A Diet Coke Addict’s Update – Aspartame vs Splenda

A Diet Coke Addict‘s Update!

At the end of last year, I admitted my big vice — Diet Coke. I love (or loveD?) it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks were all closely accompanied by a small aluminum can or a plastic bottle. I was in a dark, bubbly place.

My students at school could even tell if I skipped my drink of choice. I would be nice to them, but I would sometimes misspell something or say something just goofier than my normal self.

So how am I doing now?

I am actually off the bottle. I’m not going to lie though, I was still quite attached until I did the Beachbody Reset. Nope, not trying to sell you the system, but it worked for me. I imagine if you went without it for 21 days and drank plenty of water in place of the bubbles you could do it as well. The Reset is just nice because of the recipes and rebalancing your hormones.

I have had several comments since my first Diet Coke post though, and I wanted to share what soda I drink if I just am in a situation where I can’t resist (maybe 1-3x every month).

Splenda Sweetened Diet Soda

Pepsi One is the only diet drink I have found not to have aspartame (or phenylalanine) in them. Instead it is sweetened with Splenda.

Please note if you straight up ask me, is this good for me? I’m going to say NOPE. Water is what is placed on this earth for us, and that is our best choice. Tea and coffee also come from the earth and are a better choice than soda. From the research I have seen, diet drinks won’t kill you in moderation, but they can effect your whole body if you have more than 1 a day.

I know it can be really hard giving up artificial sugars, and I feel more comfortable with Splenda than aspartame.

Splenda (also known as Sucralose) in Pepsi One

-No known carcinogens
-No warning label on products sweetened
-Very little long-term research
-Can cause diarrhea (start with a small dose because that’s never a fun side effect)

Aspartame (or Phenylalnine) in Diet Coke

-Has a warning label on products sweetened (check out your Diet Coke, Diet Snapple, etc).
-Has been linked to weight gain, increased appetite for sweets because it is sweeter than regular sugar and sucralose
-It is very similar to formaldehyde which can eventually build up in your brain (not kidding– source).

Benefits I’ve Seen Giving Up Diet Coke

-I am able to tell when I am really thirsty better now. I used to go hours without realizing I needed to drink something.
-My skin looks better
-My mouth tastes better.
-I now get bloated after drinking a coke of any type. I guess those bubbles have to go somewhere.
-I used to drink Diet Coke for the energy. I now feel like it doesn’t give me the boost I need. I think it was all mental to be honest. I think a glass of water has the same pick-me-up because I had headaches before due to dehydration.
-My digestion is better. I guess this goes back to bloating, but I never realized those bubbles upset my stomach either.

If you can stick with no sodas until it is out of your system, I truly believe you can go a lifetime though. It will take at least 2 weeks of determination though.

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Do you drink diet drinks? Where do you weigh in? Super dangerous, super overrated, or just practicing moderation?

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  1. Todd says

    Actually I think the problem is the phosphoric acid. That is what gives the coke and pepsi and a few other sodas the tangy flavor. Do you know what it is? It’s how ‘Drano’ works, and also rust removers. It eats out your urinary tract, and phosphorus in general is not good to have more than a little bit of. It is extracted from rocks.

  2. Carrie says

    This is a really good blog! I have been Aspartame free for some time now. I was diagnosed with Fibromialgia a few months back and have read that one of the main triggers for Fibro-pain is Aspartame. I only use Splenda now. Equal also has a (less expensive) “yellow packet” that is made with Sucralose. To add to your above blog, Diet Cheerwine is also made with Splenda. I’m not sure where you are from but the Cheerwine soda is only made and distributed in the Carolina’s! Thanks for blogging…Take Care :)

    • says

      Hey Carrie! Thank you! I had no idea Aspartame could trigger Fibromialgia. I stopped because of the stroke and diabetes risks. It’s crazy how much damage artificial sugars can cause. Thank you for sharing Equal. I like Pepsi One because it has Splenda as well. We also have Cheerwine at Publix in Tennessee; I will have to try it!

