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Start a Blog – Your Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Successful Blog

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We started blogging in 2011, and every year we asked more questions about how we do it. This series will walk you through how to start a blog, create amazing content and even make it into a profitable business.

Our hope is that this training allows you to skip endless hours of researching, trial and error, or hiring it out to a stranger.

How to Start a Blog Today

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Ultimate How to Start a Blog Guide

While you may be able to get everything you need from Create Your Blog in Under 10 Minutes, we want to provide an in-depth, step-by-step guide for those that want it. Therefore, we’ve broken the training down into 3 pieces.

The 4 Stages of Blogging

  • getting started
  • creating killer content
  • gaining traffic
  • making a profit

Starting Your Blog

  1. 7 Critical Action Steps Before You Launch Your Blog
  2. How to Set Up Your Blog in Under 10 Minutes
  3. Easily Install Your WordPress Theme’s Appearance
  4. What in the World are Plugins?
  5. Your WordPress Permalink Settings
  6. Organizing Your Blog Content – Categories and Tags
  7. 9 Tips to WordPress Security – How to Keep Your Blog Safe
  8. Balance Blogging with a Full-Time Job Without Going Crazy

Creating Content

  1. How to Create Content Your Readers Love Every Time
  2. How Often Should You Blog?
  3. An Editorial Calendar Helps You Plan Blog Content Like a Pro
  4. Batching Content – The Secret of Successful Bloggers
  5. 11 Types of Blog Posts to Use to Gain Traffic & Make More Money
  6. 8 Tips to Making Your Blog Sticky & Keeping Readers Engaged
  7. Evergreen Content: How To Create It and Why It Drives Major Traffic to You
  8. Blog Marketing: The Essential Steps To Do After You Publish a Blog Post

Driving Traffic to Your Blog

  1. 7 Blogging Tips to Dramatically Increase Blog Traffic as a New Blogger
  2. 3 Simple Steps You Need to Know About SEO – Beginner Friendly
  3. Keywords 101 – Attract Traffic and Engaged Readers With Search Engines
  4. How to Track Traffic on Your Website and Other Websites

Why Should You Blog?

Whether you are a creative soul looking to share life through your eyes, in network marketing or running your own business – a blog allows you to:

  • attract your ideal readers and clients
  • position yourself as an expert in an area
  • showcase your strengths, personality, and views
  • create an amazing side hustle that generates residual income
  • generate excitement about products
  • grow your social media channels
  • have your own little place on the Internet no one can take away

Unlike social media, when you run your own self-hosted blog, you own it. You don’t have to worry about being censored, Facebook going down, or where people are spending their time on social media.

People also have been reading blogs since the mid 90’s when AOL and dial-up were all the rage, and they are still growing in popularity now!

Need Help Branding Yourself Online?

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Kim and Kalee Headshot

How We Got Started Blogging

We decided to blog as a way to share what we loved and connect with others.

At that time, we didn’t have experience with blogging, and our social media skills were limited.

Fast forward to 8 million views later!!

Blogging helped us create an online income, become a top rep in a major network marketing company, and quit our jobs teaching high school math.

Now we are showing you how to start a blog that is successful!

Has this training helped you start a blog? If so, will you please share it?

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