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5 Fit Tips My Dog Taught Me

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I’m not saying my dog is a genius or anything, but she is pretty darn smart (and cuddly!). Roxy has taught me 5 fit tips for living a healthy life!

Fit Tips

5 Fit Tips I Learned From My Dog

1. Play often


It doesn’t have to be a terrifyingly hard workout to get and stay healthy. Whether it’s a walk outside or tackling her favorite toy, Roxy stays active everyday.

So while I’m not a bootcamp or Insanity Max 30 kind of girl, I do love a fun dancing workout like TurboJam or short intervals like the 21 Day Fix.

2. Take Time to Rest


Roxy probably sleeps a little bit too much, but that playing wears her out. With all of the errands, stress and activities we’re all involved in, it’s important to take time for YOU. Doctor’s recommend no less than 7 hours of sleep, and I feel better at 8 hours. Remember your hormones, mood, and weight can all be effected by your sleep! It’s just as important as nutrition and fitness! Get our best tips to a better night’s sleep here.

3. Enjoy a treat


Roxy gets a treat when we go outside, after dinner, and then also when I workout. She gets so excited and really scarfs down enjoys getting a treat. She isn’t classifying it as a “bad” food – she’s just enjoying in moderation.

No milk bone or cupcake should be off limits! (The dog cupcake was from Sprinkles!)

4. Routines Matter


Routines keep everything easier. Whether it be Roxy knowing she has to go potty before bed so she’ll sleep till at least 8 (goodness…she’s like a kid!) or knowing my meal plan for the week – routines help you create and stick to healthy habits!

If you need a meal plan for your week, make sure to check out all of the options we have here. We have Eat Clean, Whole 30, and 90/10 meal plans right here for you!

5. Don’t take anything for granted.

Roxy is a rescue dog. She was actually passed from 2 families before finding her forever home. She is the sweetest dog in the world and a real looker in her momma’s eyes.


She never takes her blessings for granted. I need to learn and remember to be grateful everyday. If I dread a workout, I need to replace that thought with the reminder that I am capable of exercising my body and have the ability affect my health.


Bonus tip: She’s taught me to always expect good things and know you’re worth. She could have gotten mean and untrusting – but she didn’t. She was patient until we found her.

Do you need help getting into healthy habits? Check out our 21 Day Challenge option or message us at thegirls@soreyfitness.com to get help and more fit tips.

What kind of fur baby do you have?

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