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Lose the Bloat – 6 Ways to Flatten Your Stomach Fast

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Eating healthy and working out are the keys to a strong, flat tummy. However, you can also flatten your tummy in just a few hours by focusing on a few simple tricks to lose the bloat.

Bloat can cause us to feel uncomfortable and our clothes to fit funny. Luckily, we can get rid of it faster than plain old weight gain.

With these 6 tips, you’ll lose the bloat and your skinny jeans could be fitting great in just a couple of days.

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What Causes Bloating?

According to U.S. News and World Report’s Health section, belly bloating — or the sensation we feel when our stomach’s feel distended or gassy — can be caused by a variety of factors.

Some reasons you bloat include:

  • overeating
  • lack of sleep
  • food allergies (gluten, lactose intolerance, etc)
  • indigestion
  • PMS

If you’re confident it’s not an undiagnosed condition, then bloating is usually a side effect of diet or constipation.

6 Ways to Lose The Bloat In Hours

1. Drink Water

Water helps flush out toxins and hydrate your body which your belly desperately needs during the holidays, traveling, or after a hard workout.

On top of that, dehydration can lead to constipation and bloat which create the big belly and uncomfortable feeling.

Remember, if you feel thirsty–you are already dehydrated. Drink before your mouth gets dry.

While drinking water sounds simple, we do have 2 additional tips. Mixing lemon juice into your water can help flush out excess fluids because the lemon acts as a natural diuretic.

Another tip is to ditch a straw. Drinking from a straw allows us to swallow more air which leads to belly bloat.

2. Sip on Tea After Eating

In our research, peppermint, ginger, and green tea all were ranked high in helping you lose the bloat.

University of Maryland Medical Center found sipping on peppermint tea calms the muscles of the stomach and improves the flow of bile, which the body uses to digest fats.

This is especially helpful with the holidays after all of the dressing and pie we eat.

I like Celestial’s Peppermint Tea after dinner.  Livestrong does suggest to not drink mint teas if you suffer from GERD or a hiatal hernia though.

Controlled studies have shown that green tea contains certain polyphenols, or plant-based antioxidants, that help break down fat, thus helping to lower your cholesterol level and BMI.

Drink a cup in the morning to get your metabolism going or with your meals. Here is an affiliate link to a genuine green tea that I really like.

We aren’t a fan of the weight loss teas though. We recently reviewed Fit Tea vs Flat Tummy Tea, and the possible side effects are pretty scary!

3. Limit the Soda and Cocktails

Soda has added natural or artificial sugars which can bloat our system. Plus the bubbles are adding air to our stomach. So it’s best to skip them for a flat stomach. This includes soda water as well because of the carbonation.

Also, alcohol and cocktails should be avoided.

Alcohol is dehydrating and the bubbles and sugars in cocktails also add to bloating. In addition to bloating, the mix of dehydration and sugar can make us look tired and actually older.

Stick to 1 and then sip on seltzer with fresh fruit or Kombucha. (Check out 4 Top Cocktails for Your Waistline)

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4. Look for Foods Rich with Probiotics

Probiotics are bacteria living in our digestive tract.

They can help reduce bloating, optimize digestion, improve immunity and add a nice glow to your skin.

You can get your probiotics into your diet through Shakeology, organic yogurt, kefir, fermented foods, or even a probiotic supplement.

If you have a sensitivity to dairy, it’s best to skip yogurt and dairy products as they will also cause stomach issues.

5. Eat Clean / Unprocessed Foods

Eating clean may sound impossible (especially during the holidays), but small changes can make a big difference.

Focus on eating clean 90% of the time while indulging in your favorite foods 10%.

Your diet doesn’t have to be restrictive or complicated; you just want to avoid processed foods and add in foods with little to no ingredients.

The rule of thumb: Clean foods either come from the ground or have a mother.

There are few foods which can help you lose the bloat as well!

To lose the bloat, you should eat:

  • Bananas
  • Almonds/Nuts
  • Asparagus
  • Water-based foods like watermelon, celery, and cucumbers

You should also avoid:

  • White onions
  • artichokes
  • corn
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • kale & raw spinach
  • mushrooms
  • protein bars
  • gum
  • artificial sugars

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6.  Relax

Stress can be another reason for our bellies to get out of whack and lead to bloating.

Getting enough sleep and taking up a weekly yoga or stretching class will help your body recover from any stress.

Sound silly?

When we are stressed out, our bodies let off cortisol which leads to belly bloat and later on even weight gain. Take time for you with a morning routine or a self-care routine.

Also, an Epsom salt bath is also been shown to help.

It can also be dehydrating though so ask your doctor beforehand and limit to once a week unless they say different.

It’s said Epsom salt can help detox the body and remove excess water.

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What are your tips to lose the bloat?


  1. Probiotics are my life. I cannot live without them. Sadly, I have been plagued with uncontrollable bloat thanks to all my autoimmune diseases and digestive issues, but I try my best to just make the best of it and I truly cherish the days/moments where I am bloat free! ha!

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