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645 | Amoila Cesar’s Newest Beachbody Workout

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Beachbody’s 645 workout program combines strength training, cardio, and mobility training to get visible results and transform your entire body! Below, we outline what to expect from the fitness program’s workouts, nutrition plan, and supplements!

645 logo with Amoila Cesar from Beachbody

The strength workouts include heavier weights and the cardio classes burn a ton of calories, so you will see weight loss and increased lean muscle in just 13 weeks! Get a first access to the 645 Sample Workout and program!

What is 645?

645 was developed by Beachbody super trainer Amoila Cesar to help you get maximum results at home. The exercise program includes strength training, cardio, and mobility in 45 minute workouts. The 13-week program includes 6 workouts per week and has a personal training vibe to it to help you get maximum results the first time through.

What We Love

While this workout will keep you pushing to your limits, Amoila teaches proper form, focuses on not overtraining (which leads to injury), and includes a warm up and cool down with each workout. The mix of challenge and intentional focus leaves you feeling accomplished and ready to take on the world!

Coming Soon: 645 with Amoila Cesar from TeamBeachbody on Vimeo.

How long is 645?

Beachbody’s 645 workout program is 6 days a week, 45 minutes a day, for 13 weeks. It includes 4 stages to help you get maximum results in less time.

645 Workouts

The 645 exercise program includes modifications — making it a great program for multiple fitness levels! The workout program was shot in real-time, so you’ll have unique workouts each day too! We love that each week includes different workouts because it allows Amoila to mix in different moves and challenges.

Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday – Strength
  • Tuesday – Strength
  • Wednesday – Mobility & Stability
  • Thursday – Strength
  • Friday – Strength
  • Saturday – Cardio 45
  • Sunday – Rest

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are strength training days. On these days, Amoila mixes in power and hypertrophy training and varies the rep patterns.

Wednesday is an active recovery day. The Mobility & Stability workout focuses on activation, stretching, and movement.

Saturday is called Cardio 45 which focuses on agility and calorie burn. This one sounds intense, but luckily Sunday is a rest day!

What equipment do you need for for 645?

You’ll need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, and resistance loops for 645 workouts. You may also want a mat and a foam roller.

The resistance loops are cloth covered for this program. No more rubber! Thank goodness, right?! These Power Loops are wider and stay in place so much better!

21 Day Fix Meal Plan with Portion Control Containers

645 Nutrition

You can use either Beachbody meal planUltimate Portion Fix (Fixate) with the portion control containers or 2B Mindset.

Both nutrition programs are focused on whole foods to help you get better results in less time.

We really like both programs; however, if you’re looking for a macro approach (counting carbs, fats, and protein) for your eating plan, we recommend the Ultimate Portion Fix.

2B Mindset vs Portion Control Containers: Which Should You Use?

Energize and Recover

Recommended Supplements

The Beachbody Performance line is the best way to maximize your results and work towards your fitness goals! Energize helps kickstart your workout with more energy and focus, and Recover to help your body recover faster afterward.*

Beachbody’s meal replacement shake, Shakeology, is also great if you’re not big into meal prepping or vegetables! We love the chocolate! Shakeology is a nutrient dense shake with superfoods that helps support healthy digestion and weight loss.*

You can get all of the supplements along with your Beachbody on Demand membership with a Deluxe Challenge Pack when 645 launches!

Get a first access to the 645 Sample Workout and program!

Amoila Cesar The Work Trainer

When does 645 come out?

Beachbody’s 645 comes out this summer, and there will be a sample workout coming out as a preview soon.

Beachbody coaches and Preferred Clients will be able to get the full program first. So if you’re considering coaching, now is a great time!

Clients will be able to get early access to the entire program through a challenge pack or accessory bundle soon after. The Challenge Pack is a great way to get everything you need to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle and will be around $140-240 depending on the supplements you choose.

Are you excited for 645?

Let us know about your goals below!

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