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How Often Should I Work out?

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When I first started getting healthy, I wanted to make sure I was doing enough to see results. I constantly searched to see how often I should workout to see changes and what workouts would give me the best results. There are a variety of different variables to consider when deciding how often to work out: Are you a beginner? Are you trying to gain muscle, burn fat, or lose weight? You age is also something else to look at when deciding your exercise schedule because after 30 women’s bodies start to lose muscle which can slow down our metabolism.  All of these things must be taken into consideration.

How Often Should I Work out? Your Workouts Simplified

The Simple Answer to “How Often Should I Work Out?”

You should get in at least 20 minutes of exercise 3 times a week. It doesn’t matter how you get your 20 minutes in, but it is essential you get it in!

If you are a beginner: Start with the minimum of 20 minutes 3 times a week, and add on as you get stronger. Add 5 minutes at time, play with your intensity, and keep pushing yourself.

If you are wondering how to get in even 2 10-minute workouts: check out How to Whittle Your Waist and Lose Weight at a Desk Kob. My goal was to build lean muscle and burn fat. After a little bit of searching, I found Chalene Johnson‘s workout schedule, and I fell in love with the results. The schedule is perfect for someone also trying to lose weight as well because both cardio and strength workouts will have you blasting calories.

Your Workout Schedule Simplified

3 days of high-intensity or interval workouts of 30 minutes or more like T25 or the 21 Day Fix

2 days moderate-intensity, long-duration cardio (45 to 60 minutes). These could be your strength training days as well–Chalean Extreme for 30 minutes or TurboFire are two of my favorites.

1 day of moderate to low-intensity cardio activity for 30 minutes or more like walking, Pilates, or yoga.

How Often Should I Work Out My Abs?

Your abs should be worked just like any other muscle and given a day to rest in between workouts. You can get in an amazing abdominal workout in about 10 minutes or by holding your core tight during your normal workouts.

How Often Should I Work out? Your Workouts Simplified

Remember: The consistency of your workouts are more important than their length! Make sure to get something in 4-6 days a week! Focus on a realistic goal and exercise schedule when you ask yourself how often should I work out; you can always up your exercise the next month. Your diet is also a large factor in seeing changes in your body. Check out healthy meal plans or why a nutrition plan is so important here.

How often do you work out each week?

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