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PiYo ChaLEAN Extreme Hybrid Workout Schedule

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The ChaLEAN Extreme PiYo hybrid is going to give you max results! It’s going to help you lose weight, gain lean muscle, and improve your flexibility. Plus, a stretched muscle has a greater potential for strength training making this an awesome hybrid to build lean muscle and lengthen the body.

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ChaLEAN Extreme PiYo Hybrid

Remember to modify the ChaLEAN Extreme PiYo Hybrid to fit your needs. I plan on using the PiYo nutrition plan for this hybrid (see my sample meal plan for PiYo here).

ChaLEAN Extreme PiYo Hybrid

Mon: Align

Tues: Burn 1 & Define Lower

Wed:  Sweat 

Thurs:  Burn 2 & Define Upper

Fri: Define Lower

Sat:  Burn 3 & Define Upper 

Sun: off

Week 2

Mon:  Push 1 & Define Lower

Tues:  Sweat

Wed: Push 2 & Define Upper

Thurs:  Core or Hardcore on the Floor 

Fri:  Push 3 & Core

Sat:  Sweat

Sun: off

Week 3

Mon:  Push 1 & Define Upper

Tues:  Buns

Wed:  Push 2 & Core

Thurs:  Sweat

Fri:  Push 3 & Strength Intervals 

Sat:  Full Body Blast

Sun: off

Week 4

Mon: Lean 1 & Strength Intervals

Tues:  Core or Hard Core on the Floor

Wed:  Lean 2 & Full Body Blast

Thurs:  Drench

Fri:  Lean 3 & Strong Legs

Sat:  Sweat

Sun: off

Week 5

Mon:  Lean 1 & Full Body Blast

Tues:  Sweat

Wed:  Lean 2 & Core

Thurs:  Drench

Fri:  Lean 3 & Strong Legs

Sat:  Sculpt or Full Body Blast

Sun: off

Week 6

Mon: Lean 1 & Drench

Tues:  Core or Hardcore on the floor

Wed:  Lean 2 & Buns

Thurs:  Full Body Blast

Fri:  Lean 3 & Strength Intervals

Sat:  Sweat

Sun: off

Week 7

Mon:  Sculpt

Tues:  Sweat

Wed:  Core or Hardcore on the Floor

Thurs:  Strong Legs

Fri:  Drench

Sat:  Full Body Blast

Sun: off

Week 8

Mon: Drench

Tues:  Buns or Strong Legs

Wed:  Sweat

Thurs:  Strength Intervals

Fri:  Sculpt or Full Body Blast

Sat:  Drench

Sun: off

Have you tried the ChaLEAN Extreme PiYo Hybrid yet? What did you think?

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  1. Yes yes yes!!! Excuse my enthusiasm, but I’m excited to have found a hybrid for Piyo and CLX. I just ordered Piyo and like CLX so much, I thought about combining them but wasn’t sure the best way to go about doing so. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I am in the middle of doing Chalean Extreme but am considering changing it to your Chalean Extreme/Piyo Hybrid instead. Should I complete CLX first or does it matter?

    1. You can definitely do the hybrid without finishing a full round of ChaLEAN. I’ve actually heard people say they prefer the hybrid better! Do you have a coach you’re working with? I just ask because we have a challenge group starting January 5th if you’d like to join us!! :)

  3. I have done CLX and am in wk 3 of PiYo. LOVE ChaLean. I have seen better results with Piyo than CLX. Thighs grew with CLX but I think the hybrid will complement each other. Anyone else doing this and want to share your results I’d appreciate it.

    1. My mom did the hybrid listed here and LOVED it. I really like the blend and variety of the two. I think you’ll really like it. I would suggest the PiYo meal plan with it too.

  4. Really excited to try this – I loved my results from CLX and can’t wait to try Piyo (not to mention I have a vacation in exactly 8 weeks)!

  5. Hey. I have both programs but I’m never in contact with my coach? Any chance of joining your challenge group?

    1. Hey Alicia!
      Thanks for your comment! We would love to be your coach! Could you friend me on Facebook? We have a challenge group starting on 1/26. Would that be a good time for you?

  6. I am looking for the song that is played during the PiYo drench legs portion. Can you tell me the name and artist of this song?

    1. On average, it’s about an hour a day. Some days are shorter at the 40 minute mark, but in general I would plan a full 60 minutes to be able to pop in and out discs and everything.

  7. Hello! I’m looking to shed about 10-15 lbs & was thinking of doing this hybrid. My concern is lack of cardio. Can I sub a HIIT workout 1-2 times a week for a PiYo one?

    1. You could definitely mix in HIITs once or twice a week! Have you looked at Beachbody’s On Demand Pass? It might be something you’d like – you can get the details on it by typing “All Access Pass” into the search bar on this site :) But you get access to stream every Beachbody workout for a year! Does that sound like something you’d like?

  8. Hi. I have some of the Beachbody workouts and I do like them, however I am used to the gym and lifting weights paired with cardio, but that just doesn’t seem to do the trick for me anymore. I don’t want to go to the gym, it doesn’t motivate me like it used to. I let it go and now need to lose about 30lbs. So I decided to try this hybrid. I love yoga, and I do like to do weights so I feel like this is going to be a great mix as I never knew how to put it all together. I do have some questions though. On the double days, if you are limited in time, would it be okay to skip the PiYo workout paired with the CLX workout? Also, I do hope to pair some of the single days with some cardio, at least 20 minutes or so. I am sure that is okay to do?

    I really like this website as well. I saw your pictures and was shocked when I read you are mother and daughter! I thought sisters! You look great and are very inspiring! How can I join this site to stay motivated? I need the extra help! I do have a coach, but I have never reached out to her to know if she is good or not!!

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