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Focus T25 Workout Calendar [Free PDF Schedule]

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Shaun T’s Focus T25 calendar is designed to give you better results in less time! Below you’ll find each T25 Schedule and a printable calendar along with some of the questions we’re frequently asked!Shaun T exercising to Focus T25 WorkoutHow many days a week do you do T25?

T25 is 5 days a week with a double workout on Friday. Some choose to do the 2nd workout on Saturday.


How long is T25?

Each workout is 25 minutes. The base Focus T25 schedule is 60 days or 10-weeks long.

There is also an advanced 3rd phase, Gamma, you can add. This 3rd phase would make it 14 weeks long.

Does T25 Work?

Yes! Check out our 6 clients results with pictures plus their review of the workouts here! You can also grab our full T25 review here.

Month 1 T25 Schedule: Alpha Phase

In each phase, you have 5 workout scheduled days.

Month 1 is T25’s Alpha workouts.

  • T25 Alpha Cardio – traditional interval training.
  • Speed 1.0 – focuses on speed, agility, and stability.
  • Total Body Circuit – Cardio mixed with total body resistance.
  • AB Intervals – Works your whole core.
  • T25 Lower Focus – Cardio mixed with lower body exercises.
  • Stretch – Ah finally a break. This will become your best friend!

Get Our Printable Alpha T25 Calendar
Printable Alpha Phase 1 of the T25 Calendar

Month 2 T25 Schedule: Beta Phase

Month 2 introduces 5 new T25 Beta Workouts.

Each workout builds on last month’s program.

  • T25 Core Cardio
  • Speed 2.0
  • RIP’t Circuit
  • Dynamic Core
  • Upper Focus
  • Core Speed

Focus T25 Core Cardio is one of my favorites of the whole program.

Get Our Printable Beta T25 Calendar
Phase 2 of the T25 Calendar Printable - Beta Phase

Is there a 90 Day Schedule?

Yes, after you finish Alpha and Beta you can order the advanced workouts called Gamma. T25 Gamma focuses on using more weights and building strength. You could also repeat the first two months for a longer workout schedule.

What is the focus T25 gamma?

The T25 Gamma phase can be used in month 3 or on its own. T25 Gamma is designed to blast fat and build your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back.

Get Our Printable T25 Gamma Calendar
Phase 3 of the T25 Calendar Printable - Gamma Phase

Want More T25 Schedules?

If you’re wanting an even longer T25 Schedule, the PURE STRENGTH calendar is for you!

It’s designed to build lean muscle and blast fat! It’s a great addition to do after the Gamma phase.

Get Our Printable Gamma PURE STRENGTH Workout Calendar

Phase 4 of the T25 Schedule Printable - Pure Strength

Do you need any equipment for T25?

You’ll just need resistance bands or dumbbells. You may also like having a mat, but it’s optional.

Do I have to do 2-a-days on Friday like the calendar shows?

A few of the test participants opted to do the 2nd workout listed on Friday on Saturday instead.

What do I do once I finish these T25 schedules?

If you like Shaun T, definitely check out Insanity Max 30  after the T25 workout for a challenge! If you’re looking for a change, but you like a quick, intense workout look at the 21 Day Fix.

Want to try T25?

Order the Challenge Pack or get the program only here

If you’re still not sure, you can always stream T25 free for two weeks!

If this post helped you, make sure it says Kalee at check out or look up 1001548. :)

Do you have questions? We’d love to talk about your fitness goals. You can email us at: thegirls@soreyfitness.com

Also check out Our 6 Real T25 Before & Afters!T25 Test Group review

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  1. OMG – This is just exhausting me while reading it. lol. I will take a nap for you.

    1. Hey Arlene,

      Gamma is actually optional and the last part of the program (bought separately) so I haven’t tried it yet. I really want to though — everything I have seen looks awesome! :) Do you have it yet?

      1. Delta is actually the last but it isnt out yet if you get Gamma it says it on the back of it .hope you have a great wedding and Honey moon
        love your site and bestie wishes

  2. hey i just noticed that week 5 you have cardio on the double day friday, but its actually total body circuit. yikes 3 times in one week.

    1. Thanks for catching that Cassie!! I guess subconsciously my mind was like ohhh please no more total body circuit! LOL!!! :) I’ve fixed it now. Thank you again!! How are you liking T25?

      1. I absolutely love focus t25! i am just thinking about getting gamma phase now. i start my last week of beta on monday. I am trying to get a hold of what the gamme hybrid calendar looks like but cant seem to find it online anywhere. you wouldnt by chance have it?

  3. Just wondering, on the Beta Calendar, it says that on double day friday, “Don’t just do 2 workouts…do em back-to-back!”
    Are they really suggesting I do double double routine… I mean, like finish 2, then restart or something like that???!!!

  4. I can’t decide on whether to do T25 or Turbofire next. I both love Chalean and Shaun T, and Turbofire looks like a lot of fun, but I’m a busy girl and I’d also love to condense my workouts to 25 minutes if possible. What would you go for?