Got 5 Minutes… Shakeology (use once a day) I also like the chocolate flavor with 2 tbsp PB2 with almond milk.

Got 20 Minutes… Turkey Scramble

snack Meal Ideas

Snack Ideas

Got 60 Seconds to Prepare: handful of walnuts and a banana

Got 5 Minutes: sliced apple with sunflower butter

Got 20 minutes: Really? You have 20 minutes for a snack? Get out. ;)

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Dinner Meal Ideas

Got 60 Seconds: Wendy’s small chili over a baked potato

Got 5 Minutes: Amy’s Frozen Meals or her Pizza’s with microwaved steamed veggies

Got 20 Minutes: Grilled chicken breast with frozen veggies and a sweet potato*

Don’t forget the power of leftovers either! If you cook a meal that takes over 30 minutes, make sure you make enough for the next day’s lunch or dinner.

To fix a baked sweet potato quickly, place the potato on a plate and poke holes in it with a fork. Then microwave for 3-5 minutes depending on size. Flip and microwave again for 2-4 minutes.

Do you struggle to cook like I do? What are your tips or favorite meal ideas?

You should always ask your doctor or nutritionist before starting any new dietary changes. I’m not a certified nutritionist; I’m just sharing what has worked for me.


  1. What a very great and informative post. I really like how you broke it down to how much time you have. Thanks for sharing such great idea and suggestions.

  2. I love to cook. That is one thing that I will make time for. I love your ideas though. My goal is to spend LESS time in the kitchen. I still want to try the vegan shakeology sometime!

    1. Oh I wish you were closer to Nashville! lol! :) I have some vegan packets right now from where I did a couple of Quest bars instead in Vegas. Would you want me to send you one? Just email or facebook me if you want me to mail it :)

  3. Love how you split the different meal preparation time. Very informative post, totally love it! And, I do take 20min for snack (sometime, lol)

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