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Fasted Cardio…What is it? Should you Do it?

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The question is almost as old as time for some exercisers looking to shed that stubborn area of fat…”should I consider fasted cardio?”  “Should I skip breakfast and go workout?” 
fasted cardioWe answer what is fasted cardio and does the idea of working out on an empty stomach really help you get results.  

Let me first say before you dig deep into the post,

This is a very debated topic, and fasted cardio can be used by advanced exercisers to rotate into their workouts to really get cut and shredded.  This takes more time and devotion than we personally are going to do. 

Trying out Milk in Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

This post is written for the average person working out and who has heard that fasted cardio might potentially help them shed more fat. 

This is written for people like us who still like the occasional pizza and doughnut and will be perfectly happy with healthy and toned vs cut like a wash board. 

Nothing wrong with wash board abs at all, but I wanted to give you a head’s up before going too far into the post if that’s your goal.  

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Red shoes running up bleachers

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