What Can You Eat on the Whole 30 Diet? — What I Ate Wednesday #4

Today is day 9 of the Whole 30!!

Since I am following the Whole 30′s nutrition guide, I am to using a strength workout that I know works. This way I can compare my results when eating more protein and fat compared to my normal diet that includes dairy and grains plus some chocolate most days.


So far I still feel like I have enough energy and power to lift heavy 3 days a week; however, intense cardio seems harder without my grains. I’ve also been reading paleo-based diets are too hard for runners’ bodies.

There has been some controversy in our Eat Clean Group on Facebook about the Whole 30  too. I have to say, I am not promoting it at all. I am just trying it out as a short-term experiment and to try new recipes.

Groceries Picked Up to Eat

My thoughts on nutrition are still along the Eat Clean Diet, and most of the groceries I picked up today match eating clean. You just get dairy and grains when you “Eat Clean“.  The only thing I can’t rationalize or understand is how I get bacon and eggs some mornings on the Whole 30. I bought the nitrate free bacon, but still it’s weird to me.

Here is What I Ate Wednesday:

Thanks Jenn for hosting WIAW!

Whole 30 Diet Breakfast Recipe

I really miss my oatmeal, and I needed something to fill the void. I found Banana Nut Porridge on Pinterest. It was pretty easy to fix and also really good! It is cashews, almonds, and pecans with coconut milk and a banana.Lunch Leftovers

For lunch I have been doing Shakeology or left overs from dinner. I had mashed cauliflower, a fried egg, and a sweet potato. It sounds like a weird mixture, but it was tasty. If I do Shakeology I mix it with water and frozen fruit and have a handful of almonds with it. I like doing the shakes every other day at least because of the vegan option. I am eating way more meat than I am used to!
Eat up! Dinner on the Whole 30 DietDinner was baked sweet potato fries, steamed veggies (from a bag), and a long grain roast with onions and mushrooms. I was so good, and I have been eating more colors lately!

Last week I really missed my snacks. Even though the Whole 30 says not to eat between meals, I bought some strawberries to have after dinner for something sweet. I guess I will always be a 90/10 girl.

What have you been eating?




  1. robynstar21 says

    That breakfast porridge looks interesting, what kind of texture did it have? I might have to whip that up this weekend!

    • says

      It’s a little thinner than oatmeal, but it is good. It’s texture reminded me of cream of wheat, but the taste is completely different.

  2. says

    The banana nut porridge is an awesome idea. I love oatmeal too and you used to eat it a lot, but the last year it’s just felt too heavy. Gonna try this porridge!

  3. says

    Hi, I am new to the whole 30. Where do you get official rules or book? I saw the basics but in order for me to stick for 30 days, I will need options. Great to know we can have banana porridge .. Lol

  4. Courtney says

    I’m curious about what you’ve read that said the whole 30 isn’t good for runners? I’m looking to do a half marathon first time in February 2016. Can you share your sources? What diets are recommended for newbie runners in training. Thanks!!

    • says

      You may need more carbs during your training. Check out It Starts with Food for the whole 30 :) It’s an awesome book and goes into the science of all of it :)

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