Sure Thing Workout – Megan Davies 2022 Beachbody Workout

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Beachbody Super Trainer Megan Davies’ Sure Thing workouts come out December 2022. Her 8 week fitness program combines endurance and power training for an all-in approach to get results quickly.
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Why We’re Excited

We loved Megan Davies’ in Muscle Burns Fat (MBF), and Sure Thing looks like the next step in her intense but approachable training style! Plus, you workout just 5 days a week, 30-45 minutes a day — which is realistic for our busy schedule.

What is Sure Thing?

Megan Davies’ newest Beachbody workout, Sure Thing, combines endurance, cardio-conditioning, and power-based strength training to build a strong body in 8 weeks.

The workouts are 30-45 minutes long, 5 days a week, and Megan’s taking the guesswork out of the nutrition component of the program, too.

She focuses on “Type Training” which is a science-based approach to fitness. This helps prevent overtraining or fitness plateaus.

What Equipment Do I Need for Sure Thing?

You’ll need at least 3 sets of dumbbells: light, medium, and heavy. You’ll also need Strength Slides.

Program length:  8 Weeks 
Workouts per week:  5
Workout length:  30-45 Minutes 
Equipment needed: Required: Light, Medium, and Heavy Dumbbells; Sliders
Optional: Yoga Mat  

Who will love Sure Thing?

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense approach to working out and your nutrition, Sure Thing is for you.

The program was designed to be adaptable no matter your fitness level. Beginners can modify, and advanced exercisers will be able to intensify the moves.

Kim and Kalee with Megan Davies

Who is Megan again?

Megan Davies is a NSCA certified personal trainer and a Beachbody super trainer. She created Clean Week, #mbf Muscle Burns Fat, and #mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced.

You may also like our interview with Megan. We talked all about fitness, food, and fun!

When does Sure Thing come out?

Early access to Sure Thing will be available for purchase in December 2022. The program will be exclusively on Beachbody on Demand.

You can learn more about Beachbody on Demand or other Beachbody workouts here.

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