      • Claire says

        HI Calee,
        I enjoyed your post. I just stopped al Aspartame for another side effect. I have developed a spot on an eye that is similar to macular degeneration. This is also associated with the decomposition of methanol from aspartame. It was hard, but for a few minutes. Blind with burning eyes, or another soda, really not a hard choice. I so wish I had known, or there was at least a warning on the label. (none of my diet coke bottles here have a warning) There is a spenda version of diet coke, but it is available only in cans with a yellow label.

        • says

          Wow, I’m so sorry to hear that Claire!! It is definitely motivation for me to give it up. I am only doing a mix of Splenda, Truvia, and Nectresse right now.

  3. D. McCracken says

    Admit I’m a Diet Coke user (not quite addict level). DC does come sweetened with Splenda, I discovered. Though it is very hard to find on the shelves. Amazing DC doesn’t make a big push to market it…since there are so many of us diabetics out here. Just trying to drink less and less. Even Crystal-Lite (my other go-to beverage) has aspartame. Sheesh…!!

    • says

      It is crazy they don’t market it heavily. I found the DC Splenda at Publix which is a grocery store only in the Southern part of the U.S. I really like it, but I am trying to even limit them and drink more water. Crystal Light was a big blow for me too. Have you tried True Lemon? They have mix-ins that are all natural, and they are really good! I just picked them up this week, and I plan on blogging about them soon. :)

  4. Linda P says

    Diet soda has never been part of my diet & I have always made my daughters aware of the dangers of Aspartame in any product. Splenda is a much better alternative but there is a completely natural artificial sweetener available in Canada called Stevia which is really the best option of all.

    • says


      That’s great you’ve taught your kids about it too! I have been trying to mix between Stevia, Truvia, and Nectresse. All of which are suppose to be natural sweeteners. Truvia is even allowed on the Eat Clean Diet; however, I feel like they are all so new/heavily marketed. It makes me a little nervous. So I just try to practice moderation, and I am actually giving up cokes/limiting them severely right now. :) It won’t be part of my diet much longer! :)

  5. Amy says

    You are the first and only person I have heard claim difficulty spelling and saying the wrong thing! I have been telling my doctor this, as well as everybody else and also told them that I think it’s from the pop! I would see an increase when I was overlording, then see a decrease after a few weeks of no pop. I was very scared with what was going on in my mind. I am now saddened by all the products that are “light” or sugar free that have these sweeteners. Thank you thank you for sharing your experiences! I would still be left thinking I am an odd duck.

    • Michelle says

      Amy, I have been off diet pop for one week. I was a mess and I am really feeling better. My memory loss was horrible and I often said things using the wrong pronouns or reverse words. Instantly I would know that I was not speaking properly, but too late – it was already out of my mouth. I am an educator and I really felt stupid for talking the way I was. It has only been a week but there is definite improvement.
      Also, my joints have been hurting terribly – from my ankles, shoulders, fingers and toes. I know for a fact that my ankle hasn’t felt this normal in over a month.
      I would sure like to hear from you and others who have experienced these symptoms while drinking aspartame products each day.

  6. Allison Thompson. says

    Splenda is just bad if not worse for you than Aspertame. I have been addicted to Diet Coke for almost four years since I started college. I had no idea how either one of them are for your body until my dad got Cancer this year. Both artificial sweetners as well as high amounts of sugar, hydrogenated oil, and MSG I foods are all very dangerous to the body and can highly increase your risk of Cancer. Truvia is a great natural sweetener! That does not have any of the chemicals.

  7. Amy Adams says

    You might also try Pepsi Next – no Aspertame, it has Sucralose! I switched my friend off Coke to drink Pepsi Next to help her and I lose weight. I am and have always been a Pepsi fan so it was easy for me to drink the Pepsi Next as the Aspertame causes me migraines! Pepsi is one of the only cola products to not have Aspertame. My friend loves Pepsi Next but still craves her Coke. I’m working on her!! hahaha

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