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Chop Wood Carry Water Workout: BODi Details 2024

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If you’re looking for a workout program that challenges your body and mind, you’ve hit the jackpot with Amoila Cesar’s new workout. Beachbody’s Chop Wood Carry Water mimics everyday tasks to build strength, endurance, and mobility.

The workouts are available as an add-on inside the BODi platform.

You can also get the full program or a free sample workout here!

chop wood carry water amoila cesar

What is the Chop Wood Carry Water workout?

Chop Wood Carry Water combines strength training, cardio, and primal movements to improve strength, posture, coordination, stability, and mobility.

The program includes 20 unique workouts and 3 unique workout calendars so you can decide if you workout 4, 5, or 6 days a week. 

My Chop Wood Carry Water Workout Review

I am in week 2 and using the 4 day calendar, and I’m loving it! Each workout has been challenging without being defeating.

Typically, the workouts are around 35 minutes, but they range between 30 and 40 minutes long.

They usually include 3 sets of various moves with a focus on a specific body part. You’ll also do primal movements and one cardio move in most of the workouts — which I’ve really enjoyed!

The warm-up and cool-down lasts about 2 minutes or less.

If you’ve done 645, this program moves faster than it in my opinion.

get the all 20 workouts

Equipment Needed

You’ll need a set of light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, as well as, a resistance band for some of the workouts.

Try the Chop Wood Carry Water Sample Workout

CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER Sample Workout from BODi on Vimeo.

Who should try it?

The Chop Wood Carry Water is designed for all fitness levels, and there will be a modifier.

Amoila has said it’s designed for all fitness levels and specifically for “aging athletes.” (His words, not ours.)

So whether you want to lose weight, get strong, or improve your mobility and stability as you age – this program is worth a look.

What is BODi?

BODi is the rebrand for Beachbody on Demand Interactive. The online streaming service has full workout programs, a library of recorded classes, live classes, and new BODi blocks each month.

You can grab $20 off the BODi Essentials Collection with code KALEETSP20 and add on this program for $20 at the checkout.


We recommend the Chocolate Shakeology and Mixed Berry Energize!

amoila cesar new workout sneak peek

What is Primal Movement?

Primal movement are daily movements we practice mostly subconsciously. They include how we bend, push, pull, and walk. The 7 main types of primal movements are squatting, bending, lunging, pushing, pulling, rotating, and walking.

Chop Wood Carry Water focuses on ground-based, bodyweight movements that flow from one position to another. Basic forms in primal movement are known as ABCs: Ape, Beast, and Crab.

amoila doing a primal movement flow in chop wood carry water workout

Primal Movement Benefit

Primal movement can help us strengthen our muscles and improve our flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination. It’s also been shown to improve our cardiovascular health.

The movements can also help our mind-body connection because of discipline and focus required.

Amolia Cesar Collage

Chop Wood Carry Water Results

We haven’t ran across any Chop Wood Carry Water before and after photos to feature yet. 

The program promises to deliver results such as increased strength, improved endurance, and enhanced overall fitness. 

Amoila promises that through repetition and mastering the mundane, we can expect to feel the mental benefits of the program as well. A few words he’s said are feeling grounded, free, focused, and powerful.


When does Chop Wood Carry Water come out?

Chop Wood Carry Water’s release date was July 10, 2023. It’s available to stream now on BODi! The workouts are not available on DVD.

New BODi Members

You do need a BODi membership to stream the program.

The best deal if you aren’t a member already is to choose the BODi Essentials Collection Pack and add on Chop Wood Carry Water for $20 at the checkout. You can use code KALEESP20 for $20 off — making the program basically free with your membership.

Along with the membership, you’ll also get 2 free Super Blocks included when you choose the Essentials Collection Pack.

Current BODi Members

If you’re a BODi member already, you can order the program now! It’s $49.95.


Grab $20 Off BODi Essentials Collection with code KALEETSP20

Will you need BODi to stream it?

Chop Wood Carry Water is exclusively on BODi. This means you have to have a BODi membership and that Beachbody on Demand customers will need to upgrade if they haven’t already.

BODi members will also have the option to add-on this program. It’s not included with a regular membership.

Are the Workouts Based on the Book?

Amoila Cesar’s workout program focuses on mastering the basics and building a firm foundation for your mind and body — much like Josh Medcalf’s book Chop Wood Carry Water: How to Fall In Love With the Process of Becoming Great. With that said, they are both standalone products.

GET The Workout Program or THE SAMPLE WORKOUT

If you’re looking to focus on the mind-body connection and get back to how our ancestors stayed active — with everyday tasks like chopping wood and carrying water — this workout is for you.

You may also like Amoila’s 645 or 6 Weeks of the Work.

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  1. Would up recommend doing 645 or Chop Wood Carry Water first? Just getting back into the swing of things over here…

    1. Out of the two, we’d go with Chop Wood Carry Water. The workouts are 10 minutes shorter, and we honestly liked that program the best too. The workouts go by really fast, and we love that you can pick a 4, 5, or 6 day calendar. We did the 4 day option, and we still saw results! Let us know what you pick! :) – Kim and Kalee