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Pura Diffuser Review & The Best Scents to Try

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On our quest to have a good-smelling home we’ve tried candles, wax warmers, plug-ins, essential oils, and even scented garbage bags. The Pura Smart Home Diffuser has been by far our favorite to scent our home!

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In our Pura Diffuser review we’ll look at why we like it, as well as, our favorite scents to use.

Also, we are NOT affiliates or sponsored by Pura.

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Pura Fragrances for Diffuser

What is so special about Pura?

Unlike other fragrance brands, Pura contains no additives, chemicals, or toxins, and they are kid and pet safe. Plus, there are 100s of Pura scents to choose from, and the scents smell throughout a room.

Their Pura app also has several cool features.

You can also control the scent experience! You can choose when the scent is on and off, as well as, the intensity of the scent through their app.

There is also even an auto-away feature that will turn the scent off when your smart phone is away from the Pura device.

Each Pura device also can double as an ambient nightlight!

Is Pura really clean?

Yes! Each of the Pura scents are free of acetaldehyde, diclorobenzene, ethylhexanol, formaldehyde, GMOs, methyl pyrrolidone, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, or styrene.
Pura also follows all of The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) guidelines.

Is Pura healthier than candles?

In our opinion, yes. Candles made of paraffin can release harmful toxins when lit, and it’s very hard to know the ingredients for each candle’s fragrance. Pura has only non-toxic emissions and is dedicated to nontoxic scents.

Is Pura better than Bath and Body Works?

In our opinion, yes, and for a few reasons. Pura offers more scents, and the scent lasts longer than Bath and Body Works. Plus, Pura’s fragrances are cleaner and able to be customized within their app.

Pura Smart Diffuser

How much does Pura cost per month?

Depending on the fragrance you choose, Pura’s home fragrances range from $9.59 to $18.39 without a subscription. The Pura smart home fragrance diffuser is $49.99 and holds two scents are one time.

You can get a discount by subscribing, and it’s easy to change the ship date or cancel within their app.

You can also use Pura in your car. The diffuser is $34.99 and the scents are around $15. We’ve not tried the car diffuser though.

pura diffuser app hours

How long do the Pura scents last?

Pura home scents last around 115 hours.

Depending on the Pura home fragrance schedule, a scent pod can last weeks or even months depending on the schedule.

While you can select fragrance intensity for each different scent, we’ve not seen that it effects how long a scent lasts. It’s always about 110 to 115 hours.

How big of a room does a Pura diffuser fill?

The area scented depends on the strength of the fragrance and the intensity you select within the app. Our 13×13 room can be set on low and scented heavily. 

Our open concept living room and kitchen, about 1000 square feet, requires a strong scent set on high though.

Our house is about 2800 square feet, and we have 4 Pura Smart Home Diffusers throughout different rooms.

Screenshot of my Pura schedule in the living room

What is the best schedule for Pura?

The Pura app lets you choose when you want the fragrance to be on and off, as well as, the scent intensity.

Fragrance vials contain about 115 hours of smell.

You can set custom schedules within the app. Our scent schedule is set to run whenever we know we will typically be home. 

Pura Diffuser Scents in boxes
See our list of favorite and least favorite fragrances below!

What is the best Pura scent?

The Pura smart diffuser holds 2 scents that you can create a fragrance schedule to alternate between. 

We like to use different fragrances in each smart device so we don’t go nose blind to a scent.

We will have the first scent run Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, and the second scent on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

While favorite scents will vary by personal preference, we wanted to share our favorites with you!

Our favorite Pura fragrances are Winter White, Lavender Fields, Capri Blue Volcano, and Ambered Topaz. These scents work well in different rooms and smell amazing.

Favorite Pura Scents

Best for a Bedroom

Best Pura Scent Combinations

Best Pura Holiday Scents

Pura has so holiday scents and seasonal fragrance options!

We personally did not like:

Which Pura scent smells like a hotel?

Dark amber, bergamot, and musks are refined scents that smell like a nice hotel. Some popular Pura scents with these scents are Soho, Sunday Morning, and Moroccan Amber.

If you’re looking for a citrus hotel smell, we like Orange Blossom, Lilac & Jasmine.

An upscale floral that reminds us of an upscale hotel is Fresh Cut Gardenia.

Why can’t i smell my Pura?

If you can’t smell your Pura, it may be time to replace it if it’s been over 100 hours.

If it’s not been over 100 hours, you may want to up the intensity of the fragrance within the app or try the scent in a smaller room.

Why is their oil still in Pura when I go to change it?

I always wondered why I could see oil in the scent vial when I couldn’t smell the scent anymore. It’s because Pura uses an oil for the fragrance. The fragrance will diffuse faster than the oil.

So you can feel good about tossing a vial even if it looks like it still has some oil it.

Pura Timers on App

How do you know when Pura runs out?

The Pura smart diffuser will keep track of the hours a scent is used, and it will even tell you when it’s time to change if you want.

Will Pura work without wifi?

No, Pura diffusers require wireless internet to work.

Is Pura worth it?

We’ve found that the Pura Smart Home Diffuser helps our house from smelling like a dog, garbage, or just stale. We also love that the scents are nontoxic and safe for our pets. 

The ability to turn a scent on, off, or up its intensity is also really nice! 

While some of the fragrances are a bit pricey, we’ve found the price averages out to what we used to spend at Yankee Candle, and we like the scents (and ingredients) much more!

Pura also has new product launches all the time. We’d love to know your favorite Pura scent so we can try it too!

Do you have any other questions we should add to our Pura Smart Home Diffuser review?

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