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HUM Nutrition Omega The Great Review

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We’ve taken HUM Nutrition OMG! Omega The Great’s omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish oil for months now. We’ve gotten so many compliments on our hair since taking it, and it doesn’t have a fishy aftertaste or burps. Below, we’ll look at why we chose this omega-3 supplement and how it can help your heart, brain, skin and hair.

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We are a mother daughter living in Nashville, TN. We’re in our 50’s and 30’s, and we love sharing about products we’ve tried! With that said, we’ve tried several fish oil supplements, and now we’re finally able to share one we like (and don’t burp)!!

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Why We Love Omega the Great

  • Ultra Pure Ingredients
  • 3rd Party Tested Ingredients
  • Easy to Swallow
  • No fishy smell, aftertaste, or burps
  • Helped to clear and brighten our skin
  • Boosted our energy

They also use sustainably sourced small fish for the purest omega-3s.

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Why We Chose HUM Omega The Great

HUM Nutrition’s Omega the Great offers the ideal ratio of omega-3s EPA + DHA, and it’s high-quality and ultra pure. This means we’re getting the best value for our money spent.

Plus, HUM uses verified clean ingredients that are tripled tested and 3rd party validated for purity and quality. So we knew we didn’t have to worry about added flavors, preservatives, or artificial colors.

We also really like their Mighty Night for our sleep and Flatter Me for bloating. We included both in our biohacking for weight loss guide that you might like!

HUM Omega The Great Benefits

Clinical trials have shown omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce inflammation, boost mood, clear skin, hydrate dry skin, and improve heart health.

Omega The Great also has a 2:1 ratio of EPA (800mg) and DHA (400mg). This ratio helps brighten and even skin tone, reduces skin redness, boosts hydration, and support good brain health!

One clinical study found patients dealing with acne saw a 67% reduction in inflammatory lesions after tasking fish oil.

Another study for eczema sufferers found that 1.8g of EPA significantly helped with clearing and moisturizing their skin.

If your goal is clearer, brighter skin, we also recommend pairing this with HUM’s Daily Cleanse.

What’s in It?

Omega The Great contains Omega-3 fish oil (EPA and DHA), Vitamin E, Gelatin, Purified Water, Glycerin.

  • Sardines: helps with skin and the immune system
  • Mackerel: helps to produce healthy skin cells to brighten and even out the skin
  • Vitamin E: helps with skin’s hydration

How do you take it?

You can take 2 soft gels each day with food. The time of day doesn’t matter.

We research everything before taking it, and we start with a review of clinical studies, scientific studies, and ingredients. Then, we also look at what others are saying about a product.

When we look at other people’s review, we look for someone that has taken it for a few months and offers more than just a brief answer.

Here’s some of what we found when ciphering through reviews:

  • I don’t think I have gone without makeup and still felt confident until I tried these pills.
  • No fish oil taste at all which is great!
  • I feel over all healthier and my mind feel clearer just from the Omega 3s!
  • My brain fog is gone, my chest doesn’t feel as labored when working out, and [my skin is] acne free. No fishy taste either.
  • This fish oil supplement has significantly improved my hormonal acne, especially around the jawline and neck.

Is Hum a good vitamin brand?

Yes, HUM Nutrition is a good vitamin brand. They go through third-party testing, and their supplements include high quality, proven ingredients.

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Is Omega good for hair growth?

Studies have found fish oil supplements, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, significantly reduce hair loss (89.9% of subjects at 6 months), while also enhancing hair diameter (86.1%) and hair density (87.3%).

This could be because omega-3 helps provide essential proteins and nutrients to hair follicles which helps prevent inflammation.

How long does it take for omega-3 to work for hair?

With any hair supplement, you shouldn’t expect results overnight. Most studies suggest taking an omega-3 supplement for 3 to 6 months to start seeing significant results.

If you’re looking for a specific hair vitamin, we compared Nutrafol and Codeage! We take Codeage Hair Vitamins with our HUM. It’s half the price of Nutrafol!

Is Hum’s Omega the Great made in an FDA-approved facility?

Yes, all HUM products, including Omega The Great , are made in facilities that follow GMPs (Good Manufacturing Processes). This is what is required by the FDA and helps to ensure high quality standards for the purity, strength, and composition of each supplement.

Is HUM’s Omega the Great gluten-free?

Yes, all of HUM’s vitamins are gluten-free and tested for levels higher than 20ppm based off FDA-requirements.

HUM Nutrition Vitamins

Do I need to take Omega the Great if I’m already taking Red Carpet?

HUM Nutrition offers several similar products – which is great, but it can get confusing to know which supplements can go together.

Omega The Great and Red Carpet actually work great together because they are different types of omegas!

So if you’re looking for that glowing skin or healthy hair, we recommend trying both and also looking at Daily Cleanse.

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Will we keep taking Hum’S Omega the Great?

Yes, we plan to keep taking Omega the Great!

As we mentioned above, we’ve tried several popular brands of fish oil capsules, and this is the first one that hasn’t had any sign of a bad aftertaste.

We also love that it is not only a heart healthy supplement, but it can also help with our cognitive function and overall health! Who doesn’t need that?!

Plus, it’s been helpful in brightening our skin, improving dry skin, and boosting our energy levels. It’s also been the best fish oil we’ve tried because it doesn’t make us burp or leave a fishy aftertaste. We haven’t had any other side effects.

​While we tend to have dry skin, we also did not see any complaints from anyone having oily skin — which is another common issue with omega-3 supplements.

Eligible new customers can also usually get a discount on HUM Supplements and free shipping! Check out Hum Nutrition’s website for the latest promo code and sales!  

Shop Their Best Sellers Here Or Grab Omega the Great

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