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31 Slow Carb Lunch Ideas & Recipes (4 Hour Body Diet)

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The Slow-Carb Diet created by Tim Feriss has been effective for weight loss and even includes a cheat day one a week. Below, you’ll find our favorite slow carb lunch ideas focused on enjoying whole foods.

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If you’re looking for a way to quickly lose some weight, the slow carb diet is a great option. This diet allows you to eat from a limited list of foods for six days out of the week. That means you’ll need to come up with some meals using those exclusive ingredients for each meal out of the day.

With the help of these slow carb lunch ideas, you can enjoy some delicious low carb dishes every day of the week.

What is the Slow Carb Diet? (SCD)

The Slow Carb Diet is Tim Ferriss’ unique approach to healthy eating to produce weight loss long term.

The idea is to choose slow digesting carbs (like black beans and whole grains), lean meats and animal protein, low-starch veggies, healthy fats, legumes, and spices. These complex foods are also on the low glycemic index. This helps your overall blood sugar levels.

On this diet you also restrict highly-processed, high fructose fruits and simple carbs like white potatoes.

The otherwise restrictive diet allows for one cheat meal a week.

You can grab our free Slow Carb Grocery List here!

Rules of the Slow Carb Diet

  1. Avoid “white” starchy carbs
  2. Choose the same meals over and over 
  3. No sugary drinks
  4. Don’t eat fruit
  5. Enjoy a cheat meal each week

There are a few exceptions to the rules. For example, you can consume tomatoes and avocados, and you can also enjoy 1 glass of dry red wine for the potential health benefits a night. White wine is not allowed.

31+ Slow Carb Lunch Ideas & 4 Hour Body Recipes

Coming up with delicious recipes for lunch when you’re on the slow carb diet doesn’t have to be difficult.

With the help of these easy slow carb diet recipes, you can enjoy a different low carb lunch every day of the week for an entire month!

We love the idea of finding staple slow-carb recipes and easy low carb lunch ideas! This not only simplifies your meal prep, but it can also help you stick to a slow-carb lifestyle!

Several keto meals and recipes will also work with this diet! We have several keto fast food options and recipes in our keto quick start guide!

What are your favorite slow carb recipes?

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