3 Habits Good Girls Should Adopt from Bad Girls to Be Happier

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As good girls, we’re often hard on ourselves.

We take on too much, relive experiences in our head, and wonder what other people think a lot.

But that’s not all of it.

Our feelings also get hurt easily, and we’re often more giving than we should be with our time and heart.

But there is a solution.

We adopt some bad girl habits.

What’s the real story here?

Bad girls can be more confident, protective of their time and dare I say – happier than their heavenly counterparts.

Needless to say:

There seriously are some habits that would be beneficial for us to consider taking from the bad girls. I’m not talking rudeness or questionable outfits, but they do have qualities we can learn from.

3 Habits Good Girls Should Adopt from Bad Girls

1. Do Your Best, Forget the Rest

Do you struggle with perfectionism? I certainly do. Which either leads to procrastination or self-doubt once you finish a project.

I’m even so bad as to fuss if I don’t get in all my reps in for a workout or if I don’t pack a snack and find myself engulfing a Snickers bar while I’m out.

Sometimes – most of the time – we need to do our best and forget the rest. Worrying or reliving a situation in our head does nothing but waste time and make us feel bad.

If you struggle with this, check out this book list! The Four Agreements would be a great read for you!

Bad girls know what they can do, and they’re confident. They give you their best, and if you don’t like it move along.

2. Don’t Take Things Personal

The same confidence allows them not to take things personally. As good girls, we want everyone to be as aware of kindness and courtesies as we are. So when someone cuts us off, skips out on plans, or is rude – we get upset and wonder what it is we did.

But most people aren’t thinking about being kind or courteous  – they are just going through their day.

Bad girls know this, and they know they are pretty dang awesome.

So when someone is rude to them, they are able to blow it off because it’s not about them or something they did.

Even if someone has a problem with a bad girl, that problem is on them. So the bad girl moves on and knows their worth.

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3. Put Yourself Before Others

Knowing their worth, allows them to put themselves first. As good girls, we often tie actions to being deserving.

This is a messed up way of thinking though.

If your mom, daughter or friend came to you and said I scrubbed my boyfriend’s floor so he would say I was pretty and take me to eat – we would be furious.

But isn’t that the same thing as volunteering to be the team leader for a project or PTA mom to win over your peers’ favor?

If we aren’t kind to ourselves and have some self-love, we can’t take care of those around us. We need to plan out what we need to do, what we can and can’t take on and be able to say no.

Also, we put what we like last. If you want to go out to a certain restaurant or want to stay at home and sleep until 1, you should be able to say it. No, you can’t blow off your kids that are poking you in the eye to get up at 8AM, but you shouldn’t always put what you want to do last because of others.

Own your confidence like a bad girl does. You’ll be healthier and happier for it!

Are you a good girl too? How do you embrace your inner bad girl?

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3 Habits Good Girls Should Adopt from Bad Girls to be Happier and Healthier

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