PiYo Meal Plan A – 1200 Calories & Recipe Ideas

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PiYo’s low-impact, fat-burning workouts are perfect for losing weight, toning up, and building flexibility. While the program is effective, you’ll see best results when you pair it with a solid meal plan!

The PiYo meal plan is broken down into 5 categories of food: primary vegetables, secondary vegetables/grains, fruit, protein, and healthy fats.

Based on your weight, you get different amounts of servings of each per day. This meal plan works great with other Beachbody programs as well. 

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View more about the PiYo Workout Program

I’m 5’3″ and approximately 120 lbs so I am usually always the lowest calorie count. The PiYo Meal plan was no exception.

I’m in Plan A of the PiYo Meal Plan, and it’s been a great amount of food and really easy to follow so far.

It reminds me a lot of the 21 Day Fix meal plan because of the portions included in Plan A.

PiYo Meal Plan A – 5 Days of Meals + Take Out Options!

The PiYo Meal plan allowed me to have:

  • 4 servings of vegetables
  • 4 servings of protein
  • 2 servings of secondary vegetables or starches/grains
  • 2 servings of fruit
  • 3 servings of healthy fats
  • Around 1,200 calories

The size of each serving is outlined in the nutrition book, but since I already had the 21 Day Fix containers I have used them a lot of the time.

2 Other Nutrition Programs 

If you’re looking to take your nutrition a step further, you may like the Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset.

Both of these programs will help you get max PiYo Results.

Ultimate Portion Fix Containers with the logo and the words "Fix Your Portions. Fix Your Life"

The Ultimate Portion Fix uses Autumn Calabrese‘s color-coded, portion controlled containers to help you lose weight without tracking calories.

This system is great if you’re looking for straight-forward way to track your food and macros easily. Autumn has also made it easy to enjoy healthy recipes with her cookbook FIXATE.

Woman holding healthy foods and text that says A healthy Outside Starts Inside

The 2B Mindset is a more flexible plan in our opinion. You’ll learn how emotions and habits play a role in what we want to eat, cravings, and emotional eating.

You’ll be required to track your food and weigh daily, but no food is ever off limits.

You can grab our favorite 2B Mindset recipes to help get you started as well!

See Our Ultimate Portion Fix vs 2B Mindset Comparison

Can you drink alcohol with PiYo?

If you’re following the original PiYo meal plan, you aren’t allowed alcohol. However, Ultimate Portion Fix and 2B Mindset allow you to have alcohol in moderation.

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Should you take workout supplements with PiYo?

We highly recommend Shakeology with PiYo. It helps fuel your body and is a quick, healthy breakfast or lunch idea. 

We also personally take Energize 30 minutes before our workouts and drink Recover 30 minutes after to help with muscle soreness.

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Sample Ultimate Portion Fix Meal Plan


LIIFT4 Meal Plan - Plan A
Click to See Meal Plan Larger

We also have gathered several effective Beachbody Meal Plans to help you get in more variety!

PiYo Meal Plan – Plan A (Approximately 1,200 Calories)

If you’re not interested in Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset, here is a sample of our PiYo Meal Plan using the Plan A option.

With Plan A, we enjoyed 4 Veggies, 4 Protein, 2 Starches, 2 Fruits, and 3 Fats each day.


QuestBar – 1 protein, 1 Starch
Berries – 1 fruit

Mid-morning Snack
Shakeology – 1 Protein
Spinach – 1 Veggie 
Coconut oil  – 1 Fat

Egg whites – 1 Protein
Spinach – 1 Veggie
Tomato – 1 Veggie
1/4 nuts – 1 Fat

Greek yogurt – 1 Protein
Berries – 1 Fruit
Coconut oil – 1 Fat
Tacos  – 1 Protein
Topped with Romaine Lettuce – 1 Veggie
Tomatoes and onions – 1 Veggie
Beans – 1 Starch

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Repeat for Tuesday – YAY No cooking! You have leftovers!


Eggs – 1 Protein
Tomato onion and mushroom – 1 Veggie
Ghee – 1 Fat

Mid-morning Snack
Shakeology – 1 Protein
Spinach – 1 Veggie

Tuna – 1 Protein
1 Tomato & onion cut up in Tuna – 1 Veggie
Flatbread – 1 Starch
Orange – 1 Fruit

Berries – 1 Fruit

4 chicken, breast, boneless, skinless (6 ounce) – 1 Protein
1/2 cup(s) marinara sauce – 1 Veggie
1 cup(s) cheese, mozzarella, part-skim, shredded (4 ounces) – 1 Starch/Fat

Preheat the broiler. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and coat with oil spray.

Grill the chicken breasts or sauté in a skillet coated with oil spray over medium heat for 5 to 7 minutes per side, or until no longer pink in the center.

Transfer the chicken breasts to the prepared baking sheet. Top each chicken breast with 2 tablespoons marinara sauce and ¼ cup cheese. Place under the broiler until the cheese is hot and bubbly (or microwave for 30 to 60 seconds to melt cheese).

Repeat for Thursday – YAY No cooking! You have leftovers!


Oatmeal – 1 Starch
2 egg whites -1 Protein
Berries – 1 Fruit
Coconut oil – 1 Fat

Mid-morning Snack
Shakeology – 1 Protein
Spinach – 1 Veggie 
Coconut oil – 1 Fat

Egg whites – 1 Protein
Spinach – 1 Veggie
Tomato – 1 Veggie
1/4 cup nuts – 1 Fat

Greek yogurt – 1 Protein
Berries – 1 Fruit

Spaghetti Marina Sauce – 1 Veggie
Noodles – 1 Starch
Mushrooms and Onions – 1 Veggie 

What about the weekend?

The weekend can be a time to relax, go out on a date with your husband, sleep in, or it could even be busier than during the week between chores and errands.

With that said, your weekend schedule looks different than your work-week schedule. It’s important to note that change, and plan your meals accordingly.

If you have more downtime on the weekend, maybe try a new recipe!

You may like our PiYo Approved Snacks, 61 Shakeology Recipes, or creating one of our healthy recipes!

Are you following the PiYO Meal Plan? What do you think about it?

Want in our upcoming challenge?

Learn more about our 21 Day Challenge


  1. This is great! Thank you! I love cooking once and eating twice for leftovers. The only thing that would make this better is adding the weekly shopping list.

    1. You’re correct. We don’t use taco shells or tortillas for our tacos. We just mix everything up in a bowl and eat. You could add a whole wheat tortilla, taco shell or corn chips to the menu, and it would count as a yellow container. Hope that helps! If you have any questions or are looking for a coach – we’d love to help you! Feel free to comment back or email us at thegirls@soreyfitness.com

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