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Beachbody Meal Plan | How to Maximize Your Weight Loss

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Beachbody’s meal plans are the secret to maximizing your results from your workouts! They have 2 specific nutrition programs that we’ll review below, and we’ll also provide you with sample meal plans and a step-by-step guide to get started!

Collage of meal prepped foods in containers with the text overlay saying 35+ simple and yummy Beachbody Meal Plans for Women

What is the Beachbody meal plan?

Beachbody offers 2 meal plans — Ultimate Portion Fix and the 2B Mindset. Both programs offer a mix of complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats. The Ultimate Portion Fix includes color-coded containers, and the 2B Mindset teaches you principles to help you fill your plate with healthy choices.

Learn more about the Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset

We also did a review of both nutrition programs and how they differ from each other. Check out our Portion Fix vs 2B Mindset comparison.

80 Day Obsession Meal Prep

Does Beachbody have meal plans?

Yes, Beachbody does offer meal plans based off both nutrition plans. They typically include breakfast, lunch, dinner, Shakeology, and snacks. All of their plans also allow for an occasional treat as well.

one of our chocolate shakeology recipes


Shakeology is included in most of the Beachbody meal plans because it’s their nutrient-dense super foods shake. We personally love it for breakfast or lunch.

Our favorite flavor is chocolate, and these are our favorite chocolate recipes.

With that said, we aren’t opposed to the other flavors.  We like them all.  

Grab our Favorite Shakeology Recipes or Full Shakeology Review

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Meal Plan

  1. Decide on Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset 
  2. Watch the Videos & Review the Materials
  3. Find your eating plan based on your weight and goals
  4. Create your menu
  5. Meal Prep
  6. Repeat!

Collage of 2B Mindset Recipes for a Meal Plan

Finding Beachbody Recipes

We put together a list of our favorite 2B Mindset recipes. These are all veggie-first approved and super delicious!

Fixate Collage of recipes and Autumn Calabrese photos

We also really like the FIXATE Cookbooks because they include 100+ recipes that are broken down by container.

Here’s an example:

FIXATE Cookbook Recipe Format

Get Vol. 1 of FIXATE and/or Vol. 2 FIXATE

This makes it super easy to meal prep for the week! 

Beachbody Meal Plans to Save You Time & Maximize Weight Loss

We know meal prepping can be a challenge, so we put together a list of free Beachbody meal plans to help you save time and maximize your weight loss!

Additional Meal Prepping Tools

We also wanted to include a few of our favorite tools, resources, and recipes to help you create a plan that works for you long-term!

Premium Meal Plans

We also have 2 premium meal plans you might enjoy!

